Banks Face Heat Over Carbon Tax Rebates

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In a final bid to resuscitate their dying support, the Trudeau administration has resulted in an outright smokescreen strategy- giving its “Climate Action Incentive Program” a new brand name, Canada Carbon Rebate. However, this change is only superficial as the underlying issue still remains; every Canadian knows that carbon pricing is a burden on their day-to-day life making everything more expensive.

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Finance minister Chrystia Freeland’s budget proposes amendments to the Financial Administration Act which would make it mandatory for banks to call the rebates by name on customer statements and online banking records. This move comes after a two-year standoff between the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada and financial institutions over the rebate labeling fiasco.

The Government of Canada had assumed that citizens were aware of these incentives despite mislabeling by most banks that concealed their essence, says Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault. Direct deposit accounts for about 80% while mail accounts for approximately 20%, but lack of clarity has caused widespread confusion and annoyance.

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Political commentators from all walks have responded using different perspectives condemning the rebranding efforts. “Putting lipstick on a pig” was how Franco Terrazzano, federal director at Canadian Taxpayers Federation bluntly described it adding that Trudeau failed to acknowledge his government’s imposition of carbon tax upon ordinary lives of Canadians; “Canadians don’t understand what his government is doing,” he said. Terrazzano also noted that this was not his problem because most Canadians know well enough Trudeau’s tax is raising the cost of living.

There was no mincing words from Alberta Premier Danielle Smith who declared that even if they changed names Liberals are doomed because their popularity can’t be redeemed with such acts. She added one last comment before leaving ‘It is as simple as calling it what it actually is – gas tax increase for them to drive their kids to school, food tax that they buy, business tax in which they are involved and all taxes’ – and this sums up the challenge faced by most Canadians who live from paycheck to paycheck.

We shared a post in our YouTube channel community section and asked the people of Canada about if lowering tax rates will stimulate to economic growth or not, And the results were shocking. Almost everyone agreed with the statement that lowering tax rates will help the economy. You can also Join the conversation on our Scoop Canada YouTube Channel! Cast your vote and Share your thoughts here to make your voice heard!

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Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs voiced her opinion: “As we know it’s just a carbon tax on suffering households and businesses.” Stubbs also pointed out that Alberta is paying about $1000 more than how much it receives from the rebates as revealed by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, thus driving home the point of burden on the economy of Alberta and its residents.

To instruct Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold an emergency meeting with Canadian premiers regarding carbon taxation, The Conservatives introduced a non-binding motion. This came after 70% of Canadians supported Trudeau “spiking” the hike and 70% provincial premiers agreed – clear signs that there is growing opposition to carbon tax and its unintended consequences.

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Canadians remain unconvinced by such linguistic acrobatics as this rebranding effort shows that Trudeau government tries hard to change its approach toward carbon taxation. The bottom-line speaks for itself-the introduction of carbon taxes makes life costlier thereby impacting negatively upon both household budgets and business enterprises. No amount of rebranding or relabeling can hide clear realities reaching into Canadians’ purses and quality of life.

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