8 Best Restaurants in Saskatoon for Vegan Eats

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
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Vegan food and vegan food lovers have developed throughout the years at an exponential rate which is a huge cause of the huge demand for vegan kitchens.

Today we explore the finest vegan options and the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon. Located in a beautiful location named Saskatchewan province, Saskatoon is the largest city within it.

Canada is famous for many of its prime attractions such as its many beaches and Niagara falls but we all have to admit that Canada also provides us with some of the finest cuisines we have ever witnessed. Starting from fast food like pizza, and burgers, to some great high-end Italian food.

Everything is being recreated and remodeled into a better vegan version which makes a huge positive change in the environment. It may be cake or even any bakery items, these restaurants that are listed here hold it all.

Wide varieties of meats, snacks, and a lot of cocktails are available in these 12 best restaurants in Saskatoon. These restaurants in Saskatoon back some specialty in some way or the other as they stand out from the rest and have great reviews.

Saskatoon is known for its beautiful parks, green spaces, and cultural attractions.

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
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1. Top 8 Best Restaurants in Saskatoon Offering Delicious Food

Tasty food with amazing service with the beauty of Canada will drag you to Saskatoon which might be the best place to visit with your family.

The best pies without the best eggs will surprise you as you witness the sheer brilliance of vegan cooking mechanisms in these best restaurants in Saskatoon.

1.1. Hearth

One of the best restaurants in West Saskatoon offers the best food in veggie-style eateries that will surprise non-vegetarian lovers. The people who adore chicken or any other meat will have an amazing eye-opening experience.

Hearth Restaurant is a great spot providing gluten-free delicious food with a cozy atmosphere. An amazing bar menu as well as a selection of rare wines will leave you astounded.

Offering generous portions of amazing vegetarian cuisines that are set to delight you. Hearth Restaurant can doubtlessly be considered one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon that offers vegan options made with local ingredients.

This vegan specialty is also one of the best restaurants in Saskatoon for some hearty fine dining. Once you’ve had a smack of Hearth’s mushroom appetizers no other appetizer will suit your palate within no time.

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
Courtesy: Hearth Restaurant

1.2. Cactus Club

The very surprising and enticing mushroom steak will blow your mind as Cactus Club is another vegan option that can be considered one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon for its wide variety of vegetarian food options. The inclusion of fruit in varieties of dishes makes gives the food a unique taste.

If you want to go catch up with some old friends, Cactus Club is the right place for such a gathering as it has a warm ambiance and super friendly service. The bar menu has many options that can sometimes not be found in Canada.

This restaurant has a fully equipped bar for some relaxation and a great interior to enjoy when you are having amazing food. Cactus Club can also be considered one of the best restaurants in Saskatoon that offers a unique bar menu.

Courtesy: Cactus Club Cafe

1.3. Ayden Kitchen and Bar

With a great selection of wine and vegan options, Ayden Kitchen & Bar is going to amaze with its vegan treats which look very much like a non-vegetarian meal but give you the taste of your life.

Ayden Kitchen & Bar was opened by a renowned chef named Dale McKay. This restaurant has several mixes of cocktails of its own and has a delightful food menu as well as a bar menu. The bar menu has been reviewed by many and has a positive review.

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
Courtesy: Ayden Kitchen and Bar

1.4. Odd Couple 

Another vegan option that gives Hearth restaurant tough competition for its quality and service. Odd Couple is one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon offering Asian vegan cuisines that has great reviews from even meat lovers. This restaurant has a savvy way of presenting the food they serve.

Odd Couple restaurant is a great place offering great food which also helps the local produce. Odd Couple is also one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon to grab some exquisite drinks with your family or friends.

Super friendly waiters who will always respect your customization of the dish in your wayThe waiters are. Vegan sushi lovers as well the people fond of ramen would find this to be the best place for chicken lovers. There is a huge menu that might surprise you.

Odd Couple is famous for its fresh sushi and fair prices.

Courtesy: Odd Couple

1.5. Little Grouse

This is another fantastic restaurant that is owned by chef Dale Mckay which offers delightful breakfasts and is one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon. Offering modern Canadian cuisines made with regional ingredients in a warm, rustic setting.

Grilled pork chops, chicken, and maple pecan tart are just a few of the available starters, main courses, and desserts along with a varied selection of wines, cocktails, and beers.

It is worth visiting Little Grouse on the Prairie if you are looking for a cozy, comfortable, and casual dining experience. You will never miss meats after you’ve had some appetizers and wine at Little Grouse.

Courtesy: Little Grouse

1.6. Una Pizza

Saskatoon, Canada’s Una Pizza is a well-known pizzeria. The eatery is well-known for its mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas made with premium, local ingredients.

Along with a variety of pizza selections, the menu also offers a selection of salads, appetizers, and desserts. Una Pizza provides delivery services through several third-party platforms in addition to its dine-in and take-out options.

Una Pizza is a chain restaurant that has the best gourmet pizza. Among many other regular pizza chains. Una Pizza still delivers delicious pizza and wonderful wine and drinks at their bar.

Enjoy eating the famous pizza with some in-house drinks that will make you appreciate everything about this place. Many other restaurants as well prepare pizza as their main dish but are unable to make it like Una. This can be easily considered one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon that offers the best pizzas.

1.7. Hometown Diner

A great place to have some light breakfast, lunch, and dinner as this diner offers trendy gluten-free food that is ought to make any vegan smile. Try some vegetables that are made to feel like meats.

When cooked to perfection, it tastes just like steak and can be eaten with some delicious house pasta. Undoubtedly, Hometown Diner can be considered one of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon with excellent beverage options.

These vegan dishes are made with vegetables brought straight from the farm. Hometown Diner charges reasonable prices for reasonable quantity and quality. They also have a bar and wine menu to amaze you out of your mind.

Courtesy: Hometown Diner

1.8. The Berry Barn

With the vibes of the countryside and the beauty of nature, while you enjoy some breakfast. This is rather a unique place offering great food and a wonderful selection of drinks at their bar.

Berry Barn will never fail to fulfill your demands in any way possible after you are on their premises. A wide variety of drinks on the menu can be found at the Berry Barn as it has a properly equipped bar with all kinds of drinks and cocktails.

This is a vegan option as well and its beauty stands in the way of the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon. The quality of the food as well as the presentation will make it stand out from many other vegan options in Saskatoon.

This vegan spot is amazing for dinner and offers delicious dishes that are suitable for breakfast as well.

Best Restaurants in Saskatoon
Courtesy: Berry Barn

These are the few little spots that you should visit to witness its beauty and heritage. Also moving around will build quite some space in your tummy to be filled later with the vegan options we are about to discuss later in the article.

2.1. Meewasin Valley Trail

This 60-kilometer trail follows the South Saskatchewan River and offers beautiful views of the city and its natural surroundings.

2.1. Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

This park is home to a wide variety of plants, animals, and birds, as well as several historical buildings.

2.3. Saskatchewan Western Development Museum

This museum showcases the history and culture of Saskatchewan, with exhibits on transportation, agriculture, and more.

2.4. Saskatoon Farmers’ Market

This popular market features a wide variety of fresh produce, crafts, and other goods from local vendors.

2.5. Wanuskewin Heritage Park

This cultural center is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Northern Plains Indigenous people’s way of life.

Saskatoon is also home to several great restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. If history is something you’re interested in or rich culture, or just want to relax in a beautiful natural setting, Saskatoon has something for everyone.


Relish the taste of vegan fast food from the Best Restaurants in Saskatoon. Select the best drink from the varieties of drinks on the bar menu and savor some super unique dishes that are made from the local farm.

Many more honorable vegan places should have been mentioned like Konga Cafe, but as Saskatoon already has a very competitive vegan situation it can be difficult for some to stand out.

Have a sight of the best parts of Saskatoon, and enjoy the breakfast while you’re at it. Then head out for some lunch at the best vegan eateries offering amazing pizza, burgers, pasta, and many bakery items.

Also, let us know if you would like to add any other vegan option to the list of the best restaurants in Saskatoon.

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