Savor Selkirk: The Culinary Guide to the 5 Best Restaurants You Must Experience

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Restaurants in Selkirk have a reputation for being the best in Manitoba. They have everything from the perfect Mediterranean seasonings to delicious Asian spices. It’d be incredibly sad if you failed to have a bite of these amazing dishes served with a Canadian vibe.

Here, we are providing a list of a few of the best Restaurants in Selkirk along with their location pins so you don’t miss the popular restaurants with great taste waiting on the streets of Manitoba to serve you.

Several customers have reviewed this list across several platforms, so everything has been curated so that you can find the perfect match for your pallet. 

List of 5 Best Restaurants in Selkirk

1. Gaffer’s Restaurant and Lounge

A screenshot of a cover page of the official website of the Gaffer's Restaurant & Lounge.
Source: Official website of the Gaffer’s Restaurant & Lounge

Gaffer’s Restaurant and Lounge is an amazing neighborhood dining choice. The waitresses are kind and attentive. The menu has many choices, including daily featured specials (these can be found on their website).

The Neptune mushrooms and sandwiches are both good selections. The French onion soup they serve is always excellent.

Even though the establishment is pretty antiquated, it offers a variety of dining options: you may have a romantic supper in the dining room, watch sports in the bar, or even dine al fresco on the patio when the weather is beautiful (just be careful of the bees!).

Address: Lockport, Manitoba, R1A 3R9, Canada, 23020 Provincial Trunk Highway 44

2. The Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar and Eatery

Screenshot of the cover page of the official website of the Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar & Eatery.
Source: Official website of the Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar & Eatery

In Selkirk, Manitoba, The Mighty Kiwi Juice Bar & Eatery is the first quick-service restaurant to exclusively serve wholesome drinks and food produced with real ingredients.

They are committed to providing clients with healthy food and educating them about the advantages of doing so. TMK provides what you need: a hearty lunch, a post-workout smoothie, or a midday juice boost.

As one of the best Restaurants in Selkirk, they have stood right at the perfect balance of customer care and customer service, making their selections even more delish. Do check out their Energy balls and smoothie selections. They have got a great atmosphere at a good price.

Address: 386 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB R1A 1N6, Canada.

3. Boston Pizza Selkirk

Screenshot of the cover page of the official website of the Boston Pizza.
Source: Boston Pizza official website

Do you know what is better than an amazing American Pizza? An amazing American pizza with a perfect crust. Boston Pizza has the best pizza in the city, with vegetarian-friendly vegan options, delivery, and a take-out.

They have generous cheese toppings with amazing cheese bread and different complementing beverages with perfectly seasoned pepperoni delight pizza that would make you return again and again.

Address1018 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 4M2, Canada

4. Ricky’s All-Day Grill

Ricky’s all-day Grill is an incredible hidden treasure with excellent cuisine at a fantastic price, served quickly and generously! It is going to leave no chance to drag you back for more. 

Next to a gas station, this Grill would make for a perfect break on your long drives with exquisite Crab cakes and amazing tomato soups among its very robust menu. Ensure you fill up your tanks because the aroma here will hold you for a while.

Try their amazing breakfast meat options with mouth-watering steak, shrimp, and bacon-wrapped scallops that will make you want more.

Address: 5753 Provincial Trunk Hwy 9, Lockport, Canada

5. Roxi’s Uptown Cafe

The food at Roxi’s is extremely delicious, and the price is also excellent. The setting is pleasant, and the design is elegant.

The way their flavor enhances the dishes’ simplicity is the most astonishing of all. They are experts in bringing the distinctive flavor that each restaurant or café typically offers to the table, along with their fantastic services.

Make appointments because you won’t be only searching for their wonderful cuisine.

Address: 219 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 0Y4, Canada


Restaurants in Selkirk have an amazing mark in the Manitoba province, making them a favorite for all foodies who spend time exploring amazing cuisines from across the world.

Make sure you pick a place from the list and make a trip to taste the flavors from the world on your next visit to Manitoba.

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