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Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 3, 1847.  Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. In Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, there is the Alexander Graham Bell Museum which is named as Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. 

1. Early life of Alexander Graham Bell

At his younger age, Alexander Graham Bell was very interested in the science of sound. He was a music lover and piano player. His father used to teach elocution.

alexander graham bell museum
Source: Alexander Graham Bell

At an early age, his mothers started facing issues with hearing. 

At his friend’s wheat flour mill, he invented dehusking machine that made the job much more straightforward. In return, he got a small space to experiment with his inventions.

2. Schooling of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander attended high school in Edinburgh but left before finishing it and decided to stay with his grandfather in London.

His grandfather encouraged him to work like his father by teaching deaf people to speak clearly.

By 1870, both of his siblings died from tuberculosis. Bell’s parents thought to move to Canada because Alexander was sick and they thought the air in Canada is healthier than in London. They thought Alexander will feel better and healthier in Canada. 

ASL Alexander Graham Bell for Kids

After getting cured and becoming medically fit in 1871, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Here most of his time was devoted to inventing than teaching. Here he developed a belief that he could send the human voice to another human through wires. Before this, he was experimenting with telegraph to send multiple messages at different frequencies at the same time.

3. Journey with Inventions

Meeting Thomas Watson, an electrical designer and mechanic, in 1874, gave direction to Bell to achieve his goal and succeed in his experiments. Bell’s telephone first worked on March 10, 1876. He said, “Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you,” which he heard and came to see. 

The telephone had worked! Then, many people started to witness the great invention of the Bell, which could make them hear the voices and messages of people many miles away. Within a short span of time, many people started using telephones. 

4. After the Invention of the First Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell got married after the success of the telephone invention. Along with with the telephone, he is responsible for many other inventions.

alexander graham bell museum
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Loren Biser on Unsplash

A Metal detector, a wireless telephone that transmits a signal with light, a device to detect icebergs, and an invention to detect problems with someone’s hearing are his gift to mankind.

The first transcontinental phone call was made by him in 1915. He talked to his old assistant in San Fransisco from New York, and they heard each other. This time, the voice was much clearer than what they heard in 1876, when the human voice was first transmitted through wires.

5. Short Summary of Alexander Graham Bell’s Life

Alexander Graham Bell established his organization in 1877. Bell’s hometown of Edinburgh was famous for its rich culture and science.

He received expertise in elocution from his parents. His mother was a great piano player even though she was deaf, and that gave Bell a lot of inspiration.

Bell married Mable Hubbard, a former student, in 1877. Mable had faced difficulties hearing right from her childhood. 

In 1880, Bell established Volta Laboratory. Further ahead in life, Bell started to work on the tetrahedral kite in the 1890s. 

In 1907, Bell formed the AerielExperimental Association and developed several flying machines. 

On August 2, 1922, at the age of 75, Alexander Graham Bell died at his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. At the time of his demise, phones in North America were turned off. 

6. Alexander Graham Bell Museum

The Alexander Graham Bell Museum is located in  Baddeck Town of, Canada over 25 acres of land. This site shows the historical events in the life of Alexander Graham Bell.

alexander graham bell museum
Source: alexander graham bell museum

This site has been developed by a Canadian architect O. Howard Leicester. On this site, many documents and replicas of the invention are kept for public display. The Bell family members donate these things. There is a replica of a hydrofoil boat, the Silver Dart Flying Machine.

This site is a unit of Parks Canada which is under the official Canadian Park system, and this site was awarded the status of National site in 1952. It is situated in Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition to this site, there is another private site that belongs to Bell’s descendants, and that site is not open to the public.

This site has been designed for people of all ages. The site is wheelchair friendly, and it has wheelchair-friendly ramps. Mr. Bell chose the Alexander Graham Bell Museum site because he fell in love with the place and its scenic beauty.

Alexander Graham Bell Museum National Historic Site | Cape Breton | Nova Scotia | Canada

You can take your children and have fun at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. This site is an inspiration for all people to find interest in innovation and have fun. Entry for children up to age 17 is free.

7. Outdoor Fun at Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Alexander Graham Bell Museum displays the beauty of historic contributions by Mabel Bell. It can be seen how she curated the garden through her innovative practices. Beinn Bhreagh can be easily seen from the Alexander Graham Bell Museum rooftop.

Alexander Graham Bell was an early believer in climate change and suggested replacing oil and coal with green and sustainable energy methods. There are picnic tables at the site, and you can have picture-perfect moments at the site while you enjoy the site.

8. Things to Do at Alexander Graham Bell Museum

8.1 Kite/Tetrahedral Kite Workshop at Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Create and fly a kite at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum site, and you can keep the kite you make yourself. This site offers a unique kite-making program. As we all know, white flying was one of the key factors in Mr. Bell’s experiments.

Fly Kite at alexander graham bell museum
Source: Fly Kite

This is a 30-minute program, and it is called Come to Fly a Kite. There is another program called Tetrahedral Kite Workshop which is a 45-minute program. You can check the dates of this program on the official website.

8.2 Cape Breton Highlands Hiking at Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Cape Breton Island has many breathtaking views, and it can touch the visitor’s heart. And keeping this thing in mind, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum site has to offer a 6 hiking day and 5 nights accommodation tour for its visitors. Many visitors take this tour every year.

Cape Breton Highlands at alexander graham bell museum
Source: Cape Breton Hiking

Various things like First Nation’s vibrant culture can be witnessed in this tour; you can see the world-famous Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and other hikes and trails.

8.3 Midsummer Music Series

For music lovers, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum site offers Music Series in the evenings. Here the visitors get to feel relaxed with music and enjoy the evening.

Midsummer Music Series
Source: Midsummer Music Series

These musical programs are planned in advance, and tickets must be booked 2 weeks before the concerts. Make sure to verify the schedule on their website.

8.4 Mabel’s Garden – Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

At this site, visitors can see Mabel Bell’s beautiful garden and flowers. This has been developed in collaboration with researcher Dr. Alana Pindar at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum site.

Mabels Garden at alexander graham bell museum
Source: Mabels Garden

People who come here get inspired by the work of Mabel Bell, and they can take the seeds of these plants from the gift shop and create their own sustainable garden in their homes.

8.4 Bell Couple Through Letters

Alexander Graham Bell wrote many letters to his fiance Mable Bell before their engagement. And this lovely story has been displayed by their letters. Mable was a supportive lady to her partner. She was the pillar of strength who helped Mr. Bell to turn his dreams into reality.

Mabel and Alec letters
Source: Mabel and Alec letters

You can also check Mabel’s work in women’s leadership, education, and humanitarian efforts. Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site has 30 minute guided tour dedicated to Mabel’s Work.

9. Conclusion

The Alexander Graham Bell Museum or Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site is a  place to witness amazing glimpses of the great inventor’s work. This site has many of Bell’s experimental things, including Bell’s tetrahedral kite and Mabel’s garden, where you can understand the great work done by this couple.

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site can be an inspiration to you and your kids. This site has many buildings and parks inside. So Make sure you visit Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site with your family.

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