Accessing MeTV Through Various Streaming Services and Devices

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Nowadays, it has been easier to watch classical TV shows since many streaming services provide that experience. The MeTV is free over-the-air, and it assists the viewer to stream many classical TVs, whereas they do not require a cable.

This streaming platform has become very popular amongst fans due to the extreme spin to verify the nostalgic entertainment feeds. This specific article has provided you with the details on how to stream MeTV on streaming stations and devices to peacefully watch your favourite classical TV shows.

1. Accessing MeTV

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To access MeTV, individuals can simply enter their zip code on the official MeTV website. This website provides a very convenient and time saving tool to find the available streaming options for MeTV based on the user’s location. This feature ensures that viewers can easily access MeTV based on their geographical location and available streaming services in their area.

2. Streaming Services for MeTV

2.1. Frndly

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Frndly is a popular live-streaming TV service that offers access to a variety of television channels, among which MeTV is included.

With a subscription cost of $9.99 per month after a free trial period, Frndly provides access to 15 popular channels, including A&E, the History Channel, and the Weather Channel. This service allows viewers to access MeTV without the need for a cable or TV antenna. Additionally, Frndly offers around 50 live channels, including A&E, History, and The Weather Channel, making it a comprehensive option for classic TV enthusiasts.

2.2. Philo

Philo is another prominent streaming service that includes MeTV in its channel lineup. Priced at $25 per month after a 7-day free trial, Philo offers a wide variety of channels within its plan, including the Food Network, the Hallmark Channel, HGTV, and more. Philo also supports the recording of MeTV using the Unlimited Cloud DVR feature, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite classic shows at their convenience.


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DIRECTV STREAM offers access to MeTV as part of its channel lineup. The service is part of the DIRECTV STREAM Choice package, priced at $108.99 per month following a 5-day free trial. With a comprehensive package of 65 channels, including A&E, BET, Cartoon Network, and more, DIRECTV STREAM provides a wide range of entertainment options for viewers, including access to MeTV.

3. Device Compatibility

3.1. Supported Devices

When it comes to streaming MeTV, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of streaming services with many different devices. The following devices are supported by the mentioned streaming services for accessing MeTV:

  • Philo: Amazon Fire TV, Android Phone/Tablet, Sony Smart TV, Roku, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Samsung Smart TV, Windows, and VIZIO Smart TV.
  • DIRECTV STREAM: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Mac, Windows, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and VIZIO Smart TV.
  • Frndly TV: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, tablets, mobile devices, Apple TV, iPads, iPhones, and other iOS operating devices, Chromecast, Roku Channel, Web Browser

4. Accessing MeTV on Different Devices

4.1. PC

To watch MeTV on a computer, viewers have the option of subscribing to Frndly TV, Philo, or DIRECTV STREAM and then by conveniently opening their web browser and signing in to their live TV provider, viewers can effortlessly enjoy nostalgic television shows on their PC. This provides a hassle-free way for viewers to access classic TV content directly from their computers.

4.2. Fire TV

Fire TV users have the option to watch MeTV live on either Frndly TV or Philo, eliminating the need to download a separate MeTV app. This convenient feature allows Fire TV users to effortlessly enjoy their beloved classic shows on their preferred streaming platform.

4.3. Apple TV

Apple TV users can access MeTV through the Frndly, DIRECTV STREAM, and Philo apps. These apps require a subscription, providing Apple TV users with multiple options to enjoy classic TV shows based on their preferences. Additionally, viewers can stream MeTV on HDHomeRun or Tablo over-the-air on Apple TV, expanding their access to classic entertainment.

5. Troubleshooting TV Antenna Issues

For viewers experiencing difficulties with their TV antenna picking up MeTV, there are a few steps that can be taken to resolve the issue:

5.1. Optimizing Antenna Orientation:

Be sure to have the antenna focused ideally for the best reception results. It really can improve or worsen the signal quality for the MeTV and any other over-the-air channels.

5.2. Check Local Availability

Also, you can check the MeTV website’s “Where to Watch” and see if a local station is present in the viewer’s location. In most cases, MeTV is offered as an additional local sub-station, and this information can help to find the best point to access this channel.

5.3. Consider Alternative Antennas:

If the above steps are ineffective, consider trying a different TV antenna that has undergone hands-on testing. Other antennas may offer improved reception based on the viewer’s location and environmental factors.

6. In Summary

In conclusion, accessing MeTV through various streaming services and devices has become more convenient than ever. It allows viewers to enjoy classic TV shows without needing a cable connection. Popular streaming services such as Frndly, Philo, and DIRECTV STREAM offer access to MeTV, which, when paired with a wide range of compatibility with devices, allows viewers to choose from and enjoy their favourite classic shows.

The troubleshooting tips for TV antenna issues provide accessible and practical solutions for improving their access to over-the-air channels like MeTV. By using the information provided in this guide, viewers can seamlessly access MeTV and have fun with its nostalgic entertainment.

7. Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is MeTV on Frndly TV?
    • Yes, MeTV is part of the program lineup on Frndly TV
  2. How to install MeTV?
    • If you want to download MeTV, we recommend you do so via the user interface in Kodi.
  3. Where can I watch MeTV+ shows?
    • You can watch MeTV+ shows on Philio
  4. Why can I not find MeTV?
    • If you watch television using an over-the-air antenna, you may need to adjust your television set to receive the signal.
  5. Can you watch MeTV on Firestick?
    • Yes, MeTV is on Firestick. Although the app is unavailable, you must use the Frndly TV or the Philo TV App to Stream the Live MeTV Content.
  6. What channel is MeTV on DirecTV?
    • MeTV is Channel 77 on DirecTV
  7. Can I watch MeTV on Xfinity?
    • Yes, you can watch MeTV on Xfinity in HD on Channel 1048.

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