3 Best Campsites in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Flee away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Vancouver. As you are only a few hours away from one of Canada’s most scenic provincial parks named Golden Ears Provincial Parks for some great camping, hiking, water skiing, and a lot more activities. The extensive network of hiking trails and horseback trails from the horseback riders will leave you astounded, as you witness how long these trails took to be made naturally.

With splendid sights of maple ridge and warm showers that feel immensely pleasurable in the cold weather. Situated in the northeastern section of Greater Vancouver Maple ridge is an immensely beautiful city. Specifically, between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears, this ridge has a population of over 100,000.

Golden ears parks will amaze you with the number of adventurous activities it holds. People who fancy hiking trails, climbing mountains, canoeing, and even horseback riding are going to be very pleased.

Golden Ears Provincial Parks

Golden Ears Provincial Park was originally a part of the Garibaldi Provincial Park, which is an even bigger provincial park. This provincial park is also very reputed for its extensive system of hiking and horse trails.

The Golden Ears Provincial Park is a mountainous beauty located about ten kilometers north of Maple Ridge. The park is home to three beautiful campgrounds which include Alouette Campground, Gold Creek Campground, and North Beach Campground. These three campgrounds can hold over 409 vehicles in the campsites.

Vehicle Accessible Campgrounds In Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Parks have 3 main campgrounds that have access to vehicle parking, as there are many campgrounds open and free to access but they don’t have any vehicle allocation facilities. These campgrounds are open and can be accessed by anyone but at their own risk and intention.

1. Alouette Campground

Known for being the largest of all the campgrounds of Golden Ears parks. Comprising of numbers of campsites over 206 with basic amenities. Being the main campground, it has been reputed for the Alouette lake that serves as a wonder for the summer season.

The Alouette lake, having the facility of quite a few parking lots leads to it being a crowded place during the summer season. Alouette Lake is around sixteen kilometers in range and is a lake and a reservoir of Maple Ridge.

From hiking to cycling and canoeing, Alouette Lake is set to satisfy your needs. It becomes a common sight to spot horseback riders and try some horseback riding.

In the South Beach corral area, you can even find horses. It is highly recommended to not cross the East Canyon trail while horseback riding. Also, you can easily get canoe rentals from the South Beach area if you are trying to explore Alouette Lake. Remember, to always bring an alternative as you’ll have no cell phone reception while on the lake.

Being the main campgrounds of the three vehicle-accessible campgrounds. This Golden Ears campground has two shower buildings, four flush toilets, seven pit toilets, and plenty of drinking water taps.

Alouette Lake as well as this main campground is worth it in the summers if you are in an adventurous mood.

golden ears provincial parks
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2. Gold Creek Campground

The second largest campground of the three main campgrounds of the Golden Ears Parks. The campsite has almost 148 campsites and is the only campground that keeps operating the whole year. Gold Creek is a well-protected area just like Alouette Lake. Absolutely splendid destination for spending a long weekend with friends and family members while cherishing the sights of nature.

A popular hike in Golden Ears Parks, near Maple Ridge, British Columbia, is to Gold Creek Falls, which is accessible via the Lower Falls Trail. For those who are camping in the park or visiting Alouette Lake, the hike to Gold Creek Falls is fantastic. It is a well-liked option for people looking for an enjoyable and unwinding hike.

For the entire distance to the waterfall, the trail is made wide and well-kept. This is an easy hike, hence it is ideal for families with young hikers because it has little elevation gain. Before arriving at the Gold Creek Falls waterfall, the Lower Falls Trail meanders through a lovely section of forest and the waterfall takes about an hour to reach.

The Gold Creek also has covered shelter facilities near the West Canyon parking lot, providing basic amenities for families who need the comfort of housing. Golden Ears Parks are maintained thoroughly as well as these campgrounds. Since it has become essential for people exploring the wilderness in British Columbia.

This Golden Ears campground comes with two buildings to shower, eight pit toilets, official trails, and plenty of drinking water taps.

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3. North Beach Campground

This is the smallest of the three main campgrounds of Golden Ears Parks. With over 55 campsites North Beach area is a fascinating place with immense beach area and beauty.

The campgrounds named Alouette Lake and Gold Creek are quite huge and accommodate a large number of people. North Beach can only accommodate a few as there is only one drinking water tap and 3 pit toilets.

Golden Ears Parks focus a lot on Alouette Lake and Gold Creek but North Beach is less focused on them. You’ll be surprised to find no proper equipment and no recommended technical climbing opportunities, as these hefty hikes need a lot of proper gear and experience. Also, North Beach has its parking lot in Golden Ears Parks.

Unfortunately, this, as well as Alouette Lake, is not open year-round.

Group Campgrounds Of Golden Ears Provincial Parks

These are the 2 campgrounds that are open and can be accessed by anyone; there are also a few prohibitions on these campgrounds, but at the end of the day is available to offer all kind of fun activities.

1. Wilderness Camping

West corner trail holds Alder Flats, which is an open campsite but has no vehicle access to it. Golden Ears also provides shelter near the West Canyon trail close to the West Canyon parking lot.

With basic amenities at both sites. These are picnic areas where you can set up your picnic tables and visit the backcountry camping areas.

This is one of the two group campgrounds of Golden Ears Park.

golden ears provincial parks
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2. Rustic Marine Campsites

The Rustic marine campgrounds of Golden Ears Park are located on Lake Alouette at Mayor’s Creek. Unlike most campgrounds, such as Gold Creek, there is a prohibition for starting campfires. There are no worries, as you can always carry an electric or chargeable lamp.

Also, there is no garbage collection; hence there is no littering allowed. As the locations are really in remote places. Campsite park operators aren’t capable of providing updated information.

Activities Available At The Park

The park offers various fun activities that are mentioned below.

1. Canoeing/Kayaking

Alouette Lake has a huge canoeing community. Rentals for canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats are only available on the weekends from the long weekend at South Beach. The long weekend starts from May until late June and happens daily from that point until Labor Day in Alouette Lake.

2. Climbing

Alouette Mountain as well as the Incline Mountain’s Fire Access Trails scales almost up to eleven kilometers of trail. This will take about a ten-hour trip while returning. You should be prepared and bring drinking water as well as some light food. You can also expect snow at the start of June.

3. Cycling

Biking trails of up to twenty kilometers can be found in the Golden Ears parks. Always wear a helmet while biking in the the park.

4. Fishing

You will require a license for fishing in British Columbia but once you have that you can be assured to have a great fishing trip.

Image by Kris from Pixabay

5. Hiking

With plenty of designated hiking trails in the Golden Ears parks, hiking will require intermediate skills at the least as the trails are not very easy for everybody. Some of these hikes will require a few hours just to scale up.

6. Horseback Riding

Over twenty kilometers of horse trails through the grave and dirt will seize your mind with its beautiful sights on the way. Golden Ears Park does not allow camping with horses in vehicle-accessible campgrounds as well as Front country camping. Horses are only for morning use and are prohibited from crossing a few designated horse trails.

7. Water Skiing

You will find plenty of opportunities to go water skiing in Alouette Lake in the summer season although some of it is still prohibited to enter. Golden Ears Park is also famous for its water sports events.

Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

8. Windsurfing

People interested in windsurfing will be pleasantly surprised to feel the strong winds carrying their surfboards.

Wrapping Up

Following the horse trails and running into a new beach viewpoint in Gold Creek. Water skiing in Alouette Lake, the provincial park, holds fast to its words. It is quite an easy job to find good places to visit near downtown Vancouver. But, Golden Ears Provincial Parks are for everybody. It has its risks which should be accounted for before. Be sure to visit with your friends if you want adventurous and strenuous hikes.

It is one of the world’s largest parks which are mountain accessible and has hiking and designated horse trails. Golden Ears Park is a wonder of a park that a lot of people are missing out on, and they should give it a try.

It would mean a great deal if you could share your experience or viewpoint of Golden Ears Parks, as it’d work wonders if you could add to what is already written. Also, make sure to check the articles mentioned down under to be gear-ready for a trip like Golden Ears Provincial Parks.


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