9 Campgrounds You Need to Explore in Edmonton

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Composing mesmerizing landscapes, lakes, rivers, and beaches, Edmonton, Alberta makes a stunning city. It has embodied multiple ways to keep people in touch with nature.  Adrenaline junkies and camping buffs often ready their RVs, and set out of town for an escape towards the famous campgrounds around Edmonton.

campgrounds in Edmonton
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Camping in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton, Alberta is one of the largest in Canada. With people are always seeking engaging destinations to spend time with their peers and folks, this urban parkland has managed to set up wonderful campgrounds and RV Parks for people seeking a fun summer.

There are many campgrounds in Edmonton in River Valley, Lakeland, and Parkland areas. The Edmonton camping season mostly starts in May and lasts till October. This wilderness is perfect for distancing yourself from the mundane.

campgrounds in Edmonton
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Campgrounds in Edmonton

Edmonton has beautiful landscapes encompassing picturesque views and flat prairies. It consists of various campgrounds and RV sites. Besides summer camping, winter camping is also available in many campgrounds.

These campgrounds in Edmonton enclose well-treed campsites, walking trails, parks, wetlands, sandy beaches, and playgrounds. These camping grounds are a perfect place to pitch your camping tent, away from town!

1. Elk Island National Park

Located 35 minutes to the east of Edmonton, it is one of the most famous campgrounds in Edmonton. The Elk Island National Park has some splendid campsites. It envelops forests, rivers, Sandy Beach and Astotin Lake. Furthermore, it is home to a large number of bird and animal species.

Campgrounds in Edmonton
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The Elk Island National Park offers various outdoor activities to campers like hiking, various guided tours, and workshops. The enthusiastic visitors can gather around the campfires at night to share their stories of adventure and connect with one another.

Elk Island National Park also offers amenities, such as parking for RVs and restrooms. Besides, there are picnic spots around Astotin Lake Area, playgrounds, and canoe rentals. The accommodation options are – geo domes, cabins, and RV sites. Open for camping throughout the year, there is a fee per night chargeable for adults.

2. Shakers Acres RV Park & Campground

Located at Edmonton’s doorstep, Shakers Acres RV Park & Campground is a large campground serving around 165 sites. Complete amenities (including power, water, and sewer supply) are available for approximately three-quarters of the sites.

Moreover, there are several other outdoor activities that you can experience at one of the most conveniently located campgrounds in the Edmonton area.

Campgrounds in Edmonton
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Each campsite facilities include parking for RVs and motor homes, restrooms, and showers. In addition, picnic tables, public phone, Wi-Fi, a playground, and a snack bar are also available.

The camping season in Shakers Acres lasts from May till October.

3. Rainbow Valley Campground

Part of the River Valley Park System, The Rainbow Valley Campground has over 75 sites. The camping ground connects to and encircles a unique walking trail. It follows Whitemud Creek to the North Saskatchewan River, providing the perfect opportunity to behold the natural beauty of Edmonton.

Each camping site offers various amenities like free showers, restrooms, a playground, and an outdoor cookhouse. Plus, it is one of the only campgrounds in Edmonton that only allows nighttime camping. You can take your pets to this campground as it is pet-friendly.

The daily charges vary depending upon power consumption. The camping season at Rainbow Valley Campground is from May till the end of September.

4. Long Lake Provincial Park

Long Lake Provincial Park is a delightful campground located at a 90-minute drive from Edmonton, Alberta. It is bordered by White Valley Earth Natural Area on the south. You can experience exquisite wildlife viewing on its 17 km long hiking trail.

Encircling 220 campsites, it is a great spot for indulging in outdoor activities. For example, you can enjoy hiking, boating, and sandy beach in summer. However, skiing and ice fishing are open only in winter.

You can experience nature activities such as painting, fishing, and pond dipping. Plus, it is conveniently situated near a golf course!

Besides, this Provincial Park is also one of the campgrounds in Edmonton which is open from May to October. The charges per night vary for unserviced and powered campsites.

5. Lindbrook Star Gazer Campground & RV Park

Located 30 minutes east of Edmonton, Lindbrook Star Gazer Campground & RV Park is a private campground. It is conveniently located with West Edmonton Mall only 40 minutes away.  It is a great spot for parking your RVs and enjoying your surroundings while camping.

There are 2 group sites – Group A and Group B consisting of 6 and 4 sites, respectively. Although it is a private campground, each campsite is large and well-treed. Further, the facilities offered at the sites are showers, water, a playground, and a heated pool.

6. Miquelon Lake Campground

The Miquelon Lake Campground is a beautiful campground surrounded by a mix of forests and wetlands. Located 67 km southeast of Edmonton, it comprises 82 unserviced and 191 powered sites for camping.

miqelon lake
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It is a large campground enclosing trails for hiking, skiing, and biking. Besides, you can taste many edible plants along the hike on the guided tours. In addition, it boasts an amphitheater and many indoor entertainment options.

Miquelon Lake Campground provides the campers with many amenities like restrooms, showers, payphones, firepits, and more. Like many other campgrounds in Edmonton, you can make the reservations online.

7. Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park

Skirting many impressive hiking trails and beaches, Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park is located at a 90-minute ride from the city. It is an abode for several species of birds such as Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and Chickadees. Hence, you can experience birdwatching while meandering its mesmerizing hiking trails.

carson pegasus
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Carson-Pegasus Campground is a large campground covering around 200 campsites. It offers many outdoor activities in addition to an amphitheater for amusement. For example, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, swimming, etc. Similarly, you can enjoy water activities near McLeod Lake, while catching some fish for later.

Further, each campsite includes amenities such as parking, showers, restrooms, and a playground. It is one of the campgrounds in Edmonton open for camping throughout the year.

8. Wabamun Lake Provincial Park

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park is located 60 km from Edmonton, Alberta. It has an appealing campground circling  275 unserviced and powered sites. Also, you can spot stunning species of migrating and breeding birds along the hiking trail.

Besides, Wabamun Lake Campground offers a range of activities for camping like sailing, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing, and power sailing. It is a dog-friendly campground. So you can sit by the beach with your family and pets while enjoying the view of marvelous waterbirds.

The camping season starts from the last week of April and lasts till October. Also, it is a large campground that provides facilities like restrooms, showers, playgrounds, firepits, and picnic stations.

9. Sherwood Park Natural Area

Sherwood Park Natural Area is a beautiful landscape located a short drive from Edmonton City. You can hike all year round on the Old Edmonton Trail. Also, you can bird-watch dazzling species of birds, such as Black Capped Chickadee. Covering around 68 hectares, it is one of the campgrounds in Edmonton perfect for wildlife viewing.

The campers can bring their adorable pets to the campground too! The dog buddies can play freely around the wooded forest. Each campsite also offers basic facilities such as restrooms, a playground, and a picnic station.

Safety Guidelines

The campgrounds in Edmonton have various guidelines regarding the safety of visitors. They deliver updates about fire or bear warnings on their websites. Therefore, you must note the safety guidelines before you set out of town for camping.

Even though a concession stand is available in many campgrounds, you can carry food and water. There are kitchens available in most campgrounds in Edmonton.


Edmonton, Alberta is one of the most beautiful towns in Canada. It encloses plentiful gorgeous beaches, charming rivers, lakes, and ponds. The abundant national parks and RV parks allow passionate campers to pitch their tent on the lush green landscapes, every season. These campgrounds in Edmonton are a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities with your loved ones.

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