12 Majestic Beaches in Burnaby

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The Fraser River and Burrard Inlet encircle Burnaby’s northern and southern boundaries. The beaches in Burnaby are never deserted, whether summer or winter.

12 Majestic Beaches In Burnaby

After a busy day in Burnaby, one can unwind on one of the many beaches in the city, listen to the waves and enjoy the time. 

Continue reading to discover whether your favourite beach has been listed below.

1. The White Pine Beach

The White Pine Beach, one could choose to go kayaking, swimming in open water, or take a hike along the well-maintained trail by the beach.

Among the beaches in Burnaby, it is also an excellent picnic spot to relax with your family. The available tables could be set up for a barbecue. The restrooms are well maintained, and a drinking fountain is available outside the restrooms.

However, dogs are not permitted near the beach.

2. English Bay Beach

The English Bay Seawall has two segregated pathways, one for walking and the other for bicycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding. One could engage in many activities here, such as a beautiful beach walk along the English Bay Seawall, swimming in the ocean, or simply lying down and absorbing the view.

The bay area of the beach has amenities like restrooms, change rooms, and lifeguard stations. It’s known for its spectacular view of the sunset.

3. Sunset Beach Park

It is less crowded and has a distinct charm. There are logs for people to sit on and observe one of their life’s most mesmerizing sunsets.

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Here you can find a fascinating work of art called Engagement, a 30-foot sculpture of two wedding rings. It is another attraction at the beach, created by the renowned artist Dennis Oppenheim. Sunset Beach Park is a famous spot for beach volleyball and rollerblading and is a favourite dog park.

4. New Brighton Park

It is a waterfront park that faces the North Shore Mountains accessing the Burrard Inlet. The walking trails, an outdoor pool, and beach areas offer stunning views of the North Shore, Burrard Inlet, and Cascadia Terminals’ grain elevators.

Additionally, this is a great location for family and group picnics, dog walkers, and kid activities. It has tennis courts, picnic tables, big outdoor pools, and a concession stand with delicious food.

5. Barnet Marine Park

Despite being small, this waterfront park is famous among the Burnaby beaches. This park has numerous beaches and open picnic areas. Both rocky and sandy beaches can be found close to the water.

Summer activities in the Barnet Marine Park include swimming and various outdoor gatherings. Access to the boat launch at the beach area is permitted for kayaks and paddle boards.

6. Trout Lake Beach

Trout Lake Beach is located near the southern end of Trout Lake, along the cold, slender freshwater lake. This location offers many possibilities for sports enthusiasts.

The playgrounds are the most fascinating and include amenities like tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer for sports. There is a dog park on the northern end, food stands, public restrooms, lifeguards, a swimming raft, a picnic area, and a free parking lot.

7. Burnaby Lake Park

Burnaby Lake is located in the heart of the city and is one of the largest lakes in Metro Vancouver. It has one of the most beautiful beaches – The Lake Park, which houses amenities such as a dock for water sports, an off-leash dog park, picnic areas, and walking trails.

Horseback riding is allowed on specified trails. For watching wildlife, a viewing tower on the north coast offers a bird’s-eye view.

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Great blue herons and other uncommon birds like the green-backed heron are frequently seen in this beautiful wildlife reserve.

8. Tribune Bay Beach

The pristine sea and white sand beaches make it known as “Little Hawaii,” making it the perfect getaway destination for beachgoers and sunbathers. Tribune Bay Beach is another saltwater swimming beach in British Columbia.

9. Kitsilano Beach

Also known as ”kits beach,” it is one of Burnaby’s most popular sandy beaches. The summer months are the best time to visit Kits Beach, as it provides a great avenue for watching beautiful sunsets.

There is a fast-food restaurant on the beach and more dining and drinking options across the street.

10. Jericho Beach Park

It has multiple walking trails with wooden lawns and a large duck pond. Rabbits and otters are also often seen around the park. 

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The Jericho Sailing Centre, a non-profit organization, provides sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and skim-boarding lessons and rentals to the public.

11. Spanish Banks Beach

The Spanish Banks are a set of beaches in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its three distinct components are the Spanish Bank Extension, Spanish Bank West, and Spanish Bank East.

Spanish Banks Beach is famous for trails, family get-togethers and picnics. An ideal location for volleyball and soccer games, as beaches are surrounded by green space.

Spanish Bank West is best known for its low-tide flats. Here, urban explorers enjoy skimboarding and kite surfing. 

Spanish Bank East is favoured for swimming. You will also find a separate bike park.

12. Harbourside Beach

One of the many majestic beaches in Burnaby, which offers dog-friendly space and a completely enclosed off-leash area with access to water.

Compared to other sizes, small dog breeds are more prevalent over there. 


For beachgoers looking to spend time at some of the most breathtaking, exciting, and majestic beaches in the world, Burnaby can be the best spot. Beaches in Burnaby offer a wide range of beach-going options. You can plan and choose accordingly from the list provided for visiting any beach in Burnaby.

As shown by the aforementioned options, they are accessible and accommodate individual preferences.

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