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5 Delicious Sandwich Platters to Wow Your Guests

When you think of a party, there’s likely to be sandwich platters. They’re easy to make, can cater to many tastes, and they’re versatile. When hosting an event of any size, whether it be a family gathering or business meeting, sandwich platters can be the perfect food offering.

How To Choose The Right Platter For Your Event

It isn’t all about the variety of sandwiches; it’s also about presentation and making sure your guests are covered. The right platter sets the tone for the entire event and can leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.

Platter Types

1. Party Finger Sandwich Platter

As small as they are, finger sandwiches are great at keeping your guests fed. They’re typically filled with cucumbers, eggsalad and smoked salmon. These sandwiches are great for afternoon tea.

2. Gourmet Sandwich Platter

If you want to keep things fancy this is the type of platter that will do it. This platter uses artisan bread which includes ingredients like roasted vegetables, specialty cheeses and premium meats.

gourmet sandwiches. Source: Freepik.

3. Vegetarian Options: Salad Sando Platter

For those who prefer plant-based options, this vegetarian sando has a variety of salads in sandwich form that can be a hit. Hummus and veggie wraps, caprese baguettes, and avocado toasties to name a few. Ideal for health-conscious gatherings or as an inclusive option for guests with dietary restrictions.

4. The International Flavors Platter

A blast around the world with flavors that’ll leave everyone’s taste buds in shock. With sandwiches like this Mediterranean-inspired falafel wrap or Mexican-style black bean and corn sandwich — you’ll have your guests impressed by their taste buds alone.

5. The Breakfast/Brunch Sandwich Platter

This one speaks for itself — breakfast items turned into sammiches! Bacon, egg and cheese croissants, sausage and pepper breakfast wraps and avocado and tomato bagels to name a few.

No matter which sandwich platter you choose, be sure to pay attention to presentation. Offer a variety of breads and toppings, and use fresh garnishes as well as side options. With these tips and ideas, you can create visually appealing sandwich platters that will be a hit at any event.

How To Present A Sandwich Platter

Paper For Easy Clean-Up

Before arranging your sandwiches on the platter, cover it with parchment paper. This way once everyone is done eating you can simply lift the paper out and toss.

Arranging Condiments, Seasonings, Spreads, Meat, Cheese, Bread, & Toppings

Start by placing small bowls filled with condiments or spreads on the platter. Neatly arrange meat around them along with cheese. Fill in any gaps that are left with bread or toppings for an abundant look.

Sandwich with sun-dried tomato – tasty snack concept. Source: Freepik

Tips On Creating A Stunning Sandwich Platter

Switch up the breads

Include an assortment of different types such as white, whole wheat or ciabatta for different preferences.

Balance the fillings

Make sure you offer some vegetarian or vegan options to accommodate all diets. Use a mix of fillings like deli meats or grilled vegetables and even spreads like pesto or aioli

Don’t forget about the aesthetic

Try to arrange your sandwiches in a visually appealing pattern on the platter. Consider cutting the sandwiches into smaller portions for a better display.

Add something fresh

Use fresh herbs like basil or cilantro to add pops of color. You can even throw in some produce, like tomatoes, lettuce or pickles as an extra garnish.

Label each sandwich

Things will get confusing if no one knows which sandwich is what flavor or filling. Place small cards or labels next to every sandwich so your guests can easily tell what’s inside each one.

Be creative with the sides

Plain old sandwiches can seem a little dull all by themselves sometimes — so be sure to serve up some sides with it! Potato chips, coleslaw or fruit salad are just a few ideas.

When making food look good is actually pretty important. You’ll want to make things look interesting enough when it comes time to serve your sandwiches to others. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Never forget how important presentation is when it comes to food! The more colors and textures it has, the more interesting it looks — hence grabbing people’s attention easier.

Triple layer sandwich. Source: Freepik

The Versatility and Crowd-Pleasing Nature of Sandwich Platters

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for your toddler or a corporate training event, sandwich platters can satisfy any crowd. By choosing the right ingredients and arranging them on a platter in an appealing way, you’ll elevate the décor of your gathering and leave your guests feeling nourished (and impressed).

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