8 Strongest Mushroom Strains for The Best Psychedelic Experience

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A closeup of a cluster of mushrooms of grassy field. Source: Freepik

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Mushrooms have been around for ages. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are added to food for their taste, while others are used due to their medicinal properties. But the ones that stand out from the rest are psychedelic mushrooms1. These particular fungi are known for their potent psychoactive effects caused by compounds like psilocybin2.

But before we can dive right into the strongest strains, we need to understand what makes these mushrooms unique. Psilocybin directly affects the brain, which in turn alters a person’s perception and thought processes. However, they aren’t without risk either. Using them improperly can lead to some nasty side effects.

potent psychedelic mushroom
A closeup shot of mushrooms grown in dried leaves. Source: Freepik

Understanding What Makes These Mushrooms Strong

A mushroom’s strength is usually determined by how much psilocybin it contains in its makeup. The more psilocybin, the stronger it will be once consumed. But other factors also play a role in determining potency, such as growing and preparation methods alongside genetics.

Using Magic Mushrooms Responsibly

The most important thing when it comes to using magic mushrooms is approaching them with caution and responsibility. Studies suggest that magic mushrooms can have extreme side effects.

Guide Assistance

Although going through the whole process alone might sound enticing, others will find more comfort in having someone by their side who has experience with the substance — ensuring that they will be there for them if something goes wrong during the trip.

Even after asking a guide to help them through the process, users should still consider all of the potential risks that come with using magic mushrooms before making a decision.

Bad Trips

Not every trip is going to be a good one. We all know this through personal experience with something else or from just hearing about it from friends or family members who’ve tried it themselves. Some people might experience frightening trips that can lead to them being anxious or panicking until reaching a state of psychosis.

Psychological Impact

Oftentimes, there will be some form of lasting psychological side effect after taking magic mushrooms — especially if someone already has an underlying mental health condition like bipolar disorder3 or schizophrenia4. People with this type of history should take extreme caution when considering using magic mushrooms

Physical Effects

While safe (for the most part), magic mushrooms still have some common physical side effects that people should be aware of including nausea, vomiting, and increased heart rate, as well as pupil dilation. These effects are usually only temporary, but should nevertheless be taken into account.

potent hallucinogenic mushrooms
potent hallucinogenic mushrooms. Source: Freepik

Without a doubt, anyone and everyone who uses magic mushrooms is aware of the fact that they’re illegal. The possession, cultivation, and sale of these mushrooms can get you in serious trouble in many countries and states. So users should always be mindful and never let anyone know where they got them from or if they’re growing any.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. People who aren’t experienced enough with mushrooms might mistake one type for another, which could then lead to them consuming a poisonous variety instead of the right one — causing some serious harm to themselves.

Drug Interaction

Magic mushrooms can cause some dangerous interactions when taken alongside certain medications and substances such as MAO inhibitors and antidepressants. Individuals taking medication should always consult with professionals before deciding to take any other substances along with it.

Addictive Potential

Even though magic mushrooms aren’t physically addictive, there is still a possibility for someone’s brain to get hooked on them psychically. In which case they’ll end up using it way too much throughout their days thus leading to them not being able to adhere to their daily obligations anymore.

psilocybe cubensis
A closeup shot of a mushroom in the forest. Source: Freepik.

The Top 8 Strong Mushroom Strains

Psychedelic mushrooms have been used by different cultures around the world for centuries due to their mind-altering properties. These seven strong strains offer a range of different experiences, from intense visuals to deep introspection trips that you’ll remember forever.

Albino A+

This strain has white or albino-colored mushrooms and is named accordingly. It has a high psilocybin content, which leads to a potent and visually intense trip. Users often describe it as a journey into the unknown.


This strain is known for its strong visuals and spiritual effects. Originally from Mexico, it became popular among beginner mushroom growers because it’s relatively easy to cultivate.

B+ Cubensi

B+ Cubensis is famous for its versatility and potency. Users often report euphoria, visual distortions, and profound introspection during their trip. This strain also isn’t difficult to grow.


Powerful and long-lasting effects make Ecuadorian a favorite among experienced psychonauts looking for an intense trip. People who have taken this strain often describe the visual experience as vivid and colorful.


Recommended only to experienced users, this strain is extremely potent with intense visuals. It originates from the Amazon rainforest where it was used in ceremonies by locals for centuries. Users report deep introspection and feeling like they’re connected with nature.

Psilocybe Cubensis

This species is considered one of the most common and widely cultivated ones you can come across. With moderate levels of psilocybin in them their famous golden caps make them distinguishable.

Psilocybe Semilanceata

Also known as Liberty Caps, this species has a pointed cap and is considered strong. You can find them in the wild growing in many places.

Psilocybe Azurescens

Native to the West Coast of the USA these mushrooms are one of the most potent species out there. With a high psilocybin content, you can have an intense trip when consuming these guys.

What Potency Means and How It Affects The User

The potency of a magic mushroom strain refers to how much psilocybin and psilocin, two compounds responsible for the psychedelic effects of shrooms, it contains. This means that higher concentrations result in stronger trips.

The Strongest Magic Mushroom Strain

Usually, Psilocybe Azurescens holds this title with growers being eager to cultivate them because of how powerful they are.

Most Potent Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

In addition to Psilocybe Azurescens, you’ll often hear about Psilocybe Cyanescens and Psilocybe semilanceata being some of the strongest hallucinogenic mushrooms available today. Each strain is known for producing profound psychedelic trips that will leave you in awe even days after taking them.

Mushroom Varieties That Grow Wild and That You Can Cultivate

Different mushrooms are more potent or safe depending on whether they’re grown in a controlled environment or found in the wild.

Fresh Mushrooms

When mushrooms are picked, they have a lot of water in them. This can make the psychoactive compounds less concentrated.

Dried Mushrooms

Taking all that water out makes the psilocybin more concentrated. Which is why most people who want to trip eat dried mushrooms.

How To Consume Magic Mushrooms

People like to eat fresh mushrooms. But some prefer brewing mushroom tea. The strength of the mush changes based on how much food you have in your stomach and how fast your body metabolizes it.

Grow Psilocybe Azurescens Indoors

Growing this super strong strain is hard but it’s worth it for experienced growers who want control over the quality.

Use them right!

These are seven powerful strains of magic mushrooms. Each one has its own unique characteristics and potential harm. Whether they’re cultivated or not, fresh or dry, you should always use them with respect and responsibility.

Stay safe and remember to always do thorough research before starting these drugs.

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