5 Amazing Qualicum Beach Camping Sites and their Rules

Qualicum campsite
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Everyone loves a day off from their hectic schedule and work pressure and enjoys a day camping to refresh their mind. Moreover, everyone also loves a natural and peaceful camping site far from the city. Well, Parksville Qualicum Beach is one of the best camping sites in British Columbia, Canada. Read on to know about the five amazing Parksville Qualicum Beach camping sites.

1. Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

One of the most preferred tourist regions of Vancouver Islands in British Columbia is Qualicum Beach. This sparsely populated region is located near Mount Arrowsmith and on the Northeastern Coast of Vancouver Island.

Qualicum is a very popular vacation getaway and a tourist spot on Vancouver Island known for its nature. Additionally, the beauty of the beach and the serenity of the island attracts thousands of visitors each year. Also, the beach is well connected through rail, air, and even ferries.

1.1 History – Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

Qualicum Beach got its name from a Pentlatch word. It means where the dog salmon runs. It is centrally located in the Qualicum First Nation. The traditional language of the region is Pentlatch. Moreover, the language is still taught in the schools. The original population of the region was washed out due to the spread of smallpox introduced by the French settlers in the 17th century.

Post reduction of the population due to the spread of smallpox, Robert Brown, an explorer discovered the region in 1862 and a British settlement came into existence in the 1880s.

1.2 Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

The natural beauty of Qualicum Beach attracts thousands of tourists who prefer to tent and camp in the area. There are numerous camping sites spread across the Beach. The accessibility due to roads, railways, and ferries has increased tourism in the region.

Qualicum Beach camping sites
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There are many campgrounds and RV parks in Qualicum. Let us now read about the five amazing Qualicum Beach Camping Sites.

1.2.1  Heart RV Haven Family Campsite – Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

It is also known as the Big Tent in a grassy campsite area. This allows many outdoor activities for kids. You can go swimming in the river or just sit sipping your beer and enjoy fishing in the river.

Moreover, the campsite is also well equipped for all outdoor games. If you are deciding to camp with your friends or with your children, you can show them your cool moves on the basketball court. You can also play volleyball in the nearby volleyball court.

The campsite is recommended for camping with friends and also for those who enjoy physical activities. It is, however, also requested that you take all actions to avoid an outbreak of wildfire.

1.2.2 Mack’s Boondock RV Ranch and Campground – Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

Camping at a place away from the city and wifi may not be a comfortable issue for some. The constant need to access phones or fear of camping near woods is also present in many. Well if your city brat does not want you to go into the beach camp, Mack’s Boondock RV Ranch and Campground are here for rescue.

The Mack’s Boondock RV Ranch is an outstanding campground within the Oasis of Heart of Hilliers. It is located at a place that provides good food, water, and wifi.

1.2.3 Pathfinder Camp-RV Park Resorts and Campgrounds – Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

The Pathfinder camp resorts and campgrounds were known as Parrys RV Park and Campgrounds. Additionally,  it is the best-suited campsite for all to enjoy the serenity of the beach.

This is one of the few RV sites which are centrally located near a secluded beach near the Big Qualicum River. However, you will also have access to power, water, sewers, cable, and WiFi.

Qualicum Beach camping sites
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You can take a dip into the Qualicum River and swim to calm your body down. Beer and fishing in the big Qualicum River are also recommended. It is also a perfect spot for bringing your children and family.

1.2.4 Riverside Resort and Campground

The riverside Resort and campsite are the most recommended campsite for hosting a wedding or a family get-together. It is one of the luxurious Qualicum Beach Campsites. You can also head for a mini golf after you set up a camping tent.

Well, there is more. There is a playground for children also to enjoy, The playground also has waterslides which your children will enjoy for sure. There are over 45 campsites in the Riverside Resort. They provide the basic amenities of a toilet, Wifi, and laundry too.

1.2.5  Surfside RV Resort and Campground

Let us talk about the most luxurious resort that offers camping sites. This Qualicum Beach Campground is unlike any other resort.

The campers will also experience the privacy that the campsite has to offer. There are many restaurants and diners within walking distance of the resort. It is also the most recommended camping site if you are just visiting Vancouver Island.

2. Camping Rules – Qualicum Beach Camping Sites

There are 9 simple camping rules to have a fun-filled camping experience. It also helps us to keep the camping site as natural as it can be and animals are untouched.

2.1 Wildlife

Wildlife is one of the reasons why camping can go wrong. As a first rule, we should respect the wildlife and try not to interact with them.

2.2 Plan Ahead

Like any other event, Camping requires thorough planning. Therefore, make a list of items to be bought and arrive at the campsite fully prepared.

2.3 Photos Only

The things that you can take home are only memories and photos. Don’t take anything else from the campground.

2.4 Pets

You can bring your dog or cat to the campsite. However, keep them on lease always.

2.5 Respect Other Campers

Always respect the privacy of other campers in the campgrounds.

2.6 Fire Safety

The most important aspect of camping is exercising fire safety. Respect fire bans.  Additionally,  do not leave a fire without supervision

2.7 Food Storage

Store food in wildlife-proof containers only. This would prevent human-wildlife conflict.

2.8 Respect Staff and Signs

Signs and staff in the campgrounds are placed to assist you. Therefore, you should respect the regulations and also the staff.

2.9 Do not Litter

We should endeavor to leave the campsite the way it was given to us, neat and clean. Also, do not litter as it can attract wildlife

3. Conclusion

The Parksville Qualicum Beach Camping Site is one of the most sought-after campgrounds in the Vancouver Islands. Additionally, you may also visit the First Nation waterfront campground and Cedar Grove RV park which looks into the big Qualicum River.

Additionally, you can also enjoy hiking up the Walking trails of the nearby Provincial Parks with your friends and family and make wonderful memories. Moreover, make your reservations for campgrounds in Qualicum on the dates of your visit. But do not forget to follow the 9 camping rules to make it a good experience to cherish.

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