13 Unforgettable Things To Do In Stratford, Ontario

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Stratford, situated in Southwestern Ontario, is your next best holiday getaway. Famous for its festivals and prominent Shakespeare plays, the city bustles with liveliness.

May to October is the festival season, with people visiting worldwide to witness the plays and interact with talented actors in the festival theatre. You can see some of Ontario’s most beautiful places, relish the art town’s beauty, or dine at the best restaurants!

Also, interestingly, Thomas Edison is known to have lived in Stratford in the 1860s.

With some of the best indoor and outdoor venues, here’s a guide to making the best of your stay at Stratford, Ontario.

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1. Some Amazing Things to Do in Stratford, Ontario

1.1. Indulge In The Delicious Cuisines At Stratford

Top 6 Restaurants in Stratford CT : Have you explored these Gems?

With the perfect spots for coffee lovers and top-rated dining restaurants, Stratford offers a variety of options to try out! 

Visit Stratford to indulge and discover the unique cuisines it has to offer. Some famous restaurants and coffee shops you can visit are:

1.1.1. The Planet Diner

Offering plant-based foods, the restaurant aims to provide something for everyone. The restaurant is mainly vegan but also serves meat-based food for non-vegetarians.

Planet Diner uses numerous local Stratford resources, which makes the food taste better and fresher. Its vegan benny and Breakfast Taco are famous.

1.1.2. The Alley

Situated on Brunswick Street, The Alley is a popular destination for handcrafted cocktails and grilled goodies. Visit the restaurant to indulge in some mouth-watering dishes.

1.1.3. Edison’s Cafe Bar

Once the home of Thomas Edison, the small inn is now a cafe bar. Enjoy vegan cuisine with Edison’s drawings across the walls. Sitting and admiring the little cafe is one of the most peaceful things.

1.1.4. The Alley Cat Cafe

Snuggle with the rescue cats while sipping on your favorite coffee. A one-of-a-kind cat cafe that is perfect for all cat lovers in Stratford, Ontario.

1.1.5. Balzac’s Stratford

The interiors strongly represent the culture and history of Stratford-upon-Avon. With white and beige interiors, the Balzac’s has the perfect ambiance and an assortment of eatables.

Opened in 1996, it is one of the famous spots for locals to chill in.

1.1.6. Romeos Corner Cafe

Romeos Corner Cafe is an espresso bar in Stratford with mouth-watering gourmet wraps and exceptional burgers. You can find delicious food like egg benedicts and burgers like the California and Cowboy.

1.2. Discover The Shakespearean Gardens

Shakespearean Gardens, Stratford

With over 175 plants of unique species and great quotations beside them, the Shakespearean Gardens have species mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays.

The pretty garden has flower varieties like tulips, roses, and daffodils. It is a fantastic place to relax with your family.

You can even spot a statue of William Shakespeare created by Cleeve Horne.

1.3. Join In To Celebrate The Stratford Theatre Festival

Found by Tom Patterson, the Stratford Festival is a festival theatre that usually operates from April to October. Various dramas, musical events, and Shakespeare’s plays are performed during the festival.

The lively performances and live music entertain the human eye. The theatres can accommodate over 1,800 visitors.

1.4. Take A Peek Into The Past

Visit the historical buildings and remnants of the past to relish Stratford’s history. It is among the best things to do if you want to educate yourself about its rich history.

Some famous historical places you can visit during your trip to Stratford are:

1.4.1. Perth County Courthouse

The Perth County Courthouse opened in 1887 and was among the first to have electricity. The courthouse is located near the Shakespearean Gardens.

The terracotta carvings on the walls are awe-inspiring, while the doors and windows are large and historic. Perth County’s medieval architecture makes it a must-visit for history lovers.

1.4.2. Holy Trinity Church

Also known as the Shakespeare Church, it is the oldest building in Stratford. With mythical carvings and large windows, the church was restored several times.

William Shakespeare’s grave is located in the church where he was baptized. Holy Trinity Church holds great historical significance.

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1.5. Enjoy The Self-Guided Chocolate Trail


Explore the world-famous chocolatiers with the self-guided tour at Stratford. With six stops and six vouchers to redeem, the chocolate trail is bound to make your mouth water.

During your journey, indulge in the finest chocolates and bakery items. The sweet delights stacked upon each other are among the best treats to enjoy.

You can also take advantage of the self-guided audio tour provided by Destination Stratford.

1.6. Witness The Fall Colours In Upper Queen’s Park

The Upper Queen’s Park is located on Queen St – an absolute natural beauty. With its historical buildings and natural beauty, visiting Upper Queen’s Park is on the checklist.

1.7. Celebrate The Weekend Festival In Downtown Stratford

With live music and puppetry artists from all over the World, the World in a Weekend Festival is a fantastic place to spend time! The event usually takes place in winter in downtown Stratford, Ontario.

You can spot colorful puppets and costumed artists walking around. Both free and paid events can be joined at the festival. The puppet shows are made for adults and kids, with fascinating stories and talented artists.

1.8. Admire The Art Galleries In Stratford

With contemporary visual art and artifacts, the art galleries in Stratford have a variety of collections, with each piece of art conveying a different story.

You can spot historical buildings and gift shops all along the way. The Stratford Art Gallery, or Gallery Stratford, remains the most famous one. The gallery represents some of the best ceramicists and artisans.

Among the many art galleries, here are some of the best galleries you can visit:

  • Gallery Stratford, Ontario
  • Stratford Art in the Park
  • Gallery Indigena
  • Koolen Fine Arts
  • Shane Norrie Contemporary

1.9 The Stratford Perth Museum

The Stratford Perth Museum houses collections from the 20th century, including the Fryfogel Tavern. With over 20,000 artifacts, the museum displays some fascinating exhibits.

You would be surprised to find a place dedicated to Justin Bieber and his stories. You can also see Anne Frank exhibits! Apart from an informative trip, visit Stratford Perth Museum to enjoy a day out with your family.

1.10. Enjoy A Game Of Mini Golf

Located on the banks of Avon, the Stratford mini golf is a popular venue for golf lovers and tournaments. With challenging hurdles and the best players visiting from different countries, the entire experience at the mini golf is fun!

1.11. Ride Along The Avon River

Avon River
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What could be better than a peaceful day at the Avon River? You can paddle a boat, kayak, or cruise along the Avon River. One can also rent canoes for a peaceful ride along the river.

Boating along the Avon River is one of the most popular things in Stratford, Ontario. The 40-minute cruise passes through the William Shakespeare Theatre and Holy Trinity Church. Canoes and rowing boats are also available.

1.12. Admire The Annual Swan Parade

Have you ever heard of swans making a parade? This annual parade is witnessed by many and an amazing sight for kids and adults alike! You can witness these waddling ducks making their way to the Avon River.

1.13. View The Mesmerizing Tom Patterson Theatre

Designed by Harini Pontarini architects, the Tom Patterson Theatre has beautiful modern architecture with mesmerizing views. The theatre has a 600-seater facility with a glazed curtain wall.

Apart from architects, the theatre was designed by acoustic artists. With cantilevers and ceramic tiles, the architecture is a breathtaking experience.

Final Words

Visiting Stratford is one of the best things you could do in Canada. Stratford upon Avon is about a 2-hour drive from Toronto. 

Stratford is best known as Canada’s Art Town, with top-class theatres and art galleries. Apart from these, there are numerous things to do in Stratford, Ontario, and each experience is refreshing! The Shakespearean gardens are a must-visit to learn about Stratford’s history.

Explore Stratford, Ontario, at your own pace and fall in love with this art town.


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