12 Thrilling Ski Resorts Ontario You Must Visit

ski resorts Ontario
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Ontario displays wonderous winter sights that are truly magnificent and a relief to the soul. Find all-natural snow which is a thrilling sight for ski enthusiasts.

Ski your heart out at Ontario’s highest vertical drop and come back for a comfortable dinner and stay at the Ski Resorts Ontario has to offer. This can be a bountiful journey with plenty of facilities these ski resorts have in store.

There is a presence of joy in the atmosphere of these ski resorts, where people from around the world visit to witness such sheer beauty. These resorts are typically located in areas that face significant snowfall, which allows the creation of ski runs and other off-piste activities.

These ski resorts in Ontario offer almost all the facilities a family would demand during their vacation. You can have a fun sightseeing journey with your family as well as an adventurous skiing trip with your friends in these ski resorts Ontario has to offer.

Snorkelling with your friends in summer will be a unique experience in these ski resorts that Ontario holds.

Let’s discuss the 12 Enchanting Ski Resorts in Ontario.

1. Blue Mountain Resort

Celebrating its 82 years of running in the ski resort business, this super-ski resort is considered the biggest resort in Ontario. Belonging to North America this ski resort will give you more of a European vibe as you walk through the streets but is located in southern Ontario. Blue Mountain offers incredible living amenities and exquisite food.

You’ll also have very easy access to this resort as it is only a 2-hour drive if you’re living in Toronto. As the in-mountain restaurants serve great food which you can enjoy in the comfort of scenic spots in front of you.

This ski resort in Ontario has to offer, not only the beauty of the Blue Mountains but also the Niagara escarpment. Being Ontario’s largest resort, it has quite a vertical drop for experienced and advanced ski riders but also possesses the best trails for beginners to learn.

Blue Mountain is also considered the most family-friendly resort that provides luxurious hotels with plenty of natural snow Lake effect snow is meant to happen. Not every ski resort can provide a family fun time but Blue Mountain does not seize to fulfill all the needs that a family could have. As they are bound to have the best of times in one of the best restaurants and hotels such as the Westin Trillium House.

It has a recreational park for skiing and skate-skiing where it’s possible to perform tricks and learn the fundamentals. Blue Mountain offers the best terrain parks for beginner and intermediate skiers. Blue Mountain is the largest ski resort that has multiple terrain parks providing beginner rails and super-pipes for the ease of beginners.

ski resorts ontario
Photo By Blue Mountain Resort

2. Horseshoe Resort

One of the closest Ontario resorts, as it is just an hour’s drive north of Toronto. This resort is located in the Golden Horseshoe region. Horseshoe Resort has a vertical drop of just over 300 meters.

With an all-total of 29 runs, it is not the largest resort but offers 28-mile cross-country ski trails that run through a very attractive woodland assured to mesmerize any first-timer who goes through the whole ski trail. Feel free to go ahead for some fat biking as the trails are made for beginners to professionals.

Keeping aside all the winter activities, Horseshoe Resort offers some of the best steaks and grills that’ll leave you speechless. You can also go for a shopping spree carefree as you’ll find many shops such as Barrie offers shops, stores, and fine dining restaurants as well.

Courtesy: Horseshoe Resort

3. Mount Saint Louis Moonstone

Mount Saint Louis Moonstone is a ski resort that sits on Ontario’s snow belt. It is located about an hour north of Toronto and has one of the most advanced snowmaking systems among Ontario ski resorts.

Mount Saint Louis might be a small mountain compared to many on the list but has the most advanced snowmaking system of all.

There are more than 36 amazing runs in this resort with terrains of many varieties that are preferred by many skiers and snowboarders of all levels starting from beginner to professional. They also provide night skiing professionals who guide you on every step and teach you safely.

There are also several chairlifts and magic carpet lift lines to help skiers and snowboarders access the runs. Following snowshoe trails and snow tubing lanes along with downhill skiing and snowboarding can be such a teaching moment in life.

Courtesy: Mount St. Louis Moonstone

One of the old classic skate skiing resorts in Ontario, Mount St Louis Moonstone shows you true mountain hospitality. Cheap beers in classic ski bars are offered along with great food, which gives this place a great environment. Mount St. Louis provides all of the amenities and some more.

4. Calabogie Peaks Resort

In Calabogie, Ontario, there is a ski and golf resort called Calabogie Peaks Resort. For skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, the resort, which is about an hour’s drive west of Ottawa Valley, offers a variety of activities and even night skiing.

Over 100 acres in size, there are more than 29 runs with a variety of terrain, including glades, groomed runs, and terrain parks. Also, holding on to the crown for one of Ontario’s highest mountains Mount Dickson, grants the highest vertical drop of all these ski resorts has to offer. The resort offers all basic amenities along with the great sensational feeling of outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Calabogie Peaks offers an 18-hole golf course and a range of other outdoor pursuits in the summer, including hiking, mountain biking as well and fishing.  Calabogie Peak Resort offers tons of great memories to share and experiences to gather even after being a small mountain.

Courtesy: Calabogie Peaks Resort

5. Glen Eden Ski And Snowboard Centre

Especially popular for night skiing, Glen Eden gives Ontario skiing a different viewpoint. Lift tickets to the ski hill are quite cheap and there is always a free shuttle running between the parking lot and the ski hill in a 10-minute interval. Glen Eden gets crowded pretty quickly as the ski season arrives.

Just like many ski resorts Glen Eden also has a fully equipped terrain park and skiable terrain for beginners and more experienced skiers separately. It also provides a ski area specifically for learners where they are taught the fundamentals. This destination is also one of the most easily connected destinations of ski resorts in Ontario.

Ski resorts Ontario
Photo by Andre Gaulin on Unsplash

6. Searchmont Resort

It is situated about an hour from the southwest of Sault Ste Marie and offers a variety of activities for skiers and snowboarders of all levels with a variety of terrain including groomed runs, glades, and a terrain park. Searchmont Resort makes it even easier for people living in America as they get easy access through Northern Michigan.

There are also several chairlifts and a magic carpet lift to help skiers and snowboarders access the runs.  Searchmont Resort is a very special resort as it also offers cross-country skiing which offers great sights, snowshoeing, and snow tubing along with downhill skiing and snowboarding.

The resort has a base area with a variety of amenities, including a ski and snowboard school, and a restaurant. In the summer, the resort offers mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

Courtesy: Searchmont Resort

7. Loch Lomond

Close to Thunder Bay, in northern Ontario lies Loch Lomond which has been one of the prime ski resorts Ontario has had for quite some time. Providing delicious food at camp as well as some comfortable living space for resting in Loch Lomond will surely make your winter fun.

With chairlifts and cable lines to support the skiers and snowboarders to reach the vertical high and skiable terrain and a fully equipped ski terrain park. Its ski area is immaculate and will make any skier happy with its size and sight.

Loch Lomond is one such ski resort Ontario offers that has ample space for everybody. Get your lift ticket and climb your way up, as this has a great vertical leap among these few ski resorts.

Courtesy: Loch Lomond

8. Antoine Mountain

This is one of the newest ski hills that now offers a range of activities that the other resorts offer as well. Antoine Mountain scales almost 3 kilometres in distance. Antoine Mountain is one of the most adventurous ski resorts.

Don’t be surprised if do not find any cable lines or chairs that take you to the top of this mountain. The whole experience of getting the vertical drop is very worth it. It is best for trips with friends as this whole hike to the top is assured to make you better friends.

Courtesy: Antoine Mountain

9. Brimacombe

Snowboard your way through the GTA, Brimacombe has an excellent terrain park that will surprise any snowboarder from the top to the vertical drop. With multiple cable lines and lifts for the guests who visit Brimacombre, the ski resort is a must-visit.

Brimacombe also allows snowboarding for beginners above the age of 6 who have no prior experience. As they have some great guides and teachers who are family-friendly. Brimacombe is well-managed and has over 70 ski areas where beginners can start learning.

Also, Brimacombe is one such ski resort Ontario has that has quite a fast-line chair.

Courtesy: Brimacombe 

10. Sir Sam’s

A beautiful sight as you enter the prettiest countryside of Ontario, it is about a 3-hour drive from Toronto. Sir Sam’s is very conveniently located as well as one of the very well-mechanized ski resorts.

Providing proper cable chairs to help you reach the top of the 325-foot vertical drop is jaw-dropping for any beginner but also a fun challenge at the same time.

Some very luxurious inns provide nice hot tubs and great amenities that are worth the effort to visit. Sir Sam’s has many fun winter activities and quite a nice ski area for skiers to enjoy among the many ski resorts Ontario offers.

Courtesy: Sir Sam’s

11. Mount Pakenham

It is situated about half an hour west of Scotia Bank Place, Ottawa, and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and variety of terrain suitable for different skiers and snowboarders of all levels, with a variety of terrain including glades, groomed runs, and a well-built terrain park.

Mount Pakenham can be considered one of the safest and most family-friendly ski resorts Ontario offers.

Besides offering cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing, the resort of Mount Pakenham, has a base area with a variety of amenities, including a ski and snowboard school, a rental shop, and a restaurant.

Courtesy: Mount Pakenham

12. Lakeridge

Lakeridge is one of these excellent ski resorts which is located in Uxbridge, situated about an hour northeast of Toronto, and offers a variety of activities for skiers and snowboarders of all categories.

There are also several chairlifts and a magic carpet lift where you can get a lift with your snowboard, make sure to buy the lift tickets. Lakeridge is one of these few ski resorts where you can fearlessly go cross-country skiing along with many other winter activities.

Courtesy: Ski Lakeridge


Ontario Ski Resorts creates a complete difference in the ski resorts business by providing and pulling massive amounts of ski, snowboarding, and snowshoeing lovers to these destinations.

Few of them in this curated list were just recently built and have such fascinating snowmaking technologies that it ought to be surprising for first-timers.

You can go all classic and skate skiing in this natural snow belt with your friends and family just for a simple but great vacation. There are many more ski resorts that Ontario offers, but these are the few selected ones that will make an incredible skiing journey for anybody visiting these ski resorts for the first time.

Although these are the resorts that were found to be the best ski resorts Ontario has to offer, it would be a great sense of satisfaction to hear about your personal experiences.

Also, if you have been to any of these ski resorts let us know the key and fun details that should’ve been added to it.

Now, if you have already started planning for this trip to ski resorts Ontario is offering, then you should check these articles out.

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