Best Food in Ottawa – Our Top 27 Picks

Best Food In Ottawa
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Explore yourself with the Best Food in Ottawa. Visiting Canada’s capital is the dream of everyone in their life. Ottawa river, which lies in the country’s capital makes this city more beautiful.

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Ottawa is a place of fishing, tasting different foods, and viewing beautiful scenes near the river. As we know, food is a basic necessity in our life. For doing any work, all organisms need energy throughout the day and can do this only with the help of food.

Only eating food is not enough but getting a portion of healthy food is the fundamental priority of our human beings.

If you are living in Ottawa or going for a holiday and searching for the Best Food in Ottawa, then there is no need to worry because here we are with our trendy article, which completely describes the top food in Ottawa.

There are a lot of restaurants in Ottawa that provide you with a delicious taste in your stomach. It depends on your priority or taste and which place you prefer. 

1. The Best Food in Ottawa – Top 27 Picks

Best food in Ottawa
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There are a plethora of restaurants in Ottawa where you can get the end number of dishes of your choice. Based on your preferences, and tastes you reach the top food in Ottawa.

1.1. Restaurant Les Fougeres

It is one of the best award-winning restaurants in Ottawa, where you can find multiple food items at an affordable rate.

It has received so many national and international awards in terms of food. They have been providing their services since 1993.

Courtesy: Les Fougeres

It is 15 minutes away from Ottawa; you can reach it by public transport or other vehicles.

1.1.1. Some Important Information About Fougeres

  • Customer Rating: 4.5/5 
  • Offers: Dine in, take out, Take store home meal for this you need to pay the charges of $27

1.2. Chicken Crab Restaurant

It is another one of the famous restaurants in Ottawa where you get end number of dishes like chicken, meat, and rice served, steak tartare, ricotta stuffed meatballs, heirloom tomato demi, and heirloom tomato demi-glace at an affordable rate.

They use international flavours in their food.

1.2.1. Some Information About This Restaurant

  • Rating: 4.8/5

1.3. Fine Dining at Riviera Restaurant

This restaurant has an elegant area and comfortable cuisine where you can sit comfortably and have your delicious food in the former bank building.

Courtesy: Riviera Restaurant

This restaurant got the name Rideau Riviera and is located near this restaurant. You get the perfect combination of river views and the delicious and best food in Ottawa simultaneously in the same place. 

It has received so many awards for producing top food in Ottawa, and one such award is the Wine Spectator Award, where they offer more than 300 wines. Famous dishes of this restaurant are oysters, lamb, mushroom toast, and beef tartare. They have separate wine bars.

Overall, we can say that it is an excellent restaurant for every penny of providing the best dishes and great food in Ottawa.

1.3.1. Some Leading Information About Riviera

  • Customer Rating: 4.7/5
  • Payment Modes Accepted Here: Amex, Visa, Master, Google pay, Apple Pay

1.4. Ariana Restaurant

Best Food In Ottawa
Courtesy: Ariana Restaurant

They used traditional techniques to prepare your best food in Ottawa. Raghav Chaudhary is the chief executive of this restaurant and has more than seven years of experience in preparing Canadian dishes.

Previously he used to work with so many reputed restaurants in America. Ariana Restaurant gives you quality food at an affordable rate. 

1.5. Baker Street Cafe

It has many famous dishes like Monte Cristo Club, chicken, cheese with french toast, Eggs Florentine, monte Cristo meat and many other dishes.

1.5.1. Some Information About the Restaurant

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Menu: steak and Eggs, salmon benedict, Montreal benedict, fried eggs, honey walnut pancakes, homemade granola with fresh fruit and yogurt, grilled cheese, western sandwich.

1.6. Fine Dining Cuisine at Edgar

This restaurant serves excellent cuisine with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baked foods at reasonable prices. Dutch Baby is the famous dish of this restaurant.

Moreover, the pancake of this restaurant has also come up in so many tv serials. Marysol Foucault started this restaurant when he was a teenager and now serves flavoured dishes to their customers.

1.7. Gezellig Interactive Chef’s Tasting Menu

You have private dining options for your wedding anniversary. They have a creative cuisine for their customers and a noodle soup market. It has a clean and hygienic area for small kids and families.

You get everything here in a neat and clean restaurant and is considered one of the most popular and best restaurants in Ottawa.

1.7.1. Some Details About the Restaurant

1.8. Atelier

They are using hypermodern techniques to serve their customers so that you get the best food in Ottawa. You can also have more than 44 courses taste menus that include thick or thin noodles in this restaurant.

They make a lot of effort and put you in suspense when each dish arrives.

Courtesy: Atelier

The hospitality of this restaurant was excellent. There is a variety of dishes available that you are looking for. 

1.8.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

  • Online Booking:
  • Rating: 4.8/5

1.9. Cumberland Pizza

Cumberland is a great option if you want a tasty pizza to satisfy your stomach hunger. All age groups like pizza, whether kids, youngsters, or older people.

So if you are in Ottawa, try this Cumberland Pizza that gives you a 14-inch pie. The good thing is that you can get whole, slice, or super-sized pizza according to your need. 

1.10. Absinthe

After the pandemic, you want to have fun with your friends and family in a place where you can enjoy your fabulous meal freely, so don’t go anywhere because Absinthe could be the perfect place for you.

Courtesy: Absinthe 

It was established in 2003 to give its customers fine food, so it used local ingredients to make the food tasty and healthy. They are concerned for your health.

1.10.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

1.11. Heartbreakers Pizza

It is one of the most popular dinings in Ottawa that gives you the freedom to connect with the modern and innovative world. The toppings and cheese on the pizza are so yummy that your mouth gets water. 

They use seasonal cuisine. The base is so soft and smooth. As per the research done on the internet, we have found that all the flavours of this pizza are so yummy and tasty that you won’t regret paying your hard-earned money here.

1.11.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

1.12. Fraser Cafe

Fraser Cafe was established in 2008 to provide local and seasonal food to their Ottawa customers so they can enjoy seasonal things at an affordable price. They have a combination of all types of fresh seafood. 

1.12.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

  • Menu: Eggplant, Bigoli, Broccolini, Lamb, Focaccia, Tuna sashimi
  • Beer: mulled wine, bonfire, Shuo, vermouth, negroni, etc.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, and many more.

1.13. Tomo Restaurant

Best Food In Ottawa
Courtesy: Tomo Restaurant

Tomo is one of the best restaurants in Ottawa, known for its Japanese dishes. They have cream walls, green doors, dark-tiled flooring, brick walls, and orange booths.

They have arranged their dining spaces so that their customers can enjoy their special occasions and not face any difficulties. They both have orange booths.

They have experienced staff with excellent knowledge and years of experience preparing the dishes. They also have Asian-inspired seafood. It is a place for perfect wine accompaniment. 

The most popular and delicious dish in this restaurant is sushi. Also, they offer you wine pairings.

1.14. Play Food and Wine (Small Plates Restaurant)

It is also a small plate restaurant and the best food in Ottawa that allows you to taste small dishes instead of ordering the big ones. They used the local farmer’s ingredients and seasonal products in their meal so that their customers get one of the best food in Ottawa.

Some of the people in Ottawa have different plates for lunch and dinner for their whole meal.

It is also known as the best local restaurant for producing the best sandwiches on small plates for its customers. It is a hidden gem in Ottawa that offers you communal seating and serves different dishes on small scales.

1.14.1. Some Important Information

  • Menu: The menu includes; a cheese plate, grilled white shrimp, pork loin, Crudo, lamb belly, pumpkin cake, jerk chicken, play food, back dining, and many more.

1.15. Burmese Restaurant

In this restaurant, you get all Burmese food that has fresh ingredients. They prepare food with different flavours and tastes. They take the fish from the local fishermen and use locally sourced products in their food.

1.16. Whalesbone Oyster House

Looking for another best food in Ottawa? Whalesbone Oyster House is your go-to place if you are obsessed with seafood.

Also, they will offer you smoked salmons that are good for your health, as well as a wine bar along with a fine dining experience. 

Courtesy: The Whalesbone

1.16. Some Details of This Restaurant

  • Payment Modes Accepted: Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Google pay, and Apple Pay.
  • Menu: The menu includes Crab cakes, signature dishes, and play food.
  • Rating: 4.5/5

1.17. Alice

The restaurant was run by the world-famous chef Tim that offers you a variety of dishes like classic dishes, signature dishes, and double-smoked bacon with perfect wine accompaniment.

1.17.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

1.18. Craft Beer

Craft Beer is one of the premium restaurants in Ottawa that serves local and fresh food items for you at a reasonable price. They have their wine and will offer you more than 350 wines so you can have different varieties of seasonal cuisine and tastes.

As the name suggests, it is one of the most popular places for having wine bar beers with your friends and enjoying your party at night.

Craft Beer was started in 2011, and it serves multiple locations in Canada like downtown Calgary, victoria harbour, Calgary Southcenter, Edmonton, Kelowna, Ottawa, and Toronto, false creek, English bay.

Courtesy: Craft Beer

1.18.1. Some Details of This Restaurant

1.19. Oyster Bars

It is one of the best food restaurants in Ottawa that gives you local produce items at an affordable rate. Here you will get an eccentric venue, spicy mayo, many dishes, and duck confit.

This is the perfect dining place. Here you will get the perfect combination of seafood and drink. The raw bar is one of the best examples of these bars.

1.20. Absinthe Cafe

Absinthe Cafe innovatively has solid Canadian roots for producing the best food in Ottawa. They use locally sourced ingredients and are considered one of the best restaurants in Ottawa.

It has dark wood ceilings with beckta dining. They offer signature dishes, wine pairings, etc.

1.21. North and Navy Restaurant

This restaurant was situated in St. Ottawa Downtown. They prepared the menu with excellent quality and used local ingredients that are extremely good for health. you will get your best food in Ottawa in this beautiful restaurant.

Their menu includes Polpette, Beet carpaccio, eggplant, yogurt, butternut squash, smoked leek butter, cauliflower, sour cream Panna, etc. It offers you private dining as well, where you get modern visual equipment for your fun and entertainment.

1.22. Grounded Kitchen Restaurant

Here you can have beers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, and many more. They have more than 12 years of experience serving their customer’s delicious food and are considered to be one of the best food in Ottawa.

They offer many mouth-watering dishes like pasta, gastro pub dishes, BBQ, etc.

Courtesy: Grounded Kitchen

1.23. Goose

They are located at St. Ottawa Bank Street. Eric and John have made this place so that their customers have everything under this one roof, whether it’s fine food, relaxation, or comfort. 

1.24. Shawarma Palace

This place is known for the best sandwiches, garlic sauces, chicken salad, beef, poutine, pies, etc., available in all sizes. They used fresh ingredients in their food. They have a cooperative staff that serves you the best thing.

1.25. Town Restaurant

If you are a fan lover of Italian dishes, this restaurant is meant for you, where you get your favourite Italian dishes at an affordable rate. Their management is very cooperative and always ready to prepare your Italian dishes as per your taste. It gives you one of the best food in Ottawa city.

Here you can enjoy your favourite menu with drinks. The restaurant is situated in two places, i.e., 296 Elgin Street and 207 Gilmour Street. Here you will get wine, craft beers, and so many interesting drinks with your Italian food.

1.25. Some Main Information about this Restaurant

1.26. Di Rienzo 

Who doesn’t like to have a light breakfast? If you want the best sandwiches in Ottawa, go to Di Rienzo, where you get the veg and non-veg sandwiches that are delicious and keep you healthy and fit, thus making it one of the best food in Ottawa.

Here you will get pasta sandwiches, classical sandwiches, daily sandwiches special, roast beef, eggplant, roasted pork, penne, dessert, etc. It is one of the 3rd famous sandwich branches in Ottawa.

 1.26.1. Some Key Points of This Restaurant

  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5

1.27. Fauna Restaurant

Fauna is famous for its delicious cheese, cow cheese. They innovatively prepare their dishes, and they serve the dishes on small plates that attract the customers very much.

Courtesy: Fauna

They design their restaurants so that the customers will feel safe and comfortable. They used local ingredients in their food.

So many talented people are working in this restaurant that make your day with the delicious food they serve. Street parking is also available.

2. Reasons to Choose the Best Food in Ottawa Restaurants

Ottawa is mainly known for clean, hygienic food and its culture. There are a plethora of reasons to have your best food in Ottawa restaurants, and they are:

  • Good hygienic.
  • Affordable.
  • They used local ingredients in their food items.
  • Variety of dishes available.
  • Beckta dining.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. Why is Ottawa so Famous?

Ottawa is known for its fine dining and modern chef who uses new technology to prepare food and historic markets. It is known for poutine and shu ice cream.

Eight Calgary, Alo Toronto, and Vancouver have the most popular restaurants in Ottawa.

3.3. Which Restaurant Serves the Best Food in Ottawa?

As per the research, Tim Hortons is considered to be one of the top places for fast food in Ottawa that serves more than 40,000 locations, and also it is one of the biggest and best food chains in Ottawa.

Final Thoughts

With this article, we have shared with you the most famous and best restaurants in Ottawa where you get your best food in Ottawa anytime. So what are you waiting for? Just go, book your table and feel the taste of the Best Food in Ottawa.

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