BC Gas Tax Hike: Climate Action or Economic Pressure?

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British Columbia is scheduled to increase gas prices by another three cents on Monday in order to fight global warming; a move that has started a debate over the effects of it on consumers.

While 35% of those affected will not draw any benefit from the policy, the government argues that about 65% of British Columbians would get some tax relief for this hike.

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The amount of the tax credit depends on household net income and family size, and these thresholds determine eligibility. A single person making under $39,000 will pick up the top credit of $447 per annum while high earners receive less. For couples and parents, full tax credit eligibility requires a household net income threshold about $50,000 with adjustments based on children.

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According to BC’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, all of the extra carbon tax revenue will be diverted into Climate Action Tax Credits benefiting low and middle-income citizens. Conversely, opposition leader Kevin Falcon points out that this kind of raise has a domino effect in transportation thus increasing the cost burden to consumers who are already grappling with high grocery prices.

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Minister of Finance Katrine Conroy defends the tax hike as part of broader approach by her government to address pollution without overburdening residents financially. She also draws attention to several initiatives aimed at reducing day-to-day living costs such as steps to improve housing affordability, reduce child care expenses and hold hydro-rates low. The fact that families and individuals pay less taxes provincially overall is stressed by Conroy who situates this rise within wider frames focusing on fiscal policy that is meant for BC residents’ welfare.

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As stakeholders continue discussing amidst one another they try weighing environmental necessities against economic realities for citizens across different income brackets.

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