6 Simple Steps To Easily Reset A Smart Watch

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Smartwatches are now very functional devices that can be worn to watch a movie with friends, check the steps on the treadmill at the gym, or check the time as you rush to work.

From checking emails most subtly to tapping into fitness and sleep tracking, this gadget simplifies contact with it and inspires us. Nevertheless, just like technology in general, the super reliable smartwatches from the past can have some problems here and there.

It is possible that your watch suddenly stops working correctly or tends to show strange glitches in data that cannot be rectified. On occasions like this, the one tried-and-tested method of reviving the malfunctioning device is resetting it to return to its initial working phase without any difficulties.

If, at one point, you’ve gotten your smartwatch and wonder how to turn it off, no worries! This manual will take you through the step-by-step process: first, we will guide you through all the steps to be done before the reset, and then we will cover the actual reset of the watch and, finally, the follow-up steps to be done to ensure that watch is almost running smoothly again.

Indeed, starting afresh is necessary if you’re a new smartwatch user. A reset may do that to your wearable, getting it working like a brand-new one. Let’s start with an in-depth look into the details about setting your smartwatch up properly!

1. Identifying the Need for a Reset

The smartwatches ought to be reliable for proper performance. However, there could be cases where one must reset their watch to solve device problems. In some cases, it may be necessary to reset your watch model as follows:

1.1. Device is Unresponsive

If the smartwatch doesn’t react to touches after responding appropriately to touch input, a reset might be necessary to operate it properly. Check the settings or explore more options to troubleshoot before resetting.

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1.2. Battery Draining Quickly

Another aspect that should be considered is resetting the smartwatch if the battery power reduces drastically and the smartwatch keeps running out of control. This may indicate an underlying issue.

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1.3. Apps Not Working Correctly

Restarting the device should assist if there is a problem involving app installation and it’s constantly crashing. Refer to help articles for troubleshooting tips before resetting.

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1.4. The Device is Slow or Lagging

Reset is a valuable technique to improve the performance of a smartwatch if it seems to be slacked or sluggish occasionally. Back up your data first in case you lose information.

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Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that when resetting the smartwatch, all your data and settings stored in the device will be lost. This can cause worry. As much as possible, you should attempt other troubleshooting strategies before resorting to this last step. Contact customer support if you need guidance.

2. Preparing For The Reset

Testing your smartwatch could involve a quick pull-the-trigger if you are afraid one of these factors may interfere in a way you do not want them to. If you tap that reset button so fast, here are the few steps you need to go with and put your mind at ease.

In the beginning, browse through your system settings, either through your phone or your watch, and get the backup option. Ask yourself what data you want on your new phone in ‘backup contacts, apps, settings – anything important to you’. Then, complete the check by ascertaining that it moves from your old iPhone or Galaxy as planned.

However, to do this, go to Settings’ -> ‘Tap General’ -> ‘Date & Time’ -> ‘Allows changing time manually’ -> ‘On’.

Is it between 25% and 50% or 100%? Is it using or mixing the two languages? Adjust it now with the charger on, just in case. The most depressing situation is your phone dying during the resetting. One can’t be subjected to such stress.

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With the system back up and the fully charged battery of your watch, you can have peace of mind and no longer be afraid to unplug.

3. How To Reset Smart Watch

Follow these easy steps to reset it back to its factory settings:

Step 1: Access your watch’s settings menu by pressing the “side button” or “swiping down”.

Step 2: Scroll through the options until you see a sign for “Disconnect & Reset” or anything about factory settings.

Step 3: When you spot it, tap “Reset”.

Step 4: Your watch will likely ask you to confirm by tapping that “checkmark icon”.

Step 5: Disconnect the watch from your phone’s Bluetooth software version, too.

Step 6: Once it’s fully reset, you’ll need to pair and reconnect your watch, just as you did when it was brand new!

4. Post Reset Settings

So you got that reset out of the way – nice! But you’re not entirely done yet. Now it’s time to get your watch reconnected and customized again.

4.1. Bring Back Your Data

First, you’ll want to restore all your backed-up data from before the reset. Whether you used the cloud or the companion app on your phone, scroll through and selectively restore your contacts, messages, app data – whatever you need to feel at home again on the new fresh slate.

4.2. Sync It Back Up

Next is reconnecting your newly reset watch to your leading tech—probably your smartphone. Open up “Bluetooth settings,” swipe down on your watch face, and tap “Watch Settings” to access data stored on your watch. You may need to do a factory reset on some watches and set new preferences, but soon enough, you’ll have everything talking again.

5. Conclusion

I know the reset can be a headache, but following these quick post-reset steps ensures your new start is as smooth as possible.

Take a few minutes to personalize your watch face and change the order of apps to your liking. Ensure you also turn key settings back on, such as notifications, health tracking, and any third-party integrations you might have paused or disabled.

After setting up a simple reset, your watch will be that old yet fresh face that you are already acquainted with, but it will be functional best as it runs optimally once installed.

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