Discover Ottawa’s 9 Best Antique Stores for Vintage Enthusiasts

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Many people might wonder why antique stores in Ottawa are so popular as they fail to understand the fondness behind purchasing these dusty old things.

Visiting an antique store is like a treasure hunt, which helps us revisit the past and brings back many happy memories. Rustic furniture and vintage home decor are like hidden gems, considered high-quality antiques, that will provide a vintage look to your rooms.

The antique stores in Ottawa offer a great selection of antique collectibles, including paintings, home decor, toys, jewelry, art, accessories, clothing, stoneware, and many more. Ottawa Antique Market offers quality antiques and amiable antique dealers who avidly know what they sell.

9 Best Antique Stores in Ottawa You Must Visit

Ottawa Antique Market

1. Ottawa Antique Market

The Ottawa Antique Market consists of multiple antique stores in one area, offering a variety of vintage items from various eras and styles.

Their selection includes vintage clothing, classic toys, and articles from the Victorian and Georgian eras. They also have a fine collection of vintage furniture and antique lamps.

If you own a precious antique you are willing to sell, then Ottawa Antique Market is ready to buy it. You can visit their website gallery to learn more about their interesting antique art selection.

2. Find Antique Furniture in — A Fine Thing Furniture

A Fine Thing Furniture is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The most popular categories in this antique store include mid-century antique items, rugs, art, and other collectibles.

Find classic lighting, stoneware, and glass home décor for sale. The winch also includes furniture.

This antique store is at 989 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6R8, Canada. This antique store in the Ottawa region remains closed on Mondays.

3. Ernest Johnson Antiques

Antique stores in Ottawa
Image Source: Ernest Johnson Antiques.

Operating since 1989, this antique store in Ottawa has a fine collection of European and Asian art belonging to the 18th and 20th centuries.

Earnest Johnson Antiques can be easily considered one of the best antique stores in the Ottawa region;  it has been an honest member of CADA or Canadian Antique Dealers Association since 1996.

It has also acted as a significant event coordinator and spokesperson of CADA.

Ernest Johnson Antiques has contributed to the monthly columns of Ottawa Life Magazine, The Upper Canadian or Canadian Antiques, and Vintage Magazine. Ernest Johnson has recently organized The National Capital Antiques, Art & Design Fair.

Ernest Johnson Antiques has a great selection of furniture, oriental art and decor, paintings, mirrors, boxes, silver plates, and ceramic and glass items.

If you wish to sell your antiques, the viewing and selection will be private at 323 Conventry Road, Dymon Storage, near downtown Ottawa.

4. Aubrey’s Antiques

antique Stores
Image Source: Aubrey’s Antiques. Copyright 2023.

Ernest Johnson Antiques has a great selection of furniture, oriental art and decor, paintings, mirrors, boxes, silver plates, and ceramic and glass items.

If you wish to sell your antiques, the viewing and selection will be private at their storage facility near downtown Ottawa.

5. Champagne dit Lambert Ltd

Established in 1991, Champagne dit Lambert has a fine collection of antiques, which include oil portraits.

Explore their store in Ottawa to buy affordably priced vintage home decor and learn more about the history of various exquisite items.

6. Nostalgia Warehouse

Call for bookworms and book lovers! Do you want some vintage comic books in your collection? Nostalgic Warehouse allows you to relish your childhood memories with your favorite books, which are rare nowadays.

Even though this store is famous for its incredible selection of vintage books, it also keeps antique collectibles and vintage toys.

This antique store is also known for holding auctions of its most popular items. On 18th October 2020, this store auctioned out a rare Simpsons poster signed by Matt Groening, who also drew a Bart Doodle on the side of his signature.

Besides this unique poster, the auction included rare comic books, vintage posters, and CDs like Adam-12, Escape to the Witch Mountain by Walt Disney, Hercules, and many more. All these exciting events, auctions, and fine collections make this one of the best antique stores in Ottawa.

7. Antiques, Treasures & Treats

antique gift shop
Image Source: Antiques, Treasures & Treats. Copyright 2023.

Antiques, Treasures & Treats is a cozy getaway to a vintage wonderland. Enjoy a fine collection of cigars, pipes, antique accessories, and art. This magical store in Ottawa has something for people of every age.

The treats for children include award-winning chocolate and gourmet. Ladies can purchase a fine collection of china glass crockery.

The main motive of this little shop is to share happiness and a smile on everyone’s face. The shop sells antiques and cute little treats to spread joy among its customers.

This boutique is known for vintage items belonging to the 17th and 19th centuries. Find furniture, objects, and homewares from Europe, Asia, and North America at reasonable prices only at Gallery Elder. The primary aim of Gallery Elder is to help you purchase a vintage item that will suit the modern setup of your home and add a classic touch to it.

If you wish to add a vintage, elegant, and literary touch to your home, then Gallery Elders is the right destination. Its unique collection includes Portrait of Man by Italian School, an image from the 17th century.

Narcissus at the Fountain is a 19th-century painting from Italy. The gallery also has a portrait of the 20th century, which studies the theatrical Hymen of Shakespeare.

9. Stittsville’s Carp Road Vintage Market

Are you seeking quality antiques and vintage items from top vendors? Then Stittsville’s Carp Road Flea Market is a perfect destination for you.

The market’s antique item collection includes furniture, art, antique DVDs and video games, fine china, silverware, vintage Barbies, books, and many more. This Flea Market also allows you to become a vendor and sell antique items.

Permanent antique dealers and vendors can rent indoor booths only at $2.50. The availability of such indoor stalls is not guaranteed because of their high demand.


Time has its touch of beauty, and the antique stores mentioned above are the best examples of it. This vintage store has helped its customers enliven the past with its antique items.

The best antique stores in Ottawa mentioned in this article are a must-visit if you wish to enjoy and re-live the nostalgic time of the past.

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