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9 Fascinating Nickel Beach Restaurants

As summer approaches and the heat is rising in the air people tend to visit beaches and picnics. If you are visiting Toronto, Canada you’d be very lucky to be close to Nickel Beach.

A perfect beach where you can famish the heat. Take a swim and go surfing in the pleasant waters of Nickel Beach.

One of the awfully perfect beaches for a little walk by the beach on the warm sand. Ample parking for residents and non-residents close to the beach and on the beachfront. Spend a wonderful vacation in a clean environment with amazing services close to you.

Find Nickel Beach at Port Colborne which is a quite fascinating place. As it is a hub where you can connect to many wonderful attractions in Canada. You can also find many shady picnic areas and spots where you can have a lovely sight of the beach and a fun time with your friends and family.

A fascinating sandy beach with sand dunes on the shores of Lake Erie, a wonderful and infamous lake.

1. Port Colborne

On the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, is a beautiful city called Port Colborne. It is Located along the Welland Canal, which joins Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, Port Colborne has a rich history, with a stunning waterfront and a variety of recreation opportunities, Port Colborne is well known for its many attractions and Nickel Beach which displays an amazing beachfront.

Nickel Beach
Photo by James Plate on Unsplash

The beach will show you beautiful sights from the beachfront where you can enjoy your time on the beach as you watch the little boats hovering on the beach water. Non-Port Colborne residents

The Welland Canal Centre Museum, which chronicles the history of the canal and its surroundings, is one of Port Colborne’s well-liked attractions. The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the city’s history and maritime heritage, Knoll Lakeview Park is a well-liked location for picnics and relaxation.

Additionally, Port Colborne has a large number of eateries, including pubs, restaurants, and cafes, that serve a range of food, including Canadian, Italian, and seafood. The Old Courthouse Inn, Tim Hortons, and Flying Squirrel Bistro are a few of the area’s well-liked restaurants.

2. Few Must-Visit Restaurants Of Nickel Beach

Here goes a list of some amazing and popular Restaurants of Nickel Beach that you have to try out.

2.1. Canalside

Canalside is a popular restaurant known for its waterfront views and seafood dishes. It specializes in Lunches and dinners. With homemade soup that will soothe your soul, Canalside is a must-try restaurant as it has trusted reviews from both Port Colborne residents and non-Port Colborne residents.

This restaurant will happily welcome you from Monday to Friday and even on holidays. After you take a dip in one of the finest beaches of Toronto and the fatigue kicks in, Canalside is always delighted to serve some great food with greater views.

Courtesy: Canalside Restaurant

2.2. Flying Squirrel Bistro

A wonderful restaurant has surprised many visitors who were first-timers at their restaurants. As per many reviews, Flying Squirrel Bistro has one of the finest recipes of eggs benedict which does not refrain from surprising people.

Flying Squirrel offers a fun-loving experience in their restaurants which is designed to fascinate visitors with its interior décor. It is indeed a great restaurant for a date with your girlfriend or even a little gathering with your colleagues.

2.3. The Smoking Buddha

An Asian kitchen that is set to delight your heart with hearty Asian cuisines that are both healthy and delicious. As per some reviews, this restaurant isn’t very accurate with its Asian delicacies but is certainly delicious.

Courtesy: The Smoking Buddha

2.4. Tim Hortons

This popular Canadian chain serves a variety of coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches. Also called Tim’s or Timmie’s serves great fast food items and baked goods which is a fan favourite among people in Toronto, Canada.

2.5. The Blue Elephant Restaurant

A Thai restaurant serving a variety of authentic dishes, including curries, noodles, and soups with dumplings that are set to give a good memory of Thai delicacy.

Enjoy sunbathing in the warm sand of the beach and head towards The Blue Elephant Restaurant to cool off with some Thai delicacies and drinks.

2.6. Boston Pizza

This chain restaurant serves delicious varieties of pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Boston Pizza is also a sports bar which can be very delightful for people who want to have great pizza parties. Receiving great reviews from many visitors this restaurant will surprise you with its treats.

With over 100 items that you can choose from Boston Pizza will not disappoint you with even its desserts. It is even open on the weekend, Sundays, and some holidays.

If you’re visiting Ontario, Canada you must give Boston Pizza a try in Port Colborne.

Courtesy: Boston Pizza

2.7. The Carriage House Restaurant

This restaurant serves a range of dishes that can be considered fine dining. Carriage House serves great steaks and drinks at a very reasonable cost while providing excellent services.

It will give you a classic and vintage environment which is great for fine dining. The Carriage House also stays open on Saturday and Monday. Beachgoers can have a splendid walk on the beachfront enjoying the Sun and come back to some great drinks at Carriage House.

Nickel Beach
Courtesy: Carriage House

2.8. The Gables Restaurant

This Gables Restaurant serves a variety of seafood dishes, many kinds of pasta, and burgers that will surely satisfy your belly. Gables Restaurant’s Menu will have you thrilled as it has plenty of varieties of food at a reasonable cost.

Nickel Beach
Courtesy: The Gable Restaurant

2.9. The North End Bar And Grill

Located in Port Colborne, Canada this sports bar has a great range of drinks and snacks with excellent grilled food. You can enjoy the football game with a bunch of your friends while having some great drinks and delicacies.

North End Bar and Grill has great reviews from the residents and some even better reviews from people who were visiting and not residents of Colborne.

3. Few Details About Nickel Beach

Apart from buying the pass at the main beach, you can also buy passes for a fun time at Splash Town which is an admirable Inflatable waterpark. Splash Town is a wonderful inflatable waterpark that assures never disappoint you if you are planning to visit with the kids or family. Just like the beaches, you can also book tickets for it online in advance just to be on the safer side.

If you’re planning to visit Nickel Beach you must be aware of a few tips and tricks that will help you with the smoothness of your journey.

You also might be asking yourself if the beach is free to enter or when is Nickel Beach open on weekends.

Many public amenities are provided in Nickel Beach and there is also every service available for any emergency. Sand beach volleyball courts which is a joyful sight for basketball lovers.

One of the most unique beaches in Canada where you can go swimming in the summer, enjoy laying on the warm sand and explore Port Colborne.

4. Smoothen The Trip To Nickel Beach

  • Nickel Beach is not free to enter with your car, hence a beach pass has to be bought to enter the beach. There are facilities to buy the tickets on an online basis where you pay in advance and book your parking slot.
  • There are 200 parking spots for non-residents but you can always park your car outside and enjoy the facilities of the beach. You can park on the beach and have your picnic or gathering close to your parking spot.
  • Bring snacks and cold beverages but make sure to avoid any alcohol on the beach.
  • Nickel Beach is open on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm, at weekends from 9 am to 8 pm, and even on holidays for the same time duration of weekends.
  • Social distancing has to be respected as you have to make sure to maintain 2 meters gap between the other parties and yourself.
  • Open fires are prohibited on the beachfront and where on the beach sand or close to where the car is parked. Open fires are not allowed in Nickel beach Port Colborne.
  • Nickel Beach has restroom facilities close to the shady picnic areas for the convenience of visitors.
  • You will have access to the washroom facilities at the entrance only. So if you’re on the beach you have to come back to the entrance to use the washroom facilities.

5. Concluding With Nickel Beach

Anybody who is planning to take a little vacation as the summer approaches and the mind wants to explore more beaches and rest from the city life should visit Nickel beach Port Colborne. Park your cars on the beachfront at a cheap cost and have a great time with your family and friends.

Enjoy the great sights of the beach and wildlife in Port Colborne, Canada. Every attraction and tourist destination is at such a close distance making it very convenient for the community as well the visitors.

Any resident of Port Colborne gains a little benefit while entering the beach as it is a little cheaper but there are very few beaches that offer vehicle parking on the beachfront. Take a break from the busy city life and city lifestyle and take a wonderful trip to one of the best beaches in Canada.

Down for more adventure in Canada, make sure to check this out and let us know what we missed out on 12 Wonderful Ski Resorts Ontario Offers and 15 Free Things to do in Toronto.

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