16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love

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Golf is a popular and enjoyable sport that many people love to play. Edmonton area golf courses are fantastic golf courses where you can play and have a great time. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing places to play golf.

1. Riverside Golf Course

Riverside Golf Course is a perfect place to start in case you are new to golf or want a peaceful and easy game in Edmonton Area Golf Courses. It is suitable for beginners. You can play there as well as enjoy the beauty of the trees around along with views across too the riverside golf course.

The people responsible for taking care and maintaining the golf course keep everything neat all the time. This way, you can play a nice and pleasant round of golf while enjoying the wonderful views in the Edmonton Area Golf Courses. 

2. Lewis Estates Golf Course

Lewis Estates Golf Course is for golfers who love a more challenging game. It has 18 holes, and it’s what’s known as a full championship golf course because of its difficulty level in Edmonton Area Golf Courses. This means one must be somewhat good in the sport to play here

sunny golf fairway swing
By Markus Spiske on Pexels

The people who designed this course ensured they added water hazards sand traps and bunkers that make the sport much more fun and exciting. Such things as sand traps can complicate getting the ball into the hole so you have to think about how you’re shooting very well.

This clubhouse has a decent building where you can just hang around and relax after your game. They also serve great food there. This may also be one of the good ways to end your day.

Lewis Estates

So for tee time and after your first tee times, when you want it tougher and more exciting for that golf adventure of yours, Lewis Estates Golf Course might just be fine for you. You will surely challenge those skills on an 18-hole course in this Edmonton Area Golf course.

3. Ranch Golf and Country Club

The Ranch Golf and Country Club in south Edmonton is still not known to golf enthusiasts. It’s just a beautiful place where you can play your favourite game amidst stunning nature.

The course here is not too difficult so if you are starting or great at it, you will enjoy it anyway. And the best feeling of peace you can get while you are here is far better.

The golf course could be pretty well maintained, so it’s important to do your best in playing golf. It’s a perfect place where you can free yourself from stress and just enjoy the game.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an Edmonton golf course that isn’t too tough yet allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings around the driving range, then head right up north at Ranch Golf and Country Club. This one is like a hidden gem waiting to show itself on your wonderful day of golf in Edmonton Area Golf Courses.

4. Mill Woods Golf Course

The Mill Woods Golf Course is a paradise for novices. One can take their family and friends along to enjoy the day with them while playing golf games. It’s inexpensive, so it won’t burn holes in your pocket either. And would you believe that they even have mini-golf courses where one can practice putting? 

This golf course behaves as if it’s a friendly neighbourhood. Anyone is welcome here, whether an expert or learning the ropes of this game. The aura is very cool and easygoing – no pressure at all. Come, enjoy, and swing away from those clubs.

So, the next time you think of a great outdoor activity in town, try Mill Woods Golf Course. It’s not too far off, it is relatively inexpensive, and best yet, it is an ideal place to learn and have a golfing blast.

5. Edmonton Country Club

This is a really old golf place – the Edmonton Country Club. This course started way back in 1896 so it has a very rich history. The golf course is super nice with well-kept grass and many interesting challenges. Even though it’s a private club, sometimes they let people come and play as guests.

boutique hotel nature oasis
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 14

If you like golf and want to know what was played on golf courses in the Edmonton area golf course was like a long time ago, this is the place to go. The Edmonton Country Club has existed for more than one hundred years already so when you play there, it’s like stepping back into time through the Edmonton Area Golf Courses.

6. Coloniale Golf Club

Coloniale Golf Club is situated in Beaumont, it is one of the popular Edmonton Area Golf Courses. It’s a wonderful place to play golf. The design of this golf Course has been made so that people who are just beginning to play or those who have played for a long time can also enjoy playing on this court. 

They take care of the great condition of their golf course very well, therefore it always remains in the proper state all year round. The clubhouse is available after you finish your golf. It’s a place where you can sit and relax comfortably. You may discuss the game with friends or just have a good meal.

12 Coloniale Court, Beaumont, AB - Backing 11th Green at Coloniale Golf Course

Coloniale Golf Club serves as one of the best places to enjoy playing golf courses while at the same time spending time afterward in an enjoyable manner. The atmosphere here is friendly and offers joy at its best value, making it easier for even those who are not very skilled in playing golf, also to enjoy their visitation as well. 

7. RedTail Landing Golf Club

RedTail Landing Golf Club is a special kind of golf course in Edmonton Area Golf Courses. It has beautiful views. The big city of Edmonton serves as the backdrop when you play there, and it looks stunning. People say the views are like a postcard!

serene golf course aerial view
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 15

This golf course isn’t easy, but it’s certainly fun to play with. It’s like one huge challenge for pleasure. They call it a championship golf top-level course because only real golfers go here. But if you’re not at the pro level, don’t even fret; just have some fun in these amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses.

Another neat thing about courses at RedTail Landing is they even have courses and a golf school. That means courses where you can learn how to be better at playing the courses by taking classes. So, if you’re new or want to up your swing game, it’s also an ideal place for courses for this.

8. Northern Bear Golf Club

Northern Bear Golf Club is the most super cool place to play golf. It was designed by a very famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus – a golfing hero. This course is like in dreams of golfers. The way it’s set up is different but interesting. The grass on the way is always nice and tidy.

northern bear golf sunset scene
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 16

When you go to Northern Bear Golf Club, you feel like having an adventure in Alberta. You can view amazing nature views while playing golf. Like you are playing it inside a beautiful painting.

It is not the easiest golf course, nor too hard of course. It is just difficult enough to be enjoyable, which makes the game interesting. So, if you are looking for an excellent golfing experience where you feel like a real professional golfer, then visit Northern Bear Golf Club.

You will never regret visiting these Edmonton Area Golf Courses.

9. Jagare Ridge Golf Club

Jagare Ridge Golf Club is a beautiful golf course on the quiet side of southwest Edmonton. This place gives you some peace and a beautiful spot to play golf.

The grass on this course has been well taken care of, making it an elegant spot for practicing your golfing abilities. People who work here are also really nice and friendly, giving your visit that extra pleasure.

twilight golf dining peaceful course
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 17

Experience nature all around and a green atmosphere while playing at Jagare Ridge Golf Club. It’s surely a place to hang out for a cool time with quality open-air activities and the sport of golf. Be it your early days or an experienced golfer; every level belongs here.

So if you’re looking forward to experiencing peace along with beauty while playing golf in Edmonton, then Jagare Ridge Golf Club is just perfect. You’ll enjoy not only the game but also the view. Go ahead and get ready to tee off in style at Jagare Ridge Golf Club!

10. The Quarry Golf Club

This eastern part location of the best golf courses is in Edmonton. The Quarry Golf Club is among everyone’s favourites because it has a different layout from other golf courses in Edmonton.

Its ways are wide with strategically placed and tricky bunkers around, similar to the ones seen on TV. This provides entertainment both for beginners as well as professionals.

Ohio Golf Course Aerial View
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 18

One amazing feature of The Quarry is its play setup. There is abundant water surrounding the course through which one gets to play their game around. It spices up your interest as well as enthusiasm toward playing the game.

So, if you’re in search of a golf course that’s a bit different and gives good challenges, The Quarry Golf Club could be the place for you. People who have been there say they had an excellent time. So grab your golf clubs and head on over to The Quarry for some fun out on the greens!

The Link at Spruce Grove is an ideal place to play golf for people who want not only to have fun while playing it but also in an easy and friendly atmosphere. The classical approach of course design along with the innovations makes the game interesting and challenging.

aspen golf clubhouse entrance
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 19

However, what differentiates The Links at Spruce Grove from others is its easy-going spirit and it is not far from the Edmonton International Airport. It’s not just about playing golf – that’s all about meeting people and having a good time together.

People play here every day because they like it when many other players and golf carts are around at tee time – this creates a special spirit that gathers them together at the tee time times on this wonderful course.

The Links Flyovers - Hole 2

The conventional aspects of design offer the best value for a traditional golfing experience, and at the best value at the same time, modern features bring about an exciting variation to the game. It has a driving range and is ideal for both professional as well as amateur levels of play on the driving range.

12. Windermere Golf and Country Club

Windermere Golf and Country Club is indeed one place where nature’s beauty blends so well with the game of golf. This club has an amazing landscape that has been taken care of throughout the year.

The acres of green fairways, the neat greens in all weather as well as water features for relaxation make it worth your money. One of the greatest things about this club is that it’s not only for people of all ages but also those with different abilities in playing golf.

misty forest river sunrise
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 20

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional golfer or just starting to play this game, Windermere Golf and Country Club will be the perfect spot for your swing. The staff as well as members are kind and welcoming, there is such harmony between players here.

Relax in the gorgeous clubhouse after a lovely, if not challenging, round of golf. Moreover, it is indeed a haven for unwinding. Indulge yourself with sumptuous food and revitalizing drinks that will surely whet your appetite during your stay.

13. The Derrick Golf and Winter Club

This private club allows members as well as guests a peaceful experience of golfing. With an 18-hole course set up at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club, this leisurely setting provides the best course for those wanting to enjoy a quiet round of golf in congenial settings with an ideal spot.

modern office entrance landscaping design
16 Amazing Edmonton Area Golf Courses to Show Some Love 21

All told, whichever Edmonton area course you choose to visit, you can be sure it will be a great one. Each is different and has its challenges, attractions, and facilities so every golfer should find something perfect just for him or her while indulging his passion on the greens. 

14. Twin Willows Golf Club

The Twin Willows Golf Club is a place to break the chaos and business from regular life by playing golf. Contrasting many places where golf courses are placed in noisy and busy environments, this golf club has taken the sport to a completely new level.

Twin Willows Par 3 Golf Course Preview

What it can be related to is that it is the size of a mega playground but one which is more than just golf; it is associated with relaxation, peace and going out with families and friends.

If you are a professional golf player already or just a beginner, the club will be glad to meet all of you here. Offering a warm environment and beautiful landscape surroundings, Twin Willows Golf Club is a great place for people who love playing golf and spending time outdoors.

15. Raven Crest Golf

Located amidst beautiful green fields and trees, Raven Crest is like a big playground for golf lovers.

Raven Crest Golf & Country Club

They have a huge well-kept golf course with proper surroundings. Each part has challenges and a lot of fun stuff happening around it to figure out the best value there. You can easily get the best golf course sticks rented there.

Besides, they have other fine activities. They own a swimming pool at which one can splash in and feel alive on warm days. It is the best place for families to rest over and catch a breath of freshness and sun.

There is also a beautiful scenic restaurant with great food within the Raven Crest. For nature-loving people or the ones who cannot afford to stay away most of the time from nature, there are beautiful trails where one can walk around and take in nature at its best.

16. Victoria Golf Course

One of the quite famous places to play golf in the city is the Victoria Golf Course. This is a very nice location where this golf course is situated. If one is new or wants to learn how to play golf, some professionals can teach that particular person.

Victoria Golf Course, Edmonton Alberta

Therefore, there is also a little you might want to know about the Victorian Golf Course and one of the best things is that it caters to everyone! You can be young or old, beginner or expert – all facilities are available for everyone there.

It’s perfect for spending some quality time in the sun on beautiful days, with friends and family. Playing at Victoria Golf Course isn’t just all about the short game though, but it’s also a matter of enjoyment.

You may get indulged in training sessions so that you may polish your skills and become a better golfer. There is a clubhouse with a snack bar located there to get something to drink and eat.

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