Going Apple Picking in Ottawa? Here are the Best Places to Visit this Fall!

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Are you in a fix about things you would do in the fall? If so, consider checking off one item by going apple-picking in Ottawa. The beautiful capital city of Canada showcases numerous pumpkin patches and apple orchards. That’s why it as an ideal destination to quench your autumn yearnings.

Orchard culture is one of the established ways to savor the seasons in Canada. The apple-picking season continues from August till October. You can pick your apples or pumpkins when they are ripe and then go back home to create beautiful recipes and savour them throughout the fall!

Apple picking in Ottawa
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In Canada, the fall season is a pictorial representation of life. As winter approaches, people bid farewell to the warm summer and embrace the cold. They venture outdoors in the local farms near Ottawa to enjoy this wonderful season. They also make plans with loved ones to enjoy every bit of the beautiful weather.

1. Apple Picking Orchards in Ottawa

Apple picking is an exciting and fun activity. Ottawa comprises several local farms for you to meander in. You can stroll through the picturesque orchards while gazing at nature’s wonders.

Apple picking in Ottawa
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Apart from farms, the orchards also have forest trails, playgrounds, and picnic tables. These orchards are within a friendly distance from downtown Ottawa. The highly anticipated apple and pumpkin season in Ottawa is worth the hype. The season allows you to walk freely and pick apples on the farms.

What’s more, the picked apples are resourceful in various recipes. You can eat, freeze, or can the picked apples. Some of the beautiful orchards for in Ottawa are as follows:

1.1. Mountain Orchards

Address: 10175 Clark Rd, Mountain, ON K0E 1S0, Canada.

Looking to go apple picking? Look no further than Mountain Orchards! This family farm has been around since 1970. Besides, they have been following sustainable agriculture techniques. As a result, you will find the freshest and most delicious apples at Mountain Orchards.

The free admission to the orchard allows you to visit worry-free. Nonetheless, charges are applicable for the apples that you choose to pick. The expense of the apples is determined by the weight of the bag.

Also, the apple orchard provides you with bags of two sizes, i.e., 11lb and 20lb.

1.1.1 Varieties for apple-picking

Further, you will encounter a diverse selection of apples to pick from. Depending on the month, the available varieties are:

  1. End of August to Mid-September: Sunrise and Silken
  2. Early to Mid-September: Lobo
  3. Mid-September to Mid-October: Macintosh
  4. Late September: Honey Crisp
  5. Late September to October: Spartan, Cortland, and Eden
  6. Late September to Mid-October: Empire
  7. Early October to Mid-October: Ambrosia and Golden Delicious

1.1.2 Other activities

Apart from the tastiest apples, Mountain Orchards offer various fun-filled activities. For example, corn mazes, wagon rides, forest trails, a playground, and more. Along with the freshness of apples, you can immerse yourself in fun and adventure.

In addition, there are multiple other products to devour at the bakery. You can enjoy delicious and fresh butter tarts at the bakery. Plus, hot and fresh doughnuts are available throughout the weekend.

1.2. Pinewood Orchards

Address: 101 Herzberg Rd, Kanata, ON K2K 2Y3, Canada.

Pinewood Orchards is a beautiful mature apple orchard perfect for apple picking. It is located at a very close distance from downtown Ottawa. With over 800 apple trees, the orchard’s soil is rich in natural minerals. Thereby, producing the freshest and most delicious apples.

1.2.1 Varieties of Apples

The trees at Pinewood Orchards are over 50 years old and have older rootstocks. Therefore, resulting in the production of exceptionally fresh varieties of apples.

Each variety has its apple season, beginning from mid-August to mid-September. Few varieties out of the many for apple picking at Pinewood Orchards are:

  1. Melba: Mid to late August
  2. Atlas: Late August to early September
  3. Lobo: Early to mid-September
  4. Macintosh: mid to late September
  5. Cortland: Late September to early October

Apart from fresh apples, Pinewood Orchards grows fresh vegetables too.

1.3. Cannamore Orchard

Address: 1480 County Road 32, Crysler, ON, K0A 1R0, Canada.

Cannamore Orchard is a family-run farm established in 1982 near Ottawa. It is famous for its yearly apple and pumpkin season. Located around 40 minutes from downtown, it is a wonderful spot in Ottawa.

The apple season starts from mid-August till the end of September. The pumpkin season, however, starts in September and lasts till October.

1.3.1. Varieties of Apples

Cannamore Orchard has a variety of apples including the famous Macintosh and Lobo. In addition, Paula Red, Cortland, Spartan, and Empire apples are available.

Although the trees become bare by the end of September, the picked apples are stored until November.

1.3.2.Other activities

Besides apple picking, Cannamore Orchard offers family fun activities too. Wagon rides, giant hedge mazes, and cow-trains are some available activities. Plus, various orchard tours are available for preschoolers and different school groups. You can find details for the orchard tours here.

Along with apple picking, you can visit Cannamore Orchard for strawberry and pumpkin picking too. In addition to fresh fruits, it comprises various local products. For example, apple cider, apple butter, honey maple syrup, and homemade fudge.

1.4 Verger Croque Pomme – Cidery and Orchard

Address: 20 Mnt Berndt, Thurso, QC J0X 3B0, Canada.

Verger Croque Pomme is another beautiful orchard in Ottawa. Spread on around 20 hectares, this orchard has about 3000 trees. Entry here is free of cost. The apples collected in your bags are sold according to the weight.

The apples are ready to pick by the end of August, whereas pumpkin season starts in mid-September. In addition to apple and pumpkin picking season, you will find other fruits too. For example, the raspberry season starts at the beginning of summer. Grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and plums are some other fruits grown at this orchard.

1.4.1. Ciders

Besides being an orchard for apple picking, Verger Croque Pomme is an established cidery. Since 2007, the cidery has been making artisanal ciders.

There are over 30 varieties of apples at Verger Croque Pomme. As a result, it has been possible to make high-quality ciders.

1.4.2. Other activities

Verger Croque Pomme is a good place to picnic near Ottawa. You will find yourself drenched in the serenity of a rural setting in this orchard. Plus, the setting at the orchard makes it a perfect place to spend time with your companions.

During the season, you will find picnic tables, a playground, and snack bars. Additionally, there is an educational hive. The fun tractor rides in the orchard make for a great fun activity for every age group to bask in.

1.5. Log Cabin Orchard

Address: 6121 Cabin Rd, Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0, Canada.

Log Cabin Orchard is a perfect spot for apple picking with your folks. It is a beautiful 33-acre orchard located 35 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Also, you can visit in the pumpkin season as well. The orchard displays beautiful pumpkin patches in the fall.

Apple picking in Ottawa
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200 years ago, the Irish immigrants built a log cabin. It has a pleasant ambiance which will heighten your joy. Plus, the hot apple cider along with hot chocolate are all yours to enjoy! Log Cabin Orchard allows free admission for visitors.

1.5.1. Varieties of Apples

Log Cabin Orchard boasts of several varieties of apples. The famous Macintosh apples are available to pick in the season. Apart from Macintosh apples, Lobos, Empire, and Honey Crisp are also grown on the farm.

A few other varieties are Paula Red, Liberty, Spartans, and Red Free.

1.5.2. Other activities

Along with fresh apples, Log Cabin Orchard exhibits various items in its bakery. Their special churros are one of the unmissable items. Plus, candy apples and Mexican tacos make for a good family lunch! You can buy jams, jellies, and more from the farm store as well.

Apple picking in Ottawa
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2. Markets for apple picking in the Ottawa region

In addition to the fascinating apple orchards, there are multiple stores in Ottawa. These stores exhibit pre-picked fresh apples plus other vegetables. You can go apple picking in these stores on specified days.

Besides fresh produce, various products are also available for sale. The hot apple cider is among one of the best products to devour.

Apple picking in Ottawa
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Some of the boutique stores for apple picking are:

2.1. Hall’s Apple Market

Address: 2930 Concession 2 Rd, Brockville, ON K6V 5T1, Canada.

Hall’s Apple Market is a farm shop consisting of freshly picked apples. It is an established market serving Kingston, Ottawa, and many neighboring cities.

The Hall’s Apple Orchard is a 120-acre spread farm. The farm allows you to pick your apples during the season.

2.1.1. Varieties of apples

Hall’s Apple Market offers a wide range of fresh apple varieties. However, their availability is dependent on the month. The apple-picking season starts in mid-August and continues until the cessation of October.

Lobo, Sunrise, Macintosh, and Empire are a few apple varieties for you to check out in Hall’s Apple Market.

2.1.2. Other activities

Besides a collection of fresh apples, this farm shop also serves baked goods. The bakery exhibits delightful fresh pies, cookies, and breads. These goodies are special as they are gluten as well as dairy-free.

Moreover, many apple products are available at the online store. For example, apple butter, cider, donuts, biscuits, and more. Plus, the playground is an alluring factor for you to bring the kids along. Moreover, the supportive and kind staff look after the visitors for any aid.

2.2 Orleans Fruit Farm

Address: 1399 St Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1C 7K9, Canada.

Orleans Fruit Farm is another farm shop comprising fresh produce in Ottawa. You only have to drive 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa to reach the farm. Further, the farm team picks fresh produce every morning for their visitors.

Apart from delicious pre-picked apples, the kiosk consists of various vegetables. For example, carrots, potatoes, beans, etc.

Also, the farm follows a harvest calendar for the fresh produce. Therefore, apple picking is only available in September on weekends. You will always find the weekends here bustling with family fun. People enjoy apple picking while having a merry time.

3. Tips for Apple Picking

“Pick your apple” is always a fun and interesting activity. However, it would help if you kept a few tips in mind while you are at it, such as:

3.1 Choosing the Apples

Choosing from where to start picking is very important. The fruit receiving the most sun will ripen first. Therefore, you must start picking from the outside. The apple should be crisp, firm, and ripened. So, you must make sure that the apple to be picked is ready.

Next, you must not solely depend upon the color of the apple. All that glitters is not gold! Similarly, red is not the proof of a ready apple. The apple must be completely ripened- both on the outside and inside.

3.2 Plucking the Apples

It is very important to use a proper technique while you pick your apples. Firstly, you should avoid putting too much pressure on the apple. Secondly, you must hold the apple gently between the palms. Then, softly twist the apple without breaking off the end.

Also, be careful to not shake the branches of the apple trees to avoid any bruising.

3.3 Putting Away the Picked Apples

After you carefully pick your apple, do not throw it in the container. Consequently, the apple suffers bruises if not kept properly in the container. So, you must ensure that the apple is carefully placed.

3.4 Plan Your Visit

Before you plan your visit, you must try to call the orchard beforehand. The reason is that the apples might finish before the season ends. Therefore, you must ensure the amount of apples left to be picked. Besides, you should also confirm the varieties of apples in the orchard.

Plus, it is always a win-win if you happen to arrive quite early in the orchard. You will find fewer people on one hand, and surplus apples on the other.

3.5 What to Wear

To enjoy harm-free apple picking, you must come well-guarded. Wear proper shoes to avoid getting your feet hurt. The fallen twigs and branches always have a chance of coming your way.

Next, wear proper clothes and sunscreen to avoid any sunburns. You can also bring sanitizers to keep your hands germ-free on the farm.

Mostly, the apple farms provide the containers for collection. But, you must carry your bags or containers if it is otherwise.

3.6 Use up the Picked Apples

    You are back from the apple orchard with your bags full. But, what would you do with so many apples? To prevent them from going bad, you must store the apples properly.

    The ideal temperature to refrigerate is 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from refrigerating, canning is also a good option. Besides storing, you can put these apples to use in various ways.

    Apple picking in Ottawa
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    5. Apple-based Recipes

    Once you reach home, you can put the picked apples to use. You can employ various recipes to make the best of your apple picking. As for pumpkin season, the pumpkins are employed to make the special Thanksgiving pie.

    Apple picking in farms is never disappointing. Your hands will always be full after a day of merriment.

    Now, there are various recipes to squeeze the best out of the picked apples. Some of the end products of the recipes are:

    1. Jellies
    2. Crumbles
    3. Sauces
    4. Soft pies
    5. Salads

    Say Yes to Apple Picking

    Fall offers the perfect opportunity for apple picking. Therefore, making it one of the best seasonal activities to enjoy. Additionally, the pumpkin patches available for Halloween add to the festivities of the season.

    Apple picking in Ottawa
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    Therefore, do not miss out on the chance to experience autumn. Take pictures of the fallen leaves. Pose amidst the stunning Ottawa orchards and revel in every moment of the season.

    Apple picking in Ottawa
    Photo by Skylar Zilka on Unsplash

    To conclude, the fall stamps the beginning of the festive season. There is nothing more joyous than immersing yourself in the transition. The color of the leaves changes while giving us hope to bloom in the next season.

    So, prepare your list and bags, call your friends and family, and enjoy these fun activities near Ottawa.

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