4 Famous Churches You Must Visit in Langley

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When feeling lost, one often finds solace in the house of God. The beautiful city of Langley, British Columbia, offers many such sanctuaries. By visiting any of the churches in this city, you will have the chance to worship and feel the presence of the divine.

Every church in the city of Langley has a tight-knit community, and these communities are very welcoming and friendly. They encourage people to seek the love of Jesus Christ. A visit to any of these churches is bound to evoke a sense of reverence and tranquility within you.

British Columbia, Canada, is an extremely welcoming province. The beautiful city of Langley is home to various church communities. Whether you are a native or planning to visit the city, you must take note. These churches will pacify your fears while leaving you mesmerized.

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Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Every church holds Sunday mass gatherings. Additionally, online services have made the task even more convenient. Various ministries and hubs allow people to come together and follow the path of Jesus even when they’re not physically present.

The chief mission of these communities is to enlighten people and guide them toward the path of God. Besides learning to love God, people also learn important values to live their lives with honesty, compassion, and integrity.

1.1. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Address: 20676 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC V3A 4G5

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is a community-based church. The church aims to develop a community and to bring God’s love to everyone. This catholic church was pioneered by Joseph and Georgina Michaud. Initially, the masses were held at their home. Later, as the congregation grew, the church also developed.

To fulfill their aim, the church has several communities. For example, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Prayer Groups, and more.

The church helps its community in various spheres. There are various schools for the community kids to attend. As per the parish, education is vital to an individual. Therefore, the church helps in nurturing young minds.

1.1.1. Sunday Mass Gathering

The Sunday mass timings are 09:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 08:00 p.m. In addition, the Spanish mass is held on the second Sunday of every month. Apart from this, various parish events are organized to help the church community.

For further information on upcoming events and more, click here.

1.2. Living Waters Church

Address: 9095 Glover Rd, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2R4, Canada

Living Waters Church is also a community-based church and they actively encourage people to join them in their journey. They welcome everyone into their community to share their stories and feel at home. Various life groups offer people the opportunity to join the journey that leads to God.

To join a life group, you can sign up online. Some of the groups are for newcomers, and a few are interest groups.

In addition, the church offers Kids Service Times. There are other church networks as well. For example, Youth Network, Women’s Network, Men’s Network, etc. There is also a hub for young adults and women as well.

1.2.1. Sunday Mass Gathering

The Sunday mass gatherings take place at Fort Langley. The timings for the same are 09:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Along with providing a sense of peace and divinity, the church also gives out free coffee to those in attendance!

Besides, the church also offers online services via Church Connect. As a result, you can watch the event online while connecting to the community. This gives you the chance to learn from the inspirational stories of people and the Bible.

For more information on the upcoming events, click here.

1.3. SouthRidge Fellowship Church

Address: 22756 48 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 2T6, Canada

South Ridge Fellowship Church is a Baptist Church. This church in Fraser Valley started with the aim of bringing the love of God to people. They aim to make people live freely by following the path of Jesus. It is a community of friends and families seeking the love of God.

The South Ridge Fellowship Church has various hubs to get connected. The different hubs include Junior Hub, Senior Kids Hub, and more. Plus, there are community groups for people of all ages, ranging from teens to old age.

1.3.1. Sunday Mass Gathering

At present, the Church offers Sunday gatherings at 10:00 a.m. Further, the online services stream on their YouTube channel. Apart from this, they also offer Connect Cards. You can join the community and receive a $5 coffee card!

For more information and news, you can click here.

1.4. St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church

Address: 20675 87 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V1M 3X4, Canada

This catholic church consists of a community of God-loving people. St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church is an ever-growing family of God’s people. This parish community has the objective of bringing people closer to Jesus Christ.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church also has various ministries. Some of these are Family Ministry, Music Ministry, Seniors Ministry, and more. Additionally, Faith groups, Life Ministries, and Hospital Ministries are also available for joining.

The St. Nicholas Parish Center also offers various facilities to the community members. For example, meeting rooms, reception rooms, a gymnasium, and various Catholic schools catering to the education of the community’s kids are provided by the church.

1.4.1. Sunday Mass Gathering

The Sunday mass gatherings take place at 08:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 07:00 p.m. You can click here to access their interactive news bulletin. For information on upcoming events, you can click here to visit their website directly.


The communities at every church in this city share a common mission – to introduce and bring people closer to God. These churches offer various facilities to their communities, including education. Further, online facilities have enabled people to watch ongoing services online.

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In addition to love and peace, all of these churches offer a home-like welcome. You can share your experiences as well as learn from others’ experiences. Besides, appointments can be made with the pastors in advance. Every church has an official website that you can visit for further information.

Whether you are looking for a holy place or a community to join, the churches here are open to all.

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