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Ontario Drivers License Renewal

Are you wondering about the Ontario drivers license renewal process? If yes, then don’t panic; this article will help you out.

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In today’s era, everyone needs a license. But having a license is not enough as we have to renew it from time to time; otherwise, it may affect your license. Do you know in this world, Ontario (Canada) is the country that has the highest number of vehicles? So today, this article is all about that.

About Ontario drivers License Renewal

Ontario license will work out for a maximum of 5 years, and after that, it will expire. So in this period, you have to go through all the process of driver license renewal. Now there are some questions arises like how you can renew your driver’s license or where to renew driver license.

Two Ways for Ontario Drivers License Renewal

A) By Visiting the Service Ontario Center

If you are not comfortable with the online process, you may visit the local service center of Ontario for the Ontario drivers license renewal process, provide the necessary details, and apply for the Ontario driver’s license. You can also apply for drivers license renewal ottawa.

B) By Applying Online

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You can also apply online for the Ontario drivers renewal process. It is quite easy as you think. There are no mathematical calculations required. With the help of dmv my drivers license get renewed easily. All you need to provide is some details, which are as under:

Ontario Drivers License Renewal Process

  • Connect your device with good internet connectivity.
  • Open google chrome and visit the official website, i.e., https://www.ontario.ca/page/renew-drivers-licence.
  • Then go to the right-hand side of the webpage and click on the menu option,
  • Then click on the driving and roads option,
  • Under the driving license category, you will find several options like if you are 80 years or old, then you can renew the license, or if your license expires soon, then you can do it for the same, or if you are outside the country and so on.
  • Whatever the reason may be, select the option as per your choice.
  • Then click on renew driver’s license and health card option.
  • There you will find out some terms and conditions of the Ontario government.
  • Just read the instructions carefully and click on agree on the button.
  • Then it will ask you questions like have you changed your address in the last 90 days and driver’s license class like g1 g2 m1.
  • Then you must provide details like your driver’s license number and personal identification document.
  • Provide trillium number, name, date of birth, which you can find on the back side of your card, health cardholder information, nine characters on the back side of your health care, Do you wear glasses while driving, specify medical conditions, and so on.
  • Please provide your contact details and finally submit it.
  • You will get the renewal notices as well. Above process, you have to follow if you are opting for the online process but make sure that you are eligible only if you satisfy the below-mentioned conditions:
  • If you do not have any past medical history,
  • If you don’t wear glasses while driving,
  • If you don’t have any outstanding penalty.
  • If you satisfy the above condition, you will get the temporary license if the present one was expired, and you can download this and keep it with you.

Ontario Driver’s License Renewal Fee

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If you renew your driving license, you will incur some costs. That’s why knowledge of licensing fee is very necessary. According to research and study, Ontario driving license renewal costs you around $90 for five years. After making the full payment, you can get your renewal driving license in your mail. It will approximately take six weeks to reach your mailbox. You also receive the renewal notice from the government.

Temporary Ontario Drivers License Renewal Validation

It is always good to apply for driver license replacement ontario before its expiry date. If you have applied for a driving license online, you may get the temporary one within 28 days after you have applied. In case you have not received your renewal license, then, in this case, you should visit the service center or driver license place and place the request for the same.

In Ontario, novice licence holders are eligible to drive with restrictions. Novice drivers are not eligible for the access of full g license. To know about can you extend g2 license first to have to get G1 license. For all these, you have to complete your dirving course at driving school.

You can visit to service ontario.ca/driverslicence for driver’s license, license plate, car insurance, and many more. Here you can get driver permit renewal facilities.

Visit the Ontario Service Center for Below-Mentioned Reasons

  • If you have lost your license.
  • If you are not able to download it.
  • If your driving license is getting expired soon and you want a substitute for the same.

How to Change Address During Driving License Renewal?

Suppose you have changed your address and moved to a different place. and want for Ontario drivers renewal process Then, in this case, you need to update this online or visit the services Ontario center and do driver license change address ontario. If you are a permanent resident, you can apply online easily.

But make sure that it has been 90 days since you changed your address; otherwise, you are not eligible to renew your driving license. In case of any inquiry, please get in touch with the calling toll-free number mentioned above.

Photograph On Drivers License

A recent photograph is one of the renewal requirements essential for the completion of renewal session of driving license, which should change after ten years. Moreover, if you want, you can change your photograph at any time, but it will cost you around $36. Before taking a photograph few things, you should have to take into the consideration:

You should not wear sunglasses on your eyes. It would help if you did not cover your face with masks or anything else.

While giving your photograph, you should provide your current driver’s license number and documents verifying your identity, including your name and date of birth. Moreover, if you want to change your gender, you should visit the Ontario service center; this cannot be done online.

Tests That You Have to Take for Ontario Drivers License Renewal

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In case your driving license has expired for more than one year, then, in that case, driver’s licence holders should have to pass some vision test, road test, written knowledge test and if you fail to do that, then you should visit your doctor and get another test there. You can also take help of driver improvement counsellor. Your driving record also plays important role in renewal process. Along with the test, group education session is also conducted at Ontario Drive Test Centre.

What Will Happen if You Are Using the Same Driving License?

If you have not renewed your driving license, it is illegal, and if the traffic police catch you up, they will impose a fine on you. Nearly you have to pay a maximum $1500 fine as per the government of Canada.

Last Renewal

It is always necessary to do renewal before licence expires. Vehicle owners can also renew their driving license before it expires, but in this case, you can renew only if you get a notification from the government of Canada. The alberta driver’s license renewal extension is upto six months, which means they can renew their license within six month time period after its expiry.

Outside The Country Process

Ontario drivers license renewal
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If you are traveling outside the country and you have an expired license and still want to renew your driving license, there is no need to worry about this; vehicle owners can do it within 180 days. In this case, two types of the process will take place.

First, you should estimate whether you will return to the country within six months until it expires or if it will take more than six months because if you come back within six months, you get a temporary driving license; otherwise, you should either visit the Ontario service center or renew online. It would be easy to do AZ drivers license renewal ontario. 

Final Words

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This article will help you reach your Ontario drivers license renewal queries in brief. In every situation renewing the driving license process in Ontario is different, and you can go for this according to your situation and contact the service Ontario.


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