13 Amazing Private Campgrounds in Ontario: Must Check

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Ontario is rich in natural settings and resources and is divided into northern Ontario and southern Ontario. In fact, the northern side is close to the Great Lakes. As a result, making it a suitable place to have private campgrounds in Ontario.

1. How to Find a Campground in Ontario?

Finding a good campground is a difficult task, perhaps you should look at the easy ways to get into private campgrounds in Ontario through this article. However, please note that the price range of each camp might differ. Since the prices and features change often, you should cross-check with their official sites. The amenities and facilities of campsites add extra cost to the location.

  • The first way to find private campgrounds in Ontario is to look at the Ontario Directory website. You just need to select the location type and facilities you want. And finally, you can book your camps.
  • The second option is to register from the camping and RV council site at Ontario campgrounds.
  • The third way to find campgrounds in Ontario is KOA, which is a franchise offering search options for camping trips. However, please note that this can charge you extra from your original budget.
  • While the fourth option is to go to Hit Camp, which is Airbnb where you can stay to hunt down the campgrounds.
  • The sixth way is importunity just like Hit camp where you can individually book a camping ground.
  • The seventh option you have is suitable only for RV camping where you can spend overnight by parking, which is a perfect free place to camp.
  • The eighth option is to look out the sites like Booking.com or VRBO.

Although sometimes you can camp near the national park, which is free of cost. Here campers can book campsites at popular parks in advance and can reserve a spot. Without wasting any more words, let us dive right into the campgrounds.

private campgrounds in ontario
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2. Exclusive Private Campgrounds in Ontario

Larger campsites often offer a good camping experience with many facilities and more space to witness the breathtaking views. Let us check these exclusive and private campgrounds in Ontario.

However, before choosing the camp, the campers should check the cabins and other features, whether they offer flush toilets or coin laundry with free wifi.

2.1. Bruce Peninsula National Private Campgrounds in Ontario

In the event of Bruce Peninsula National Private Campground in Ontario, it is on the northeast side surrounded by cliffs, rocky caves, and tropical blue water. Despite its rough lands, it offers campgrounds for car camping, which is Cyprus Campgrounds, and two campgrounds for backcountry camping, which are Stormhaven and High Dump. 

Bruce Peninsula
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The private campground Ontario Bruce National Park is a centre for 32 species of ferns and 24 species of orchids. Moreover, the parks offer different fun activities, including swimming pools, bouldering, canoe rentals, cross-country skiing and even stargazing.

Nonetheless, the park is near the Five Fathom National Park, which has several islands and underwater wrecks. It offers a lookout tower to get a vision of all the islands. In summary, the best season to visit the place is summer when you can enjoy a dip in the lakes.

2.2. Algonquin Private Campgrounds in Ontario

The private campground Ontario Algonquin Park was established in 1893 and is declared a national historic site. In fact, over here, you can find the remains of the civil war era.

Also, the place offers ponds for fishing. However, fishing licenses are required as per state laws. The Algonquin provincial park offers canoeing at Lake Opeongo with beautiful island campsites and sandy beaches.

Algonquin Park
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Moreover, you can visit the Algonquin Logging Museum and check out the Lookout trail. Despite the fact, that these spots are missed by most tourists, the hiking trails provide some exciting and varied sights with beautiful sunsets.

2.3. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

The Private Campground Ontario Sleeping Giant is part of the Sibley peninsula in the Northwestern area. Certainly, it is surrounded by beautiful lakes and granite cliffs. However, in the sleeping giant provincial park, you can watch over more than 200 species of birds.

Sleeping Giant
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Furthermore, the top of the Giant is the highest in Ontario, and from above you can spot Thunder Bay. Indeed this is the most beautiful view you can get here in Sleeping Giant. One must not miss out on this place, as that can be one of the biggest mistakes while visiting the campgrounds in Ontario.

2.4. Burley Pinery Campgrounds in Ontario

The Private Campground Ontario Burley is a big private site to camp close to the beach with greenery surrounding it. Consequently, it has the best facilities with good washrooms and silence to enjoy privacy. Furthermore, you will have three camping options in Burley Pinery. As a result, you should check in with the staff or keeper of this campgrounds, and choose your camp.

2.5. Hemlock Campgrounds in Ontario

This private campground, Hemlock, in Ontario is at Grundy Lake Provincial Park, which offers amazing privacy for your sleeping tent. Furthermore, the beach is amazing with nice clear water and fun places for kids, the jumping rocks.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park
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In fact, it is one of the larger campgrounds that doesn’t provide much radio service to give a serene feeling. There are a few waterfront sites but more tents. Therefore, when you are camping in Hemlock, you’ll be able to feel nature more than you ever did.

2.6. Frontenac Provincial Campgrounds in Ontario

This Frontenac Provincial Parks private campground, in Ontario, has a beautiful water sight and is perfect for canoeing. Even hiking is excellent on a journey. In fact, you can enjoy lunch beside the lake and refresh your soul with a touch of nature.

2.7. Ivanhoe Campgrounds in Ontario

The Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park is a small and quiet park with a long, white beach. Despite this fact, you will also notice that the staffs at the service here are excellent. Ivanhoe is quite reputable for its services.

Ivanhoe Crossing
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The big lake here is perfect for different types of water activities. For example, you can go sailing, and fishing, and enjoy the soothing winds. Since you will be dealing with water here in Ivanhoe, you should know about swimming. The sites here are large and have plenty of space for a private walk, hike, or bike.

2.8. Kawartha Lakes Campgrounds in Ontario

This private Kawartha Lakes campground is famous for backcountry campers. In fact, it is a 375 sq km park that can be accessed by canoe. Moreover, there are several lakes in the park giving privacy to the campers with nature to enrich our soul and revive it.

2.9. Rainbow Falls Campgrounds in Ontario

The Rainbow Private Campground Ontario is on the northern shore of Lake Superior. The beach is fantastic with breathtaking surrounding with gorgeous sunsets.

2.10. Long Point Provincial Campgrounds in Ontario

The Long Point Provincial campsite comprises a beautiful, soft, sandy beach with lovely rolling waves that soothe one’s soul while sleeping at night. You can meet diverse and amazing people and have a friendly campsite experience.

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2.11. Massasauga Provincial Campgrounds in Ontario

The Massasauga camp region is in a remote site with food storage boxes and a great fishing site. This is a family-friendly place where you can teach kids about different birds and animals.

Campsite has great platforms with tents, rock fire pits, and a great swimming area with a beautiful sky. So, there will be no problem for you during your stay in one of these campgrounds.

2.12. Prince Edward Country Campgrounds in Ontario

Prince Edward Country is a hidden gem for a camping trip with lots of fun activities, including water activities, skateboarding, and a top culinary destination.

2.13. Mazinaw Lake Campgrounds in Ontario

The view of Mazinaw Rock makes it a beautiful sight to look at with a good sun site and a beautiful place with enough trees to give shade and protection against high winds and rain.

3. Conclusion

Ontario, with its diverse landscape, becomes the best place to camp in Canada. Lakes, beaches, and forests combine to make the trip adventurous. The popular way to camp in Ontario is car camping, canoe tripping, hiking, RV camping, and glamping.

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