8 Best Tofino Restaurants to Eat and Dine in!

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In Canadian British Columbia, you can definitely discover a long list of the best Tofino restaurants, near Vancouver Island. From delicious dishes to lovely sweetening desserts – Tofino has a dining place for it all!

Tofino is the ideal spot for landmarks, national parks, wildlife, and even fine dining restaurants. There is nothing that you won’t find in Tofino of British Columbia. So, we’ve created a sensational list of the best Tofino restaurants that you can ever come across in Canada.

From the tasty fusion dishes to the fresh seafood, from a street food truck to a cozy dining room – The options in Tofino restaurants are endless. You can easily approve Tofino for being Canada’s best restaurant spot. It is bustling with hungry customers and the smell of delicious Italian food. It will certainly draw you in.

Since the list of best restaurants in Tofino is so lengthy, it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to a few, but still, here we are! We tried to list all the best restaurants that are top-notch and high-quality in every aspect, among the rest in Tofino.

So, sit back tight, and let’s explore the thrilling and delicious list of the best Tofino restaurants in British Columbia, near Vancouver Island. We have a long way to go now!

1. 8 Best Tofino Restaurants to Eat & Dine in

1.1 Surfside Grill

It is renowned for its top-notch fresh seafood and fish tacos. This lovely family-friendly restaurant is one of the best Tofino restaurants, which is a massive crowd favorite as well. Surfside Grill is highly famous for its delicious street food-style menu.

It is situated at the Pacific Sands Beach Resort. This admirable place has piping hot beef burgers, fish tacos, fried chicken and meat, and some of the best seafood cuisine. Technically it is a seafood restaurant with fireside colorful chairs and family-friendly dishes and cocktails.

There is also a hearty vegan comfort cuisine menu available for those who are on a vegan diet. People who stay at the resort can have all the facilities with a view of the beach and delicious street food with fresh seafood ingredients.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: surfsidegrill.ca

However, people who do not stay at the resort can also stop by this relaxing and calm place for great traditional comfort food lunch and dinner, and fresh oysters at the Pacific Rim Hwy. They use the local ingredients from the local farms where they find the best ingredients to cook a hot and fresh meal for the customers.

1.1.1 Food to Order

It has local beers and juicy burgers and fish tacos. This place is certainly among the best Tofino restaurants to dine at. It is also very a budget-friendly restaurant with all-natural meats and fresh herbs and fresh fish.

So, stop by this marvelous Tofino restaurant on the Vancouver Island coastline anytime!  It will offer an amazing dining experience on the sands. This place offers a cozy, relaxing, and lovely time with your friends, family, or partner.

1.2 Chocolate Tofino

It is one of the best Tofino restaurants and cafes. You can discover a fine selection of the most exquisite and delicious desserts. Chocolate Tofino is the perfect heaven spot for all the sweet lovers out there in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It has a wide range of handmade chocolates, gelatos, and sorbets. This dessert place is immensely popular for using only natural sustainable cocoa throughout all of its dessert items. They entirely refuse to use any artificial flavors, colors, or synthesizers for their delicious choco products.

On a hot summer day in Tofino, this small shop in the seaside town of Vancouver will surely draw you in. It has a fine selection of ice creams and chocolates to relieve you from the heat as well as give you energy with its chocolate items.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: chocolatetofino.com

1.2.1 Food to Order

If you love and prefer chocolate in ice creams or desserts, then Chocolate Tofino has to be your number one go-to. A few of the most classic items you can try here are – Salted Caramel Chocolate, Maple Syrup Vanilla Bean Caramel, Classic Mint Truffle, and Butterscotch Star Bombs.

There are also vegan ice creams and chocolates at this place. So, even if you’re vegan, Chocolate Tofino won’t stop you from having a Chocolatey Day. A few of the famous ones are – Vegan Salted Caramel Gelato, Vegan Raspberry, and Vegan Hazelnut Rainforest Crispy Logs.

Whether or not you’re having a good day, this sweet haven of chocolates will definitely lift up your spirits with its fine range of divine chocolate of real and natural flavors. So, don’t forget to stop by this small yet magical super sweet shop of desserts whenever you visit the Tofino restaurants.

1.3 Schooner Restaurant

A brick-red house with 70 years of unwavering food quality and interesting history. The Schooner restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best Tofino restaurants, that Canada has ever seen or come across. The schooner is terrifically popular for its hot and delicious steak, crafted cocktails, and also great seafood.

This is a popular steak and seafood restaurant, and Schooner has been stealing hearts. It has an authentic style of delicious fusion food and well-made classic cocktails with a cozy and fine dining experience. If you don’t mention this classic old restaurant, it would be a crime even in these modern days of new funky Tofino restaurants.

Do you like Ghost stories or do you believe in Ghosts? Schooner will help you quench your curiosity as well. They have a house ghost called Morris. He used to live in that house during the early 1970s. He used to make chowder for the house and one day after he was gone, peculiar incidents took place eventually.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: schoonerrestaurant.ca

To date, whenever something like that happens, the owners blame it on Morris. Sounds like your cup of tea? Pay a visit then. It is the mysterious and delicious Schooner restaurant of Tofino. Just like other branded restaurants, this one is also popular for a lot of its food items.

1.3.1 Food to Order

A few of the most popular ones are – The Admiral’s Plate, Maple Smoked Salmon Platter, Raw Oysters Sexy Six Pack, Second Street Steak Tenderloin, Pacific Rim Hot Pot, and Bacon Wrapped Scallop Skewer. All these top-notch dinner main courses are the epitome of deliciousness and flavor. They serve such traditionally exquisite food since 1949. It is not a joke, really.

The iconic reputation that it has earned for its massive flavored food and cocktails is surely a treasure trove for Tofino. Stop by this breathtakingly delish and spooky restaurant for stimulating your taste buds as well as your thirst for horror tales. You’ll surely discover something worth visiting again.

1.4 Shelter Restaurant

This is another one of the best restaurants in Tofino. The place is top-notch and top-rated in every aspect. It is situated on Campbell Street. The Shelter restaurant is known not only for its selection of natural meat food dishes. But, also for the garden supplying fresh herbs at the back.

One of the fine dining restaurants in Tofino with exquisite food and a concern for reducing global pollution and footprint is Shelter Restaurant. It is a highly popular restaurant where you have to book a reservation for its all-time bustling crowd and fame. It is pretty tough to get through the crowd. So, get a seat unless you book a table time ahead.

This has a stunning inlet view of the waters from the outdoor patio of Shelter. The experience you’ll get is quite magnificent. A dining room with fresh savory seafood, steak, and cocktails is something you cannot overlook here.

Expect all organic ingredients in their classic dishes. All of them are exported from Meares Island, making them more special and authentic in their flavor and tastes. You must have a delish soup or an iconic juicy burger since they have expertise in that.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: shelterrestaurant.com

1.4.1 Food to Order

It has a gorgeous Tofino inlet and its all-famous farmhouse Chicken Burger. This restaurant is certainly among the best Tofino restaurants in Canada. They have high facilities and delicious lunch and dinner menu list. They also have a composting system for waste. It shows their responsibility towards the environment and their will to keep the world cleaner. Only a few Tofino restaurants have this program.

If you’re equally confused about your order as anybody else there, we have a few great suggestions that you can try as a first-time goer. You can order – Crispy Buttermilk Chicken, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Tofino Salmon Surf Bowl, Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Shelter Beef Burger, Frozen Spiced Peach Lemonade, and Meares Island Chowder.

Do not hesitate to visit this outstanding and one of the best Tofino restaurants in Canada. The restaurant is definitely worth visiting! It has massive popularity and top-notch fresh food and services. This will steal your heart and hunger altogether.

1.5 The Pointe Restaurant

Another one of the best Tofino restaurants to look forward to. The Pointe restaurant has a lot to offer with its glorious presence and its perfection in interior, food, and services. They are not food trucks like Tacofino, located behind a surf shop. This whole quirky and expensive restaurant is quite hard to beat.

They have a sophisticated menu and an extensive wine selection of cocktails. This stunning restaurant is all about the experience, relaxation, and great time. Expect a gorgeous 240-degree view of the Pacific Ocean from the restaurant’s seating zones. It can be from the outdoor patio or from indoors, with a long beach lodge kind of experience.

It has a warm and cozy dining room and a calmingly romantic ambiance. The Pointe restaurant is ideal for special occasions like romantic dates, birthdays, or anniversaries. Expect large families or friend groups to enjoy their quality time! They have a stunning view and some of the best quality fresh food of Canadian Cuisine.

The Pointe restaurant is something every tourist must visit while staying in Canada. It is located at the world-famous hotel called Wickaninnish Inn at Osprey Lane. You will experience top-notch elegance and ethereal panoramic views on the West Coast of Tofino near Chesterman Beach. Looking for the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion in grandeur? The Pointe restaurant is the best answer you can ever find among the Tofino restaurants.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: thepointerestaurant.ca

Their local cuisine mixed with Canadian and Western is filled with fresh seafood and fresh ingredients. They offer you high-quality food and refined cocktails along with a warm and intimate setting near the ocean views. They believe in the concept of dress codes. So, come along with a smart-casual style whenever you visit this exquisite place.

1.5.1 Food to Order

Pointe is obviously stuffed with great food, and cocktails from lunch, dinner, brunch, and breakfast. For main courses, you can order the popular stuff. They are Grilled Sablefish, Freshly Shucked Oysters, Fully Loaded Burgers, Beef Tenderloin, Smoked Shellfish, Braised Pork Cheeks, and Chilled Seafood Platter.

For refined and delicious cocktails, you can order the famous ones. They are Rumble at the Pier, Seaplane Tour, Lennards Garden, Outwash Vineyard, Gold Label, and Few and Far. For desserts, there are plenty. They are Cherry and Chestnut Mousse, Seasonal Ice-cream and Chocolate & Raspberry.

Nearly everything about Pointe restaurant screams perfection and deluxe. Its pricy food and cocktails, fascinating panoramic views, and the ultimate cozy fine dining experience in a dimly lit and charming setting. It is one of the best Tofino restaurants in Canada and Pointe lives up to its reputation.

1.6 The Roar

This is another one of the best restaurants in Tofino. Roar is surely among the most well-known and popular Tofino restaurants in Canada for a reason. The Roar takes pride in being the best Tofino restaurant. It is famous for serving well-cooked meat in live charcoal and barbeque wooden pits outdoors.

Roar is definitely famous among beachgoers who are looking for great meat and fish barbeque during their beach fun time. Finally, it is handled by two of the most famous chefs – Dinah Kisil and Kaelhub Cudmore. This exotic restaurant has been newly established since early 2021.

It is located inside the renowned Hotel Zed Resorts. Roar has certainly achieved a lot of fame and popularity for its charcoal grilled food and delish cocktails for lunch and dinner as well. It uses fresh local ingredients and cooks in a raging fire. They bring out the authentic aroma and flavor of the exotic quality fish and meat.

They also aim to open an outdoor Fire cook-out and wine bar at the Wildlife Management area of Mudflats. Roar is quite new among the chain of famous Tofino restaurants, and it is still hard to beat the reputation. Therefore, they have great food quality when it comes to living fire grilling.

Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: roartofino.com

1.6.1 Food to Order

It is one of the best restaurants in Tofino. The number of great crowd-favorite food is also quite long. If you’re a new customer at the exquisite Roar, order a few of these popular and delicious ones. They are Fire Hung Chicken, Smoked Prime Roast Watermelon, Charcoal Grilled Chuck Burger, Coal Roasted Whole Fish, Flambedou Grilled Beach Oysters, and Fire Roasted Chicken.

When it comes to exotic, refined drinks and cocktails to go with your mouth-watering roasted food, you can surely try these. For example, Arts and Crafts, In Love With The Coco, Traditional Dry Cider, Hot Buttered Rum, Evinate Benje, Steven Stones Merlot, Pride of the Coast, Mother Medicine, and The Woodward. Finally, for desserts, the choices can be many! Those are Cocofino Chocolate Torte and Spiced Apple Cheesecake.

If you’re a hardcore lover of freshly grilled meat and coal-roasted delicious fish, consider visiting this amazing dining spot, the Roar. No wonder it is among the greatest Tofino restaurants with a live-fire cooking twist, which not many Tofino restaurants have.

1.7 The Rhino Coffee House

This is certainly one of the best Tofino restaurants. It revolves around serving delicious Tofino coffee roasting and fresh donuts. As a result, it is a fantastic eatery spot and is among the most memorable Tofino restaurants to discover around the list.

It is famous for its espresso-based coffee bar and delicious donuts, wrapped signatures, and bagels. This ideal breakfast has stolen many hearts ever since its opening in 2013. Therefore, their interior and menu card is simple as ever. Rhino believes a perfect day starts with a perfect breakfast meal with your beloved family or friends.

It is situated on Campbell Street. This amazing coffee brewing shop produces and roasts its branded coffee beans and delivers them all around the Canadian Region. So, you may note how grand and big their popularity is. For a delicious morning sandwich, bread, or donut, with an indulgent brewed coffee, walk straight ahead to the Rhino Coffee House.

A few of the best Tofino restaurants are this dedicated to serving such great breakfast food as Rhino. Therefore, visit this simple yet outstanding Tofino coffee shop, whenever you’re up for starting your day in a perfect way.


Tofino Restaurants
Website Screenshot: rhinocoffeehouse.com

1.7.1 Food to Order

When it comes to the flavors and the kinds of sandwiches and coffee in Rhino. The Tofino brewing list is quite diverse. A few really noteworthy and crowd favorites that you can try. They are The Bro Nut, Rhino Caeser Wrap, Triple Grilled Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Roast Turkey & Bacon, and Bad Boy Bagel.

Similarly, for a great morning coffee, try these exotic choices. They are Shot in the Dark, Organic Dark Roast, London Fog, Hot Chocolate, Espresso Shot, and Chai Latte. These are a few of the best options to try out for breakfast in Rhino Coffe House. The shop takes pride in producing globally sensational coffee. They may take time to deliver due to their order rate and fame.

However, you can only taste the real flavor of Rhino if you visit this small memorable coffee spot in Tofino. Indulge yourself in delish donuts, sandwiches, and aromatic coffee. As a result, would be too bad to miss out on this hidden gem. So, don’t shy away from giving this lovely coffee shop a quick visit!

1.8 The Hatch Waterfront Pub & The 1909 Kitchen

These two great Tofino restaurants are placed just adjacent to each other. They definitely create a bustling hubbub amongst the Tofino regulars and tourists. The 1909 Kitchen is renowned for serving the best seafood using fresh fish from the waters. On the other hand, the Hatch Waterfront Pub specializes in offering top-notch cocktails and beers with great pub food.

The two restaurants complement each other. Tofino regulars often switch and swap between these two Tofino restaurants, depending on their mood for a drink or a meal. They both offer an intimate setting with a dimly lit interior. You can enjoy a calm and charming vibe in privacy. Both of them are terrifically popular among tourists as well.

They have the perfect Canadian cuisine from the West Coast. Both restaurants offer really stunning and gorgeous views from the outdoor patio. The 1909 Kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients and fish to bring out traditional and authentic Canadian dishes to dazzle the customers.

They are also kid-friendly with a menu specially tailored for them. They also provide delish wood-fired pizzas. Those are famous among tourists and children. It is also a lovely spot for socializing and interacting with family or friends. This is also a great destination to celebrate a party for birthdays, social gatherings, get-togethers, or anniversaries.

Dive Into Delicious - 1909 Kitchen

1.8.1 Food to Order

It is perfect for a fine dining experience in an intimate and sensual setting with your people. You enjoy the magnificent views and exotic food and drinks. These two Tofino restaurants will surely impress you. You can also change the restaurant from drinks to meal time, without getting bored being at the same restaurant.

For food choices, there are plenty of great items you can order. For example,

  • New York Pepperoni Pizza,
  • Crispy Panko Lincod,
  • Salmon Seaweed Crisps,
  • Seared Tenderloin,
  • House-made Spaghetti,
  • Chocolate Cake,
  • Neo Margherita, and
  • Jicama Summer Rolls.

Since the 1909 Kitchen and the Hatch Waterfront Pub are connected and socially a bridge to the Tofino customers. It acts as an amazing Tofino restaurant duo, with one being in charge of the drinks. The other is for outstanding seafood.

Don’t forget to come and stop by these elegant and charming Tofino restaurants. Therefore, get a hold of a fine drink and meal with your friends and family on a special night in Canada!

2. Conclusion

When it comes to the best Tofino restaurants, the list became quite exciting and lengthy. We managed to present the best and the most popular restaurants in Tofino, British Columbia. You can stop by some of the other great Tofino eateries like Wolf in the Fog, Ouest Artisan Patisserie, and Tacofino.

Which one of the Tofino diners is your favorite amongst these eight popular ones? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you.

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