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Unveiling Belleville: Discover 8 Special Charms That Make This Ontario Gem Shine

Belleville, Ontario, is a magical place – like folklore in the heart of Canada.

Remember Frozen? Here is a place where the river meets the sea – and filled with memories for many people.

This is about the city in Canada that lies in the arms of the Moira River and the Bay of Quinte – bordered by Toronto in the west and Montreal in the east – towards eastern Ontario.

Here, Canadian lands meet the aesthetics of the human mind. There, under that sweet sky, lies an old and new city – known yet unknown. So, let’s know some of the best things to do if you go to Belleville, Ontario.

Belleville, Ontario – The Heart of the Sea and the River

Belleville is written with Block letters on grassy land.
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One might think that landscapes aren’t much of a specialty for new places because, to be honest, we do find stunning landscapes everywhere. However, sometimes, maybe they do not need to be stunning.

Maybe they need to be appreciated for that soft warmth amidst the cold breeze – the kind that comes from watching that scenery with your loved ones or all by yourself. And to take in that fine cloudy weather with maybe the bluest skies and gorgeous cityscapes – it might be one smooth journey.

But for a place like Belleville, beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder but also in the name. After all, “Belle” is the word for “Beautiful” in the French language, and “Ville” is a village or a town.

So, let’s check out these seven special things about Belleville, Ontario, the beautiful city of Canada. And if we are to start in a rather tourism-friendly manner, let us begin with the place that acts as the city’s heart, the City Hall of Bellville.

List of 8 Famous Things about Belleville

1. The City Hall of Belleville – Home to the Belleville City Council

A view of Belleville City Hall from a bottom angle.
Belleville City Hall. Source: Shutterstock

1.1 The Center of Attraction

Places are special because we humans have the power to feel and connect with the stories that happened there.

The City Hall of Belleville isn’t just the beautiful tourist attraction it is.

The city hall is mainly built out of brick and limestone. It has a massive clock tower of about 144 feet, with octagonal buttresses and a series of Gothic columns. Four large illuminated clock faces stand tall with weathervanes and railings made of cast iron.

The clocks stand today because of E. Howard and Co. of Boston crafted the clock’s mechanisms and its faces, and A. and J. McFee, by whom the structure was installed. This building is designed in the High Victorian Gothic Revival Style, one of the rare ones made during that period.

After it was built, it was designated as the City Hall of Bellville in 1979 under the Ontario Heritage Act.

2. The Brake Room Cafe, Belleville, Ontario

A screenshot of the Brake Room Cafe website's cover page.
Source: Official website of the Brake Room Cafe

The Brake Room Cafe is one of Belleville’s, the country’s, most famous. It is a unique center of the world located here. Americano, latte, tea, and cappuccino are only some of the beverages this place offers when you visit it.

From the delightful range of coffee to the mouth-watering delicacies of Occidental cuisine, this cafe is a great place to visit.

2.1. Brilliant Collection of Food

And the delicacies extend beyond the scope of the warm, soothing beverages amidst that cold climate.

2.2. Bicycle Services

But the fun specialty about this place is that it hosts a service that allows you to borrow or repair bicycles. So get that warm cup of coffee and take up a bicycle. Now, ride it along the new roads of the city, which lead to one of the most beautiful sites in the city – the region of Quinte.

3. Bay of Quinte

The green shores run along the coasts, which cascade into structures of beautiful rocks before finally opening up to the blue sea.

A screenshot of the cover page of the website- Bay of Quinte.
Source: Official website of the Bay of Quinte

The Bay of Quinte is where Moira drains its water. And the confluence would be a great place for an awesome view. Several restaurants and tourist spots turn this visit into a memorable experience.

3.1. Lake Ontario

Spanning a titanic area of about 19,000 square kilometers, the Lake of Ontario provides Belleville’s landscape with just the scenic beauty that complements its features.

This “shining waters” lake provides about 9 million people with drinking water and is home to several flora and fauna.

While about ten species of fish have gone extinct from this lake, one of the world’s great five lakes, efforts have been put in by the citizens and the officials to prevent further loss and maintain its pristine beauty.

4. Downtown District

A train coming on the platform in Belleville Ontario
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A smooth ride to the downtown district will allow you to access many restaurants, shopping malls, and services. You can trail the street for many spas, shops, food, leisure, and other services here.

Depending upon when you are going for your visit, a quick search of their website will give you precise updates and details about their timings for several events that occur all year round.

The downtown community is rich with the finest services and places, making it an ideal place to explore while walking in comfort and pace.

A  screenshot of the cover page of the Downtown District website.
Source: Official website of the Downtown District

While the details of the exact map can be easily found on the website designed for the downtown part of the city, it is located amidst the roads of Victoria Avenue, Bridge Street, and Dundas Street East, which run in the east-west direction, while Pinnacle Street and Front Street run in the north-south direction.

The community here serves the best quality of services with the motive to be the best in the country. With a growing business sector in this location, it has become a site for tourists and citizens to explore Belleville’s luxuries and specialties.

5. Tyendinaga Rivers and Caves – A Fine Destination on the North Shore

5.1. The Natural Beauty

A welcome board for Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.
Source: Shutterstock

Tyendinaga is known for its extensive flora and fauna, caves, and water beauties around the land. It is owned and operated by a family near the Quinte region, and the service allows families and tourists to come to this place and visit the cavern with the best guides who have been there for the past decade.

If you are a nature lover, this can be your next best destination to thrive.

Such a good destination that offers attractive tourism requires people who will put an earnest effort into maintaining the site and its beauty. Elizabeth and Charles Koch are the people who ensure that it stays this beautiful throughout the ages.

Moreover, through the rivers and caves of Tyendinaga, the family provides short tours around this unscathed beauty on the shores of Quinte.

Source: Official website of Township of Tyendinaga

5.2. It’s More Than Just Nature – It’s About Their Stories

A place isn’t a place but a people, a community. And people are all but stories. Legends and tales have been passed down – handed over – from generation to generation. And when these tales and legends are found on documents that tell why that place is the way it is, we turn to its history.

6. Rock at the Empire Theatre

Based in the McCarthy Theatre, The Empire Theatre opens its doors to all looking to spend their night around movies and rock shows. McCarthy Theatre was first inaugurated in 1938, offering movie shows and live performances at their place.

A screenshot of the cover page of the Empire Theatre website.
Source: Official website of the Empire Theatre

However, this building went vacant for now, with zero shows and performances. After the owner, Gerry Bowngard made some interior changes. This theatre returned to the track with the same use.

Talking about the Empire Theatre, the place offers some of the best-known personalities worldwide to perform, comic, and sing for you and with you! So, rejoice with your loved ones at The Empire Theatre in the night.

7. Glanmore National Historic Site

A  screenshot of the cover page of the Glanmore National Historic Site website.
Source: Glanmore National Historic Site official website

Belleville is an old place with Victorian Gothic history. A Victorian mansion of grandiose appreciation, this historic site dates back to 1883 when it was built, after which it was declared a museum in 1973.

Glanmore National Historic Site has a 2nd Victorian-style architecture, which imbues a uniqueness to the tourists who visit this place. It is owned by the city of Belleville and is operated by the Recreation, Culture, and Community Services Department.

8. Cruising Canoes

Source: Official website of Cruising Canoes

A trip without adventure and thrill is incomplete. Isn’t it? Belleville is about historical sites and nature and some fantastic sports and fun activities one can go for!

At first, comes the Cruising Canoes. Belleville, Ontario, provides various water sports activities, like cruising canoes. Activities like cruising canoes and others are held on the Bay of Quinte.

Well, many companies are offering such water sports at the place. Cruising canoes and Sun dest Del’Onatrio are some of the best-known. Moreover, to experience one, you can check out any such sports companies with minimal prices.

Final Note

Belleville might just be one of the best trips you’ve been to. Are beaches your ultimate love? There are many things to do, places to visit, and cuisines to try.

For a serene view or a mindful experience, visiting this place with our comprehensive article would be a great option.

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