14 Art Schools in Canada: Best Art High Schools in Ontario

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As many students know what they want but don’t know how to do it, which art school is best for them? They don’t know about the courses offered by those art schools in Canada.

Many art schools in Canada offer courses in visual arts, fine arts, media arts, studio arts, graphic design, game design, visual communication, material art, landscape painting, creative arts therapies, fine arts diploma, interior design, virtual reality art, contemporary dance, fashion design, contemporary arts, conceptual art, game art, relief printmaking techniques, digital arts, and communication arts.

Many different art schools in Canada offer all these courses. Ottawa School, Ontario College, Sir George Williams University, Concordia University, Emily Carr University, Alberta University, and Nova Scotia College. Even there are many best art high schools in Ontario, which can be ranked the best among all art schools in Canada.

What is Fine Arts?

Art is a method of expression of feelings in a creative format. So much talent is hidden in people, so they find new ways to express themselves. These different methods will become a hobby, and after the hobby, it will take the name of passion.

The new students want to choose their passion as their carrier so that they will enjoy the work. Fine arts is visual art that contains subjects like painting, theatre, literature, music, communication, craft, and sculptures.

Now, many colleges offer fine arts degrees for undergraduate and graduate students when they complete their courses in the above fields. The students will sharpen their skills and become art professionals by doing such courses.

Why art schools in Canada are so Famous

The art schools in Canada are famous and recognized as the best art schools in the world. Many international students visit Canada for taking admission to Canadian art universities.

This is because the Canadian government and people have a nurturing environment. After all, these are developing fields, so they arrange new equipment and all the necessary instruments for the students interested in fine arts.

The famous and experienced people in these fields will take the classes and elaborate to students about the struggle and perfection of the work. So, the students studying here have a bright and lucrative career.

Famous art schools in Canada

Many famous art schools in Canada offer courses in art and design. They focus on art education, visual arts, and performing arts. Many international students are admitted to Canadian universities as they are famous for their art and design degree programs.

1. Ontario College Of Arts and Design University

Ontario College Of Arts And Design University is one of the best art schools. The courses offered by this art school are Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Bachelor of Designs (BDes), and Masters of Designs (MDes).

The Bachelor of fine arts curriculum offers courses like photography, curatorial practice, printmaking, integrated media, criticism, music composition, drawings, and paintings. The most attractive thing about this university is its music theatre.

Bachelor of Designs offers industrial design, environmental design, advertising, illustration, material art, and design courses.

Address: 100 McCaul Street, Ontario, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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2. Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

Sheridan College offers some specialized art courses for Canadian and international students. This college was established in the year 1967.

This college generally works on students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The students are taught very well so that they are prepared as professionals for their work life.

This college offers courses in art and design, animation, and fine art. This college teaches some qualities like leadership and community involvement to its students.

Address: 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Canada

3. NSCAD University

NSCAD stands for Nova Scotia College Of Art and Design University. This university is the earliest cultural institute in Canada. It is well known for the best facilities it provides for art maniacs.

NSCAD University offers many foundation year programs for two semesters for undergraduate students to enhance their practical skills. This university offers media arts, critical studies, craft, design, and art history courses.

This university has a spacious campus, all the film production apparatus, sets of clothes, appropriate equipment, and space for studios.

Address: 5163 Duke Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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4. New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

New Brunswick College Of Craft And Design offers courses and internships in aboriginal visual arts. They also provide visual arts certificates for the internship programs.

This is the only college in Canada that offers courses only in fine arts. According to its curriculum, they offer studio-based education to the students and focus on their hands-on training. So the students will become entrepreneurs.

The courses offered by this college are ceramics, the textile industry, graphic design, aboriginal visual arts, metal arts, fashion design, photography, and digital media. It offers a four-year degree program in Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA).

This college has many different campuses located in different places in Canada. Some of those campuses are the Fredericton campus, saint john campus, Moncton campus, and Woodstock campus.

Address: Fredericton campus: 26 Duffie Drive, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Saint John campus: 950 Grandview Avenue, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Moncton campus: 1234 Mountain Road, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Woodstock campus: 100 Broadway Street, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

5. George Brown College Center for Arts and Design

George Brown College Center offers fine crafts, life drawing, and visual arts courses. This college is divided into three schools.

School of Design, School of Performing Arts, School of Fashion Studies. All of these schools offer undergraduate degrees in different courses. They also offer postgraduation courses to the students interested in it.

This college has all the required equipment and experienced faculty to help the students. They also arrange guest lectures from art professionals for their students.

This college has three campuses which are located in Downtown Toronto. Those three campuses are Casa Loma, Waterfront, and St. James.

Address: Casa Loma Campus: 160 Kendal Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Waterfront Campus: 51 Dockside Drive, Toronto, Canada

St. James Campus: 200 King Street, East Toronto, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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6. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is very famous, so many international students study here. This Canadian art school is one of the best because it offers classes on foundational visual arts.

Do you know what foundational visual arts are? This course on basic principles of art and design is completed in one year. Students generally pursue this course first, then go for their graduation.

This art school offers some courses in animation, architecture, cinema studies, multimedia, film television, consumer culture, visual culture, and communication. They teach students how the images, animations, and visuals are formed. The history of these things is taught to students.

Address: 27King’s College, Cir, Toronto, Canada

7. Alberta University of Arts

The Alberta University Of Arts offers many degree programs. This university has all the new instruments and equipment used for game design, game art, contemporary art, graphic design, and visual art.

This art school attracts students from all over the world, so many international students study here and Canadian students because the professors take the students to different studios for work and training. They guide them throughout the training so that the student will get the best.

The fees of this university are nominal. Many university students are working as the best employee in their fields in many industries.

Address: 1407 14 Avenue, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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8. Concordia University

Concordia University offers all courses, but it focuses more on media arts. This university asks students to study and focus on fieldwork.

This art school has a wide campus consisting of nine departments. These departments offer courses like historical arts, cinematic, performing arts, artistic studios, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and visual arts.

This university organizes various webinars and innovative classes for students so they can learn more about their fields. Many artists in their fields came here to take classes with graduate students.

Address: 1455 Boul de Maisonnuve Ouest, Montreal, Canada

9. Ottawa School of Art

Ottawa School Of Art is one of Canada’s very famous art schools. It is a non-profit organization, so this art school’s fees are nominal. This school offers a wide range of courses.

Those courses include landscape painting, sculpture, life drawing, etching, ceramics, lithography, and photography. This school also offers many certification courses for learning artists.

Some certification courses are the Arts Fundamental certificate program, Fine arts diploma, and Portfolio certificate. The students of this university have to work on different projects with professionals to gain experience along with their studies.

Address: 35 George Street, Ottawa, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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10. Yukon School of Visual Arts

Starting the Yukon School was a community college, and then it was transformed into a public university. After its transformation, it enhanced its quality and started many more courses. After becoming a public university, it is listed as one of Canada’s most famous art schools.

This school offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Foundation year program. This art school offers four exceptional liberal study courses and six studio study courses. The students are advised to take more and more webinars, training, and workshops.

The university offers them projects which they have to complete, and this project helps them to become more professional.

This college has a partnership with other art schools, like Emily Carr University, NSCAD University, ACAD University, and OCAD University.

Address: Third Avenue, Dawson City, Canada

11. Ryerson University

Ryerson University was established in 1948. This university offers a full-time course to the students and prepares them for further research in their respective fields.

This university has different departments for different courses like the Fine arts department, the Arts photography department, the Radio and television art department, and many more. This university upgrades its level of education with time.

They also change the setup of their studios with time and set up new equipment and instruments so the students will get digital knowledge. They encourage students to actively participate in events that will help them meet more new talents and learn from those competitions and events.

Address: 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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12. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Emily Carr University was established in the year 1925. This is one of Canada’s most famous art schools because this university focuses on research and education. They offer courses for both undergraduate and graduate students.

They prepare students for further research in their respective fields so they can do something new and innovative in their fields. They offer courses in sculpture, ceramics, arts, practical, and cultural skills, integrated media, creative writing, print media, animation, illustration, and digital arts.

If the students are enrolled in Bachelor of Design, they have many options like industrial design, communication design, and interactive design. They also give combined art and design theory classes and studio practice, a four-year course.

Address: 520 E 1st Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

13. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is one of the best art schools because it falls under the category of a public research-based institute. This college is famous in many other countries because it was established many years ago, and it has expanded itself and provides higher learning programs to students.

They provide degrees in Bachelor’s degrees of Art in Communication, Contemporary Arts, Publishing, Interactive Art, and Technology. This college focuses more on research-based studies so they ask students to do innovations in their fields. The students also do a new experiment in their fields and research something innovative out of this.

They offer courses and undergraduate degrees in dance, theatre, visual arts, music composition, media art, films, visual culture and performance studies, and interactive art and technology.

Address: 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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14. Fanshawe Collge

If you are passionate about your hobby and want to turn it into a profession, then you can select courses from Fanshawe College. They always select talented and dedicated students passionate about fulfilling their dreams.

This art school three years fine arts program in which they teach students about the traditional approaches to visual arts. This college has the perfect environment to explore the fields and polish your talent in you. They believe in field work so they always suggest their students attend webinars, internships and training programs.

They offer painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, digital art, and video courses. They take students on educational trips so that they will gain practical knowledge.

Address: 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, Ontario, Canada

Art schools in Canada
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Criteria for selection of your dream art School

There are many art schools in Canada. They offer many courses, but sometimes the students get confused about how they select the best art school. This is not a big problem. Many students came across this question in their lives.

We will solve this question together as you know which course you want to pursue. Then check which colleges and art schools are offering that course.

After making a list of those art schools, compare those colleges based on faculty, placements, studios, types of equipment in studios, training sessions, fee structure, and many more.

After this comparison, you will find some dream art schools. Now, your work is not done. Now, see the selection criteria of those art schools. Prepare for your selection and enroll in one of the best art schools. Hope this article will be beneficial for you and solve your problem of art school selection.

Final Note

We have discussed a lot about the best art schools in Canada. Nowadays, students are interested in making a carrier in new and diverse art forms fields, visual communication, dance, paintings, print media, and many more right after they pass grade 12. So, for that, they have to study art history and historical and critical studies of communication.

At first, they enroll themselves in undergraduate degrees, then study applied arts and art education. After enhancing their art skills, they will enroll in art colleges for their degree programs to complete secondary art programs. Many students are interested in writing professional artist biographies.

The students can enhance their artistic skills after enrolling in the best art schools in Canada. After reading this article, you can choose the right college for you according to the courses you want to pursue.

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