Exploring the Architectural Marvels of 16 Famous New York City Bridges

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There are numerous bridges situated on rivers and islands in New York City. Let us take you on a comprehensive journey of iconic bridges in NYC. They are not just beautiful but carry some history. We’ll explore each, one by one, in this article.

As we know, bridges exist to connect two areas. In NYC, some bridges connect Staten Island with its nearby places, some connect Fort Lee with Manhattan, some connect Upper Manhattan to Lower Manhattan, and some are New York City boroughs. Some bridges are landmarks on the East River and the Hudson River.

Some famous NYC bridges are the Queensboro Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Vertical Lift Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, Triborough Bridge, Bow Bridge, Cantilever Bridge, and many more.

List of the Famous NYC Bridges

1. George Washington Bridge

A view of George Washington Bridge in NYC during evening time.
Source: Unsplash

George Washington Bridge in New York City was named after a famous personality, and his name was George Washington. He was the first president of America.

George Washington Bridge connects Manhattan Bridge’s northwestern part to the New Jersey borough of Fort Lee. George Washington Bridge is the busiest motor vehicle bridge in New York City. Every year, around a hundred million vehicles cross this bridge.

The construction of this bridge started in 1927. But for the convenience of people crossing the river, this bridge’s single deck started in 1931. But after that, a lot of traffic increased there.

So, the government decided to make a new deck to reduce the traffic, so the construction of the new deck started and was completed in 1962. After the construction of the new deck, this bridge had a lot of traffic. In 1962, this bridge became a double-decked suspension bridge.

This is the only bridge which holds too much traffic. The area of this bridge is very populated, as thousands of vehicles pass through it daily. This bridge has a different bike lane for two-wheelers. So the traffic jams can be reduced.

This bridge is the longest span in the world as it is 3,500 feet long. Before it, a bridge in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, conquered this record.

2. Throgs Neck Bridge

A view of the Throgs Neck Bridge from a distance during evening time.
Source: Unsplash

Throgs Neck Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges. This is the newest bridge that spans the East River.

Throgs Neck bridge connects the Throgs neck with the Bay Terrace. Throg’s neck is near the Bronx Whitestone Bridge in the north, whereas Bay Terrace is near the Queens in the south.

This entire bridge was designed by a very experienced engineer who has designed a lot of bridges and done a lot of work in his field.

Othmar Ammann was the engineer of this bridge. Along with it, he has designed many other famous bridges in New York City: the Triborough, the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, and the George Washington Bridge.

It was not difficult to make this bridge because there was not so much traffic, and the area was not heavily populated or dense. The bridge is beautifully designed, and it is solid.

3. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

A view of Queensboro bridge from a 24th floor apartment at night.
Source: Unsplash

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is the historic bridge of New York City. This city’s construction started in 1902 and was completed in 1909. This bridge is named after the Mayor of New York City. The name of the Mayor was Ed Koch. He worked from 1978 to 1989.

Queensboro Bridge is also known as 59th Street Bridge. This is because 59th Street is very famous, ending in Manhattan. It is the passage to the southern end of Central Park. This bridge is beautifully designed and constructed in such a way that vehicles will cross easily.

The New York City department applies all the possible rules and regulations to reduce traffic jams and maintain the cleanliness of the bridge.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

A view of Brooklyn Bridge from a distance.
Source: Unsplash

Brooklyn Bridge connects two boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bridge is a cable-stayed suspension bridge span.

Brooklyn Bridge is the longest suspension bridge. It was constructed in 1870 and completed in 1883. Brooklyn Bridge is a National Historic Landmark.

Brooklyn Bridge is 1595.5 feet, which is 486.3 meters. Brooklyn bridges in New York City are located near the East River connecting Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge has a pedestrian walkway with many flowering plants, making the environment beautiful.

The pedestrian walkway is for people who have wanted to walk and for cycling purposes.

5. Williamsburg Bridge

View of the Williamsburg Bridge and calm water body underneath.
Source: Unsplash

Williamsburg Bridge is one of the most famous bridges. The construction of the Williamsburg Bridge started in 1896 and was completed in 1903. Williamsburg Bridge is 1,600 feet long.

Williamsburg Bridge connects Lower Manhattan and its east side to the Williamsburg neighborhood. Many vehicles pass through this bridge. People also come here for the evening walk.

At the time, the Williamsburg Bridge was the longest suspension bridge. It holds this record from 1903 to 1924. Before 1903, this record was conquered by the Brooklyn Bridge, and after 1924, this record was taken by the Bear Mountain Bridge. These bridges are also located in New York City.

There are some gardens and flowering plants near this NYC bridge; many people visit for the views. Williamsburg Bridge has a pedestrian path for people who walk and the person who want to go cycling.

6. Manhattan Bridge

A view of Manhattan Bridge on a sunny day.
Source: Unsplash

Manhattan Bridge is located on the north side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Both of these bridges share the same New York City boroughs.

Leon Moisseiff designed it. His work experience is seen in the construction and design of the bridge. This bridge is designed in a unique way that everyone likes this bridge. This is the iconic bridge of New York City. The Manhattan Bridge overpass is also designed and constructed beautifully.

This bridge is a single bridge deck with a subway line for vehicles. This is a beautiful bridge, and the vehicle also passes properly.

7. Verrazzano Narrows Bridge

A view of Verrazzano Narrows Bridge and a silhouette of a person standing at the side of the water body.
Source: Unsplash

Verrazano Narrows Bridge is named after a famous European explorer of the 16th century. The name of that explorer is Giovanni da Verrazzano.

He was the first explorer to enter the Hudson River and the New York Harbor. He discovered these places in the year 1524. After the bridge was constructed there, it was completed in 1964.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge is 4,260 feet long and is considered the longest suspension bridge after its construction.

8. Henry Hudson Bridge

A view of the Henry Hudson Bridge on a clear morning.
Source: Unsplash

Henry Hudson Bridge is painted green and looks beautiful because it is located near Inwood Hill Park. The green color enhances its beauty. Due to its beauty and location, many people visit this place.

People come here for bike rides and cycling as it provides a natural environment and fresh air in the morning. This bridge was constructed after long research, and a team of experienced engineers worked a lot to build this bridge.

9. Hell Gate Bridge

A view of Hell Gate Bridge from a distance and boats going underneath in the waterbody.
Source: Unsplash

Hell Gate Bridge is located over the straits of the Hudson River. Hell Gate Bridge connects the Ward Island of Manhattan to the Astoria of Queens. This bridge is located near Wards Island Park.

Hell Gate Bridge is 1,017 feet long. It is the longest steel arch bridge. The construction of this bridge started in 1912 and was completed in 1917. The design of this bridge is unique. It looks like a tied arch.

This bridge is very famous for its architecture. Two bridges inspired the engineer of this bridge: the Tyne Bridge of Newcastle, the Tyne in England, and the Syndey Harbor Bridge of Sydney in Australia. People visit this place for the photoshoot as it is pleasant and pretty.

10. Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

A view of Robert F. Kennedy Bridge during evening time.
Source: Unsplash

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge is so famous and iconic because it connects three bridges of New York City boroughs out of 5. The three bridges between New York City boroughs connected by this bridge are Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

This bridge is very remarkable, and it is also known as the Triborough Bridge. This bridge is named after a famous politician. The construction of this bridge was completed in 1936.

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge is very famous for its amazing structure. Due to its amazing structure, it became a National historic civil engineering landmark in 1986.

This bridge has beautiful illuminating lights, which increase its beauty. You can also get a heartwarming view of the city from the bridge. The views are very panoramic, so people visit this bridge to watch this view. 

People like to visit this place at night. This place seems like a picnic spot at night where people love to visit and enjoy themselves.

11. The High Bridge

A view of the High Bridge in Bronx from a distance with bushes in the background.
Source: Unsplash

The High Bridge is the oldest in New York City. The construction of this bridge was completed in the year 1848. This bridge is constructed with 16 stone arches that were featured originally.

The High Bridge is located on the Harlem River. This bridge connects the Bronx and the boroughs of Manhattan. It is one of the New York bridges that has steel wire suspension, and this steel wire suspension was done in 1925.

The renovation of this bridge is done from time to time so that the bridge contains the oldest and a new design. Other than the connection between the Bronx and Manhattan, it serves as a part of the purpose of the Croton Aqueduct. It seems like a combination of old and new thoughts.

Croton aqueduct was a method of supplying water used in ancient Roman times. So, it is used in the complex of aqueducts.

12. Kosciuszko Bridge

A view of the Kosciuszko Bridge with purple and pink lights on during the evening.
Source: Depositphotos

Kosciuszko Bridge connects Maspeth of Queens to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The name of this bridge is very difficult to pronounce, which is why it has gained more popularity.

Earlier, this place had another bridge on which only one percent of traffic could pass. This bridge was destroyed and built many times. The first bridge was built in 1803, and then it was destroyed.

The second time, this bridge was constructed in this place, but it was not so good and was destroyed and rebuilt again. The construction started in 2014 and was completed in 2019.

This bridge was constructed using new technologies. It has a lane for bikes and a pathway for walking people. Like this bridge, many bridges are reconstructed or renovated again.

13. Bronx-Whitestone Bridge

The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge reflects on the East River at night in New York.
Source: Depositphotos

This bridge was constructed to reduce traffic from other bridges. As in another NYC, the bridge remains car and taxis of LaGuardia Airport, which causes traffic jams in this area.

This new bridge was constructed to reach LaGuardia Airport and reduce the rush from those bridges. This bridge is open only for cars but will be open for all after some time.

This bridge is 3,770 feet long. In a day, around 100,000 cars cross this bridge. The vehicles which cross this bridge have to pay some amount as a toll. This bridge has undergone many modifications and refurbishments.

14. Pulaski Bridge

A view of Pulaski Bridge with High-rise buildings and clear sky in New York.
Source: Unlimphotos

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is well known for the Polish American community and the Polish immigrants. Casimir Pulaski is one of the Polish military commanders who played a great role in the American Revolutionary War. This bridge got its name from this commander.

This bridge was constructed in 1954 as a movable bridge or a drawbridge. This bridge has six lanes. It has a lot of traffic. Along with six lanes, it has a pedestrian walkway and LIRP tracks.

This bridge was reconstructed in 1990 and took three years to renovate. It is a bridge near Canal Street.

This bridge is also a part of the New York City marathon. The runners have to cross the halfway mark during their race.

15. Bow Bridge

A view of the curved Bow Bridge with green and red trees and bushes in the background.
Source: Unsplash

Due to its new and different sights, Bow Bridge attracts visitors. This site is used for snap photos, pre-wedding, or wedding photoshoots. Couples visit this place on their dates or anniversaries.

This place gives you a great look every season like it gives a heartwarming view of rowboats floating in the summer and picturesque snow bridges in the winter. This bridge brings you closer to nature and shows you the best views of nature.

The people who visit here appreciate this bridge very much. People find it different in every season as its look is completely changed during each season. This bridge is only for pedestrians. Any vehicle is not allowed here.

16. Wards Island Bridge

A view of Wards Island Bridge at night with lights reflecting in the water.
Source: Depositphotos

Wards Island Bridge is also known as 103rd Street Footbridge

Wards Island Bridge is a vertical lift bridge that has 12 spans in total. This bridge is designed only for pedestrians, not for vehicles. Vehicles are not allowed on this bridge.

The New York City Department of Transportation takes care of this bridge’s maintenance. That is how to carry people to the Wards Island stadium, park, healthcare facilities, grounds, athletics, and many more.

This bridge is open every season and every month of the year, but before the late 2000s, this bridge was open only in the months between April and October.

Final Note

These bridges are beautiful because they are located near natural beauty like rivers and islands like the East River, Roosevelt Island, New York Harbor, and many more. 

The bridges in New York City are famous for photography because of their location and views. Bridges are constructed to connect to places, but some bridges are designed to reduce the traffic on other bridges. All these bridges are designed and constructed under the observation of experienced engineers.

Many of these bridges are the names of some famous personalities of New York City. It would help to visit these bridges once as they combine old and new technologies. It is interesting to know the history and the facts related to them.

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