The Top 10 Furniture Stores in Edmonton for Stylish & Functional Home Décor

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Since home is where we all like to unwind and be our true selves, it requires extra attention. Additionally, it represents who we are.

The aesthetic you want to give your home greatly depends on your furniture, and having furniture that fits your aesthetic within a good budget is crucial.

Here Are the 10 Best Furniture Stores in Edmonton

1. Furniture Superstore – Amazing Furniture with Good Discounts

One of Edmonton’s leading furniture retailers is Furniture Superstore, which provides new furniture from popular brands. They have plenty of catalogs for you and designs from well-known companies.

This is the store to shop for the newest and best quality items to decorate your home, and it is one of the oldest furniture stores.

You are welcome to peruse the designs to your heart’s content, and you’ll be happy to see the deals and discounts they have available, particularly during the holiday season.

So that you can begin making room for that piece of furniture, they tell you a specific arrival time. They even promise that the product will definitely be delivered within that window, or they will cancel your order entirely.

Screenshot from Furniture Superstore
Screenshot from Furniture Superstore

2. Konto Furniture Store – Furniture for Every Need

Since its founding in 1976, the Konto Furniture store has become one of Edmonton’s most well-known modern furniture retailers. The company continues to produce new, cutting-edge furniture while maintaining the same high-quality standard.

They feature a large assortment of furniture for your business and home, and this shop will never disappoint you if you like having the most recent fashions delivered to your door.

They have furniture for your kitchen, office, chairs, kids’ furniture, bedroom sets, and toss pillows, which become value-added home decor.

Your guests will be envious of the stylish selection of Connor Club accent chairs and Valera coffee tables, and this shop can even assist you in making your home look exceptional if you want it to.

Additionally, you can order things from their official website online as well.

Furthermore, they provide excellent customer service and help with your inquiries and worries regarding the goods and delivery.

Screenshot from Konto Furniture Store
Screenshot from Konto Furniture Store

3. Ideal Home Furnishing Store – Extremely Supportive Staff

As its name implies, this shop is the best place to buy furniture. Since they opened, they have regularly ranked among Edmonton’s best designer furniture retailers since their clients never seem dissatisfied with the results.

Their representatives are constantly willing to listen to your problems, resulting in unmatched customer service.

This store is sure to excite you much if you enjoy expensive goods. The shop carries a unique collection of lamps and paintings that may completely change the appearance and mood of a wall.

Their wide selection of home furniture, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights, bedroom sets, and other lighting fixtures ensures that your lighting requirements are satisfied in the same location as your furniture.

They are particularly well-known for their luxurious dining for dining room, living, and bedroom furniture sets.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be overjoyed to learn that this store has a dedicated area to display Palliser furniture.

Ideal Home Furnishings Furniture Shop in Edmonton, AB, T6E 0A5

4. McElheran’s – Highly Considerate & Flexible

One of Edmonton’s first furniture stores is called McElheran’s. They first opened for business in 1994, and in 1998, they added interior design services.

The pricing attracts customers the most; they are fair and accessible to the typical shopper. You now have your main incentive to visit this shop!

Because they combine quality and affordability, they have international brands and the latest trends in furniture crowed.

They consider your preferences and provide all the assistance you need to construct your ideal home. They will gladly make the necessary alterations and deliver what you want if you want to include the newest trends in your ideas.

Visit their shop to see their beautiful selection, which includes a large selection of classy carpets, throw pillows, bed frames, Connor club chairs, dining room sets, and paintings that can be an important component of your home’s interior design.

Additionally, they provide a fantastic selection of home office furniture, so you may freshen up your work-from-home space to lift your spirits. You may even use their interior design services to acquire ideas on decorating your home to reflect your taste.

Screenshot from McElheran's
Screenshot from McElheran’s

5. F2 Furnishings – Best Place for Customized Furniture

One of Edmonton’s top furniture retailers, F2 Furnishings, was founded in 2004. Here, you can locate the latest styles of home decor items, and you’ll be astounded by their quality.

You need not worry that you won’t find something you like because they have furnishings from numerous international companies and the top Canadian ones.

They are also a terrific option if you prefer custom furniture because they take care to work seamlessly with your preferences, leaving you happy with the end product. The wonderful artwork from F2 Furnishings will elevate the appearance of your plain wall.

And who doesn’t need some advice? They also offer an interior consulting service, giving you another reason to shop there. You can approach them comfortably if you want to give your house a makeover but are unsure where to begin or lack the capacity to understand your home’s aesthetics.

Screenshot from F2 Furnishings
Screenshot from F2 Furnishings

6. Cottswood Interiors – Great Customer Service

Cottonwood Interiors began as a modest boutique shop more than 27 years ago. Since then, it has grown into a sizable furniture business and has become one of Edmonton’s top furniture retailers.

Every team member of that store takes seriously the phrase “everything a furniture store should be” that appears on their website.

There is no place for disappointment because they strive to care for and satisfy their clients properly. They offer the latest styles and a fantastic group of designs with affordable price consultants that will undoubtedly breathe new life into your house with their suggestions.

Furthermore, their exceptional customer service has made them well-known in this industry.

Because of their impeccable reputation, you can rely on them to do their absolute best for your house. Hence, you won’t be stranded once you order because they deliver on schedule and give frequent updates.

You will be happy to see the improvements they will make to your home because they also have the best quality art collections and lighting services.

Screenshot from Cottswood Interiors
Screenshot from Cottswood Interiors

7. Reside Furnishings – Diverse Product Range

The establishment, which focuses on keeping ecological furnishings for houses, is one of Edmonton’s top furniture stores. They provide a lovely collection of home office and bar furniture, allowing you to find your furnishings for work and play in one location.

They have a large selection of furniture and are always willing to make modifications, so they are prepared to handle your furniture needs. They also have an incredible assortment of rugs, silk plants, and lamps that will undoubtedly add the necessary brightness to your room.

You will want to buy their variety of sculptures and artwork right away; they are excellent. You can visit their store, but recently, they also created a fantastic website.

If you place an order through the website, you will see a good selection of products, and you should take advantage of their free delivery.

Reside Furnishings

8. Dwell Modern – Best Design Consulting

Sofas, dining tables, accent tables, mirrored dressers, dining cabinets, chaise lounges, lights, mattress protectors, and accessories are all sold in the store. They also provide top-notch kids’, outdoor, and business furniture. Dwell Modern is a must-visit place for all of your furniture needs.

When it comes to design consulting, they are the best. They support the execution of your space-saving strategies. They offer additional assistance and advice on the desired items and floor ideas.

They offer shipping services worldwide, which is one of their best features. You may also refer to Dwell Modern’s official website.

Screenshot from Dwell Modern
Screenshot from Dwell Modern

9. Innovative Wood Working Co. – Best in Terms of Creativity

The wooden furniture made by Innovative Woodworking Co. is renowned for being tailored to each customer’s home.

The owner and craftsmen carefully choose the wood used there for its exotic feel and vibrant colors. After evaluating its general personality and feel, he selects each piece of wood.

Because of the distinctiveness and creativity it adds to each piece, every work they produce must be approached artistically, according to their objective.

They will create a piece just for you if you choose one from their catalog, or they will try their best to implement your ideas if you choose one from their catalog. You will undoubtedly be impressed with their custom cabinetry and their services.

10. Cosafina

Screenshot from Cosafina
Screenshot from Cosafina

In downtown Edmonton, there is a lifestyle boutique called CosaFina. Incorporating the meaning of its Italian name, which translates to “fine thing,” this business provides distinctive interior design and opulent furniture to give your home a particular personality.

At CosaFina, you can find exquisite furniture with customizable features, home furnishings, office furnishings, dining rooms, accessories, and fine linens.

You can find some of the highest quality furniture, décor, and furnishings in Edmonton at CosaFina. These include lovely, one-of-a-kind pieces and wonderful collections that range from contemporary to traditional and casual to formal.


Check out the top furniture stores in Edmonton listed above when you have some free time.

Yes, the style of your home is determined by the furnishings. However, this does not imply that you must spend all your money to purchase your ideal home; these shops can handle that. They are the cost-effective choice we all require so that we can also save some money.

Furthermore, you’ll be pleasantly delighted to learn that they all have helpful staff who can solve your issues and assist you in designing your home to the highest standard.

They also ensure that all of their recommendations are well within your means, so you can be sure they won’t offer you any pointless advice on decorating your house. You can rely on them to be aware of your financial restrictions and keep them in mind as they make suggestions.

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