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Culinary Delights: Indulge in Abbotsford’s Finest with the 8 Must-Try Restaurants

Abbotsford is known for its diverse cultural richness and adventurous tourist spot. Situated in Fraser Valley, it is the largest city in British Columbia.

The place has been named after the General Superintendent of British Columbia, Harry Braithwaite Abbott.

Travelers have recommended it as one of the most incredible places to visit if you want an entertaining journey.

This province is enchanting, with a collection of the greatest restaurants, art galleries, and natural farmlands.

In general, it is a convenient place where every facility is available. Similarly, Abbotsford is infamous for its diverse range of classic restaurants throughout its network.

There are restaurants with Chinese food and Thai cuisine. A specialty coffee shop may also be found among them.

So whether you’re a seafood lover or just looking for a local beer, Abbotsford has you covered.

1. Restaurants in Abbotsford

1.1 Greek Islands Restaurant

Greek Islands Restaurant is one of the most well-known restaurants in Abbotsford, BC, so it is no surprise that it has an extensive menu of high quality. The best food items here are Greek Salad, Greek Lasagna, and Greek Baby Black Ribs.

The taste and flavor of the meals are tantalizing and will keep you hooked on eating more.

The restaurant also has a bar menu with some of the most exquisite cocktails in the store and great Greek cuisine.

The restaurant has won many awards and is owned by a Greek family. It has a collection of amazing food, with a great helpful and friendly staff service.

It has two more branches at Langdon Street and Downtown Road Abbotsford. One is located in South Fr. Way in Abbotsford, and another is at Chilliwack’s Hocking Avenue.

This restaurant is perfect for a memorable date night or any visit during special occasions. The food is tasty, the ambiance is awesome, and the staff is amazing.

Abbotsford's Best Greek Restaurant- Greek Islands

1.2 Vi La Palace

Situated at Mount Lehman Road, Vi La Palace is a top-notch dining restaurant in Abbotsford, BC, where you can eat the best Canadian and Vietnamese Cuisine, which comes with a bar menu.

It has a home-like, cozy atmosphere and affordable price ranges without compromising food quality.

The restaurant is nearly ten years old and is known as one of the most delicious eateries for a reason. A few of the best items here are Pork Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, and Beef Soup.

The special tasty wonton soup bowls are also a favorite here.

An extensive menu with a full bar intact within the restaurants has impressively won many Abbotsford customers’ hearts.

The bar menu also has a great selection of cocktails with exotic flavors.

So, along with many fresh appetizers, breakfast dishes, and delicious drinks, the Vi La Palace is one of the fabulous restaurants in Abbotsford.

Screenshot from Vi La Palace
Screenshot from Vi La Palace

1.3 Restaurant 62

Especially known for its fascinating wine list, which has won awards, this eating cafe undoubtedly is the talk of the town in Abbotsford, BC.

This restaurant is rich in farm-to-table and other varieties of contemporary cuisine. A few are American Cuisine, Pacific Dishes, and delicious Canadian flavors.

Some famous dishes are Chicken Steak, Ruben Sandwich, Sablefish, Duck Breast, and the mouth-watering Octopus Platter.

The fantastic drinks list also has a few of the best recommendations, like Elderflower Lemonade, Strawberry Mimosa, and Blackwood Sour.

Apart from the exquisite lunch and dinner menu, they also serve soft, sweet, and creamy desserts for sweet tooths! The Chocolate and Expresso Semifreddo and Pumpkin Cheesecake are luscious desserts.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is super comfy and warm. The seating arrangement is incredibly spacious and cozy, which is not only suitable for casual dining but also for special events.

Also, with impeccable service offers and yummy dishes, the place is ideal for family gatherings or friendly get-togethers. Every dish is filled with tastes, and every visit will be rewarding.

So, when in Abbotsford, remember to visit Restaurant 62 of Fraser Valley.

Restaurant 62 @ Abbotsford BC

1.4 Brodeur’s Bistro

Brodeur’s Bistro, located at Lehman Road, has an extensive range of delicious meals, all tasty in their way.

The restaurant’s interior decor is fabulous, along with the professionally artistic style of the urban lifestyle. There is also a great bar menu, with well-crafted cocktails with the meals.

At this restaurant, there is not a single food item that you won’t like. All of them are exotic, which may cause you to be confused about which one to try out.

A few of the most popular items here are Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches, Garlic Parmesan Poutine, and Baker’s Chicken Wings for a twist to your taste buds.

Along with a wonderful range of fresh Seafood and French-Canadian Cuisine, it also has some of the best cocktails in stock. Some are Smirnoff Ice, Sleeman Honey Brown, and Red Racer Pils.

Their Creole Gumbo is also one of the most famous and probably why people love to eat from this restaurant.

My 30 Faves in 30 Days - Day 23 - Brodeurs Bistro in Abbotsford

1.5 I Am Thai

If you want to experience finger-licking, yummy, authentic Thai cuisine at its best, then this restaurant is the one for you.

The restaurant is widely popular for its Seafood Dishes and Thai Cuisine flavor. You will be served fresh, hot food with a perfectly warm atmosphere.

An extensive menu includes Thai noodle soups, appetizers, Seafood, Lunch menus, Curries, and Beverages. If you’re confused about what to order ( as you should be ), we’ve got you covered.

A few of the best food items here are Beef Sandwiches, Crab Fried Rice, Wonton Noodle Soup, and Garlic Jumbo Prawn. For Vegetarians, Cashew Curry Vegetable is a great choice to start with.

I Am Thai doesn’t have a bar menu or cocktail arrangements, but Thai iced and Pop are good beverages to satisfy you.

Situated at South Fraser Way, with great service, wonderful food, and a lovely ambiance, this restaurant is one of a kind.

Screenshot from I Am Thai
Screenshot from I Am Thai

1.6 Lully’s

Lully’s one of the hottest snack places for street Abbotsford cuisine. It is one of those places where you’ll find the salivating urge to gobble up everything! Just kidding.

But who doesn’t love street food? Especially when this place has expertise in the best hotdog recipes in Abbotsford, BC town. You have to eat the luscious, creamy-filled hotdogs with different flavors that Lully’s offers.

Along with great, tasteful hotdogs with many topping preferences, the place has great service and a lovely seating arrangement to keep everything neat and orderly.

The hotdogs menu is extensive, with a variety of flavors and buns. The top favorite items of this place are the fresh pretzel bun and the Dirty Dog Hotdog.

Both of them are a must-try since they are extremely tasteful and finger-licking. This place may not be a sophisticated diner like other mentioned restaurants, but it is still a hidden gem.

This place also provides services like tabletop reservations, takeout, and off-site catering.

Since this place is a top favorite for every hotdog or street food lover, it is highly recommended to experience the burst of taste on your tongue once that creamy hotdogs blend into your mouth.

Situated at the South Fraser Way, this place is ideal for every visit, whether with family, friends, or even work colleagues.

Local Abbotsford Eats-BEST HOT DOGS in town! 3 Reasons WHY you should visit Lullys Food Experience.

1.7 Bavaria Restaurant

Situated at Walsh Avenue, this restaurant is the home of authentic European Cuisine. If you’re from Europe or are interested in experimenting with some dishes from Europe, this is one for you.

This restaurant has been running since 1975 and is still rich in high-quality food varieties and great customer service.

It has a relaxing and quiet ambiance, ideal for casual dining with family or a romantic date with your partner. There is also a lovely fireplace where you can lounge for dinner or appetizers.

This restaurant has a variety of food items; there is not any type of dish that you won’t find, and it is famous for this.

From Steak and seafood to Desserts and Wine Lists, everything is offered here with great flavors.

A few of the best food items here are Prime Rib, Fresh Oysters, and Garlic Tiger Prawns. Warm Caramel Toffee Cake, Tuxedo Cake, and Vanilla Creme Brulee are for desserts. Open Merlot, Blue Nun, and Graham Six Grapes Vintage are the best wines.

Bavaria also offers services like takeouts and deliveries as well.

It also has a special surprise. On every specific day of the week, they offer special dishes exclusively.

There are Vancouver Island Oysters, Glass of Wine House, and Caseser on Wednesdays. For Thursdays, there are BBQ Country Ribs and Bottle Canadian.

Screenshot from Bavaria
Screenshot from Bavaria

1.8 Bow & Stern

If you’re into Seafood and aquatic-themed atmospheres, Bow & Stern, situated at Monstove Avenue Street, is the perfect choice.

With its selection of wonderful, friendly staff and incredible service, every dish is cooked with devotion and flavor, which is impossible to unsee.

Along with fabulous food, their menu has a well-crafted selection of beverages and bakery desserts. If you’re unsure what to order, we have a few recommendations.

The Dungeness Crab, Salmon Carpaccio, and Oysters are excellent choices for the food section. There are Decades Mocha Cake, Chocolate Conspiracy Cake, and New York Cheesecake for desserts.

Finally, there are Red Breast, Woodford Reserve, Monte Cristo, and Spanish Coffee for the beer and drinks section. There are also great non-alcoholic drinks like Latte, Macchiato, and Cappuccino.

Bow & Stern is a family business actively serving ocean-inspired food since 2014. It has another restaurant spot in Chilliwack other than Abbotsford.

You can also reserve your table or make a booking beforehand since this restaurant is pretty popular.

Screenshot from Bow & Stern

2. Frequently Asked Questions

2.1 Does Every Abbotsford Restaurant Have a Bar Menu?

No. Not every great restaurant in Abbotsford has a bar menu to offer alongside the food.

However, a few of the best-mentioned restaurants that do offer a bar menu are Greek Islands Restaurant, Vi La Palace, Brodeur’s Bistro, and Bavaria Restaurant.

2.2 What Restaurants Have the Most Delicious Food in British Columbia?

There are a lot of restaurants that serve quality food in British Columbia. Kingyo, Le Crocodile, and Annalena are some of the best-known restaurants there.

2.3 Is the Greek Salad of Greek Islands Restaurant a Good Choice?

Absolutely! The Greek Salad of the Greek Islands is regarded as one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant. It is also voted among the top favorites by the customers of the Greek Islands.

2.4 Which Restaurants in Abbotsford Serve Pizza?

There are a few yummy places in Abbotsford where you can find the best-ever pizzas. Is FreshSlice Pizza in South Fraser Way and Pizza Garden at Trethewey Street, Abbotsford, BC.

The Pizza Garden serves exotic Italian Pizzas, which are always in high demand. These two places are the best choices for eating a giant yummy pizza when badly craving one.

3. Takeaway

The Abbotsford restaurants will always impress you, whether Thai food, Chinese food, another traditional, contemporary dish, seafood, or simply European food with elegant cocktails.

These are some of the top-notch restaurants in Abbotsford that you can visit and enjoy a wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner anytime.

Other hidden restaurants are literal gems in the corners of Abbotsford. For example, there are also outstanding restaurants on Railway Street, Abbotsford.

You may also bump into a network of coffee cafes or street food shops, as Abbotsford has it all. This small province is the heart of appetizing food and memorable experiences.

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