Hop into Adventure: An Ultimate Guide to the Kelowna Kangaroo Farm Experience

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Grab a golden chance to play with some of their joeys and beautiful exotic domestic animals, like colorful chickens and goats. There are plenty of things to do at Kelowna Kangaroo Farm. It’s an unforgettable experience you won’t forget.

So, come out and enjoy the sights and sounds of Australia right in your backyard!

1. Why Visit Kangaroo Creek Farm?

If Kangaroos are native to Australia, why not visit a kangaroo farm there? Well, there are some practical reasons to visit Kelowna Kangaroo Creek Farm.

1.1 Animals Walk in a Natural Setting

The Kangaroo Creek farm in Kelowna keeps its Kangaroos and other animals in a free animal enclosure area.

The animals walking around make it feel natural, unlike zoos, where the cage becomes a barrier between the visitors and the animals. This makes it such a fun spot among animal lovers.

1.2 Petting and Feeding the Kangaroos

You are allowed to feed the Kangaroos at Kangaroo Creek Farm. The permitted food for Kangaroos is food packets provided by the authority before you reach the farm grounds. All the animals feed on this; mostly, it can be popcorn. You get to feed these to kangaroos while petting them.

1.3 The Farm Helps You Save Your Money on Travel

Kelowna Kangaroo Farm helps you save money when you wish to visit tame exotic and domestic animals like Red kangaroos but do not have enough money to visit Australia.

If you live near the British Columbia district, visit this kangaroo farm. It has an ambiance and feels similar to an Australian Kangaroo Farm.

2. How to Reach Kelowna Kangaroo Creek Farm

If you plan to visit Australia to meet some playful Kangaroos, you might prefer to visit 5932 Old Vernon Road in Okanagan, BC. You can meet some cuddly cute joeys and other animals at Kelowna Kangaroo Farm.

There is transportation to reach here from almost every major city in the British Columbia district. Go check out the official website about Kelowna transportation before visiting here. The farm, previously located in Central Winfield in Lake Country, was later moved to Old Vernon Road.

Make sure to check the opening and closing hours on the official websites. Kangaroo Creek Farm opens early in the morning but closes briefly at noon. It is done to provide afternoon naps and a much-needed rest for the farm animals and the workers here.

3. Kelowna Kangaroo Creek Farm- A Historical Past

Kelowna Kangaroo  Farm opened around the 80s. The farm allows you to pet some great Australian Red Kangaroos. The farm is closed during the noon for the animals’ afternoon nap.

The farm has been historically kept as uncommercialized as possible. It has always focused on the educational experience of kids and adults. So, while visiting the farm, keep these things in mind.

4. Types of Animals at Kangaroo Creek Farm

There are various species of beautiful birds at the bird aviary. There are some cute, smallest wallaby species. It is interesting to watch a few potbellied pigs oinking at the sound of the visitors.

The beautiful space boasts the world’s largest rodent, Capybara, a very cute and interesting animal on the farm. There are some fancy chicken and sugar gliders at the Kangaroo Creek farm.

The Kangaroo Creek farm has been built in typical Kelowna fun place style. The tourist season is during the summer season, with many family crowds. The sugar gliders, particularly the wallabies, are kept in animal enclosures.

Kelowna Kangaroo Farm
Photo by Pixabay On Pexels

5. Farm Reviews

If you want the area reviews, farms read the top travel magazines and travel websites like TripAdvisor LLC, which constantly give good ratings to Kelowna Kangaroo Farm.

The magazine also updates the best nearby attractions and restaurants around Kelowna Creek Farm. The farm consistently earns excellent reviews from its visitors, too.

KANGAROOS IN CANADA - Kangaroo Creek Farm, Kelowna BC

6. Fun Things to Do in and around Kelowna  Kangaroo Farm

Kelowna Kangaroo Farm visit is included in major Kelowna outdoor activities at 5932 Old Vernon Road.

6.1 Opt for a Guided Tour of the Farm

Meet the amazing and interesting animals in the animal enclosures. The Kangaroo Creek Farm has unique Red Kangaroos, cute wallabies, different-colored goats, and some fancy chickens. Kids love visiting the farm. You can spend your morning to evening time on holiday with your family.

6.2 Feed the Wallabies, Kangaroos, and Sheep at Kangaroo Creek Farm.

The farm provides on-site food, which can be brought to feed the animals like Kangaroos, Wallabies, Sheep, Goats, etc.; there are popcorn packets for feeding the animals. It is an enjoyable and interactive activity at the north end of the farm.

6.3 Experience the Petting Zoo and Hold The Baby Animals

The Kelowna Kangaroo Farm is unique for its petting zoo. You get to pet the animals and hold the baby joey and goats. This is an amazing opportunity to click pictures and make memorable videos with your family.

6.4 Enjoy the Farm’s Free Range of Nature Walks.

Take a nature walk to admire Kelowna Nature. It feels relaxing and detoxifying for the mind. The whole family can enjoy this walk, making them happy and relaxed.

6.5 Take a Guided Horseback Riding Tour

A more enjoyable activity is a guided horseback ride at Kelowna. This is a very amusing activity, opted for by many visitors here. People love to ride horses. They love to admire the beautiful scenery of Kelowna.

6.6 Kelowna Boat Tours at Okanagan

There are beautiful and amusing boat rides at Kelowna. There are many options in Okanagan Lake, like pontoon boat rides and private sailing cruises.

6.7 Go Hiking On The Various Nature Trails In Kelowna.

Do you love hiking or walking in the beautiful outdoors? Hit the trails and take delight in the sites of the Okanagan Valley.

The trails range in level from easy to difficult. For questions, queries, or information, contact the Kelowna Visitor Centre.

6.8 Purchase Homegrown Produce from the Farm Stand

You can produce organic produce from farms in Kelowna. Kelowna food is quite known for its fresh fruits that you can enjoy in the town. It is a unique experience.

6.9 Attend a Workshop or Cooking Class

It is a very fun and entertaining activity. The family can enjoy it together. It helps improve culinary skills, too. These Kelowna classes can help you learn a new skill in your free time.

6.10 Kelowna Shopping Experience

Kelowna offers great options for town shopaholics. Kelowna houses several shopping centers and many small, leading, and specialty stores.

Hence, you really can shop ’til you drop! Check out trendy Bernard Avenue, Ellis, Pandosy, and Tutt Street. All of them are lined with popular brands and funky boutiques.

6.11 Exploring the Kelowna Museums

Get to learn about Kelowna Art Galleries at the Kelowna Art Museums. They give a deep insight into the beautiful art history collection of Kelowna. Also, there are options in the town, like Kelowna spas, for relaxation.

7. Explore the Best Nearby Restaurants in Kelowna

Visitors will certainly get hungry after a long day at the farm with the animals. There are lots of options like Gulfstream and Joey Kelowna Centre.

7.1 Gulfstream at Kelowna

Gulfstream is one of the nine bars in Kelowna. It has pleasant surroundings and Interiors too. The great reasons to eat here are the great varied menu, wonderful service, and food with a beautiful patio. This restaurant is known as the best host ever.

Check out the official website for complete details before visiting here.

7.2 Joey Kelowna Restaurant

The restaurant has a whole group of celebrated executives serving its customers. The menu offers locally crafted as well as global cuisine.

The ambiance is unique, warm, comfortable, and lively. There are Canadian bars and Grill available. The options include lunch, dinner, and late nights. Check out the official website before visiting here.

7.3 Cactus Club Cafe Bank Roads in Kelowna

This is yet another great option in Kelowna. The place has a bar and serves local American cuisine. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly too.

Takeout, reservation, and outdoor seating are among its best facilities. This includes a part of Kelowna’s nightlife. This is among the topmost stops in Kelowna for great food and drinks. Visit the official website before showing up at the place.

7.4 Kaya Sushi+ Grill in Kelowna

Kaya Sushi + Grill is unique for Japanese, Sushi, and Asian Cuisines. It is a favorite place for Sushi Lovers in the town. There are different beers on the beer menu.

Sushi and sashimi are great choices. You can check the official website for all the information.

7.5 Dosa Crepe Cafe at Kelowna

Dosa Crepe Cafe is yet another unique eatery in Kelowna. It has Indian and fusion cuisine options. The food is excellent and flavourful. The ambiance is nice and warm. There are vegetarian and vegan-friendly options too.

8. Experience Nearby Attractions

Different attractions near the Kelowna Kangaroo Farm can be enjoyed besides visiting the farm.

8.1 Kelowna Sights in the Afternoon for Wine Tours

Visitors who are wine enthusiasts can visit the vineyards around Kelowna. They produce a range of wines that are well worth tasting. Visitors can try a sampling of their favorite varietals on this guided tour. Pick an area you want to explore.

Now enjoy a comfortable travel by Mercedes van. There are two options in the tasting routes: the East Kelowna wineries and beautiful Okanagan Lake views or the West Kelowna vineyards around Mount Boucherie, famous for their volcanic soil.

8.2 Kelowna Walking Food Tour Near Downtown

You are led through Kelowna’s culinary landmarks. It is a small-group walking tour. It begins at the historic Laurel Packinghouse.

Then, you’ll work your way through the group. People get to hear stories of the area and its history. There are insights into the Okanagan culture. Get your camera; here, one can capture the scenic gardens, statues, and buildings all along the way.

8.3 Wine Tour Plus Lunch on an E-Bike in Kelowna

On this tour, you get to experience the incredible local produce of the Okanagan Valley. It is a self-guided e-bike tour. It moves across three unique venues for tastings of wines and meads.

The visitor gets to enjoy a farm-to-table lunch at Meadow Vista. There is a choice of delicious main courses. The background is facing the scenic backdrop of the vineyards. The journey is about 4-5 hours in duration.

9. Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Do keep in mind that it is a natural farm. It is not possible to keep it completely sterile. To stay near the animals, you must deal with hazards like uneven ground, mud, animal fur, etc.
  • Look after your children. The Kelowna Kangaroo Farm is not responsible if the children get prone to wounds or injuries on the farm grounds. Your children are your responsibility.
  • Do not keep abusive behavior towards the animals or the staff. Be gentle towards the animals. Do notice Kangaroo Creek Farm tries to provide a natural environment for the farm animals.
  • If you exhibit inappropriate behavior toward animals, be ready to bear the consequences. You might be asked to leave the premises in such situations, too.
  • The Kelowna Kangaroo Farm farm does not keep animals to trade their skin or hive. It is as uncommercialized as possible.
  • The farm closes at noon time. Please obey the rules of opening and closing times.
  • Before visiting the site, visit the official website to learn about all the rules and regulations.

10. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What animals are there at Kelowna Kangaroo Farm?

Answer: The Kelowna Kangaroo Farm boasts red kangaroos, emus, fancy chickens, goats, and the world’s largest rodent, Capybara.

Q.2 Are there Kangaroos in Kelowna?

Answer: Kelowna Kangaroo Farm has some good numbers of Kangaroos, whom you can visit and pet at the farm itself.

Q.3 Which is the quieter time to visit Kelowna Kangaroo Farm?

Answer: If you want to avoid crowds, visit early, around 10 am. Also, avoid peak season and weekends.


Kelowna Kangaroo Farm is a unique and amusing experience. It is a meet and greet with Kangaroos and other cute animals. The place keeps the feeling and interaction as natural as possible. Do keep visiting here for a joyful and memorable day.

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  • The article effectively communicates the appeal of Kangaroo Creek Farm by highlighting its distinct features, such as the free animal enclosure area, the opportunity to pet and feed kangaroos, and the presence of various other exotic animals. The focus on creating a natural setting for the animals sets it apart from traditional zoos, providing visitors with a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

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