Saskatoon’s Literary Havens: The 7 Best Bookstores for Avid Readers

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If you’re a reader looking for a great place to read a book, you should head to one of the bookstores in Saskatoon.

There are many options, from independent bookstores to chain stores; there is a bookstore for every reader in Saskatoon.

The bookstores in Saskatoon are historical and famous for their old, rare, and unique collections. They have rare collectible materials and old rare books a book reader can fall in love with easily.

Top 7 Bookstores in Saskatoon for Bookworms

1. Turning the Tide: A Vision to Change the Future of The World

Screenshot from Turning the Tide
Screenshot from Turning the Tide

Peter Garden had a vision when he opened Turning the Tide. He envisioned a place for readers to explore the book’s pages that would change the world.

This is why the shelves here carry a large collection of new and used fiction and nonfiction books related to social justice issues, local and global politics, the environment, sustainable and healthy living, and local interest.

To help higher education students, many textbooks, course materials from local universities, and books are written for children and young adults. This store also sells gifts like puzzles, games, organic and fair-trade soaps, coffees, etc.

The store is also known for hosting various events in its place on Main Street. There are workshops, book launches, and seminars from time to time. You can visit their official website or email them for any necessary information.

2. Mc Nally Robinson Booksellers: A Collection of New and Used Books

Book lovers love books no matter whether they are old or new. This place works on this concept only.

There is a huge variety of books ranging from genre to age-specific books. They have a good collection of children’s books, cookbooks, and romantic genres. You can look for complete details on the official website.

Your mind will droll over the stacks of beautiful gleaming covers of new books. The store has gift cards, games, puzzles, and stationery collections.

Besides these, they also organize various events from time to time.  They also have a cafe with tasty comfort food, so you go full eat, read repeat mode.

Secondhand bookstore shelves corner
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3. Indigo Centre at Circle and Eight: A Store by Indigo

It is a chain store by Indigo. The facilities are the same as other Indigo stores at various locations in Canada.

However, this bookstore also has a Starbucks chain, so it will be a good place for your favorite drink and book in one place.

It also has an official website that sells all the other items besides books, like kid’s toys, gift cards, etc.

Hence, if you have visited other shops of these chains, you might know what you can expect here.

4. Shop U Sask: A Bookstore Serving the University of Saskatchewan Community

This is a retail service under the University of Saskatchewan. It is an offline campus store made as a contribution to the university’s values. Another one of the best Saskatoon bookstores you must visit.

Their website has many facilities like textbook buybacks, winter gear, holiday gift ideas, apparel, etc. You can visit the website to learn all the details regarding these facilities.

The stores may be off-campus and on-campus locations. According to them, the main aim is to provide these facilities at affordable prices. The opening and closing times are regulated according to the University Of Saskatchewan holiday schedule.

The store focuses more on books related to academic purposes for university students.

Young people at the book shop
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5. Amazing Stories: Welcome to A Funky Comic Book Store

Welcome to an award-winning funkiest book store in town, Amazing Stories. It is a paradise for comic book lovers. It’s not just the books but also the cool interior decor. Hence, it results in frequent visits by book lovers.

Here, at Amazing Stories, they give you just what you want. The comic book collection includes rare comic collections, a wide collection of manga comics, and the best children’s comics.

Moreover, this is one of the best Saskatoon bookstores to visit. The official website is also a fun, interactive online site. The staff here are true book nerds, as they say, and so are their visitors.

6. JAF Books: Economically Built for Your Needs

Joshua owns JAF, a privately owned bookstore situated in Saskatchewan, Canada.

It is a bookstore that is focused on bibliographies, political science, fiction, and history books!

JAF strives for quality in both the overall state of the materials and the content of them. They don’t deal in huge quantities and therefore concentrate on what they value so that they may be more selective about the books distributed to customers.

If you order four or more books, you will not only benefit from shipping, but if you ask them ahead of time, they will try to get you an additional discount!

7. McNally Robinson: Keeping the Distinctive Canadian Culture Alive

McNally Robinson is an entrepreneurial bookstore that is family-oriented, dedicated to local bookselling ideals, and driven to offer a substitute for corporate-chain outlets.

They are adamant about creating a literate culture, one in which learning is synonymous with living a thinking, creative, and joyful life. Their purpose is to assist in providing the resources and experiences required to live such a life.

They collaborate extensively with publishers and writers to bring their unique stories to Canadians. A must-visit bookstore if you have a thirst for unique and distinctive stories for sure!

Amazing Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where do you find cheap books in Saskatoon Bookstores?

Ans. Most bookstores have second-hand books. They are offered at fairly low prices. Ask the staff if they have these books.

Q.2 What Are the Timing of Saskatoon Bookstores?

Ans. All bookstores have different timing. You can visit their official website before visiting an offline bookstore.

Q.3 Do Saskatoon Bookstores Have a Reading Section?

Ans. Yes, most Saskatoon bookstores allow their customers to read a book bought by them in a reading section at the store. Though it is not a mandatory facility, it depends on the bookstore layout.

Wrapping Up

Book reading is already a joyful and immersive experience for a reader. A nice quiet place, maybe amongst the greenery, enhances this experience even more.

A steaming cup of hot coffee or your favorite beverage adds bonus points to this. Walk into any of these Saskatoon bookstores to pick up a good read and indulge in happy reading moments.

Let us know your experience in these bookstores and which one is your favorite in the comments!

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  • Saskatoon really looks like the best haven for bookworms like us who just want to spend a comfortable day reading in a quiet library. I will definitely refer this article again when I go to tour the place.

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