Excellence in Education: Navigating Laval’s Top 8 High Schools

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Schooling is the first and foremost step in a child’s life. Every child deserves the best schooling for development and growth. Significant improvements are visible in the child if proper attention is given in the schools.

Parents try hard to provide the best schooling to their children. So here we are with the best high schools in Laval based on ranking, fees, and press reviews.

1. Best High Schools in Laval, QC

The high schools in Laval, QC, are perfect in location, education system, and co-curricular activities. Fraser Institute is among the best high schools in Laval and nearby Quebec and Montreal.

These high schools have brilliant teachers and all the subjects available, including science and maths. All the best high schools in Laval have their websites, which are open to all; anyone can search for feedback on the school before making a choice.

1.1. Middle School Citoyen

Middle School Citoyen is dedicated to the overall development of its students in each aspect. They give their students real-life examples and training, making things easier for them to grab and apply.

Address: The location of this best high school is 4001 Boulevard Sainte-Rose.

1.2. Middle School Letendre

Middle School Letendre is a French language high school in Laval. The ranking of this private school is very good. The school has several alumni and has an enrollment of kids from Montreal and Quebec.

They continue to develop a better look at the school. This school was established in 1854. Anyone can locate middle school Letendre easily on a map.

Address: This best high school in Laval is situated at 1000 Boulevard de L’Avenir in Laval at H7N6J6.

1.3. Ecole Saint- Maxime

Ecole Saint Maxime School is another of the best high schools in Laval. The press ranking and reviews make this school more popular among parents.

Address: The location of this best high school is very eye-catching and easily reachable. 3680 Boulevard Levesque O at Laval.

1.4. Laval Senior Academy

Welcome to Laval Senior Academy

Laval Senior Academy is an English medium school in Laval, Quebec. Sir Wilfrid Laurier opened this school. This school was made by merging two schools, namely Laurier Senior High School and Laval Liberty High School, on 1 July 2015.

Address: 3200 Boulevard du Souvenir in Laval is the location of this high school.

1.5. Laval Junior Academy

Laval Junior Academy, Laval Quebec, The ONLY choice for your child

The Laval Junior Academy is the subbranch of the Laval Senior Academy. This school is more focused on the academics of the students.

Exam examinations and assessments are conducted occasionally, and the test scores are displayed to the child’s parents. This school is very popular in the city.

Address: 2323 Boulevard Daniel-Johnson at Laval, Canada

1.6. North Star Academy

North Star Academy faculties are very caring and supportive. They provide quality education to their students. This school is also focused on the sportsmanship development of the students, which helps them not only in their academic area but also in their real life outside the school.

They also organized events, including public speaking, debates, extempore, and impromptu, which helped in the development of speaking skills in the students.

Address: This school is situated at 950 Rue Elodie-Boucher.

1.7. CDC Pont-Viau

CDC Pont-Viau is an open school for all. This is the adult education school in Laval. This school also admits students from outside the country. Students from Montreal, America, and other parts of the world are also eligible to be admitted to this school.

Reaching this school is very easy. You can find this school on Google Maps, and by following the map, you can reach the school. 

Best High Schools In Laval
Courtesy: CDC Pont-Viau

Address: The location of this school is 60 Rue Laharie, Laval.

1.8. Socrates School

Socrates School is an elementary school located in Quebec. Socrates School is a private school whose motto is to discover your heritage. This best high school was founded in 1909.

French, greek, and English-speaking students can be admitted to this high school. This school follows the MELS curriculum for their student’s development. They also teach the students Greek culture and history. This school has six campuses in Montreal, West Island, South Shore, and Laval.

Socrates School Students Future Prep
Courtesy: Socrates School

Address: The main office is located at 5777 Ave Wilderston, Montreal.

2. Final Note

Academics and curriculum play a significant role in students’ lives. These best high schools in Laval teach students with maximum enthusiasm to increase their children’s retention power.

The teachers and other non-teaching staff are very supportive and caring toward the students, which makes the school a safe and sure place for the children. 

The student feels free in the school to share their problems and difficulties. All the staff members try their best to solve all the queries and problems of the students. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many private schools are there in Laval?

Ans: More than 50 private schools are there in Laval, which are providing the best education to their students.

2. Are private schools in Laval good in terms of study?

Ans: Yes, the private schools in Laval are good in education. They teach the students with a different view, which makes the subject easy for them to grasp and understand.

3. Are the private schools in Laval co-ed or not?

Ans: Yes, the private schools in Laval are co-ed schools, which means they provide admission to both boys and girls.

4. How does the school develop social skills in students?

Ans: The school authorities take the students to public gatherings, inter-school competitions, orphanages, and old age homes. Which develops their social skills.

5. Are there any career counseling programs organized by schools?

Ans: Yes, the school organizes many career counseling programs. The students will get one-on-one interaction, which will help them to resolve their career-related issues.

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