12 Majestic Beaches in Burnaby

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After a busy day in the city, one can unwind on one of the many beaches in Burnaby, listen to the waves and enjoy the time. 

The Fraser River and Burrard Inlet encircle Burnaby’s northern and southern boundaries, and you must know that the beaches in Burnaby are never deserted, whether summer or winter.

12 Majestic Beaches In Burnaby

1. Barnet Marine Park

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In a mood to see the majesty of mountains and oceans?

The Barnet Marine Park located on the shores of Burrard Inlet is an important site for the people of Coast Salish alongside being a century old logging mill camp.

Despite being small, this waterfront park is famous among the Burnaby beaches. This park has numerous beaches and open picnic areas. Both rocky and sandy beaches can be found close to the water.

Summer activities in the Barnet Marine Park include swimming and various outdoor gatherings. Access to the boat launch at the beach area is permitted for kayaks and paddle boards.

2. Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

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Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park is located in the lap of the city and is one of the most popular lakes in Burnaby serving as an important site for the gathering and transportation for the people of Coast Salish.

Lake Park has one of the most beautiful and stunning shores that was once home to bustling sawmills, which houses amenities such as a dock for water sports, a nature house, a viewing tower, picnic areas, and walking trails.

In order for watching wildlife, the viewing tower offers a stunning bird’s-eye view covering this wonderful wildlife sanctuary presenting the the most majestic species herons. Visitors can also visualize diving duck and turtles while kayaking along the currents.

Great blue herons and other uncommon birds like the green-backed heron are frequently seen in this beautiful wildlife reserve.

3. Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

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Looking for a peaceful riverside for an outdoor workout session?

The Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park is the perfect place situated on the northern arm of the majestic Fraser offering the visitors beautiful meadow while tugboats and log booms figure out their path down the currents of the river.

Visitors can also go on a wonderful walk with their dogs here or spend their time strolling down the lanes. There is a huge picnic area located next to the playground here with the facilities of volleyball courts and lockout piers.

4. Deer Lake Park

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The Deer Lake Park serves as an iconic place for Burnaby and is an amazing and peaceful area to experience a serene environment overlooking scenic and fantastic views.

The connecting trails of this iconic park are dotted with rare species of herons, turtles, and beavers. On the northern side of the Deer Lake, visitors will be able to find Burnaby’s cultural center– Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby Village Museum and several others.

The places are collectively a hub of activity during the summer season alongside hosting concerts and several festivals on the Festival Lawn. Canoes and paddleboards along with fishing activities are allowed on Deer Lake for the visitors.


For beachgoers looking to spend time at some of the most breathtaking, exciting, and majestic beaches in the world, Burnaby can be the best spot. Beaches in Burnaby offer a wide range of beach-going options. You can plan and choose accordingly from the list provided for visiting any beach in Burnaby.

As shown by the aforementioned options, the beaches in Burnaby are accessible and accommodate individual preferences.

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