12 Best Restaurants in Surrey for Multi Cuisine

If you are fond of delicious food, we are here for you with a delicious food menu from the best restaurants in Surrey. Look at these best restaurants in Surrey, which will serve you the best seafood and Canadian and Japanese food.

Best Restaurants In Surrey

1. Jasmin Garden

With this fantastic restaurant, let’s start our journey to the best restaurants in Surrey. This restaurant will give you an experience of great Asian and Chinese food. Talking about the food menu, you will get a wide variety of food and many starters.

Many options are available egg rolls, chicken fingers, chicken wings, fried chicken, fried wonton, beef teriyaki, scallion pie, and filet mignon. Talking about their food collection, there are many appetizers.

Jasmin Garden is one of the best restaurants in Surrey that serves seafood and Canadian food. Famous Japanese starters in this section will get shumai pan-fried, shumai steamed, edamame, vegetable tempura, and spicy edamame.

If you are vegetarian, you can have veg shumai which is filled with vegs only if you are nonvegetarian, so that you can go with chicken shumai or shrimp shumai.

If you are looking into soup and salad, then we can say it’s one of the best restaurants in the list of best Surrey restaurants for soup and salad. Here you will get sweet corn chicken, won ton, and Szechuan hot and sour soup ( shrimp or tofu).

In this restaurant, you will get approx. Twelve types of beef and nine varieties of chicken. Moreover, you also get 8 types of pork.

Seafood has also served 12 varieties; many kinds of food are available here: Moo shi, Rice, Noodles, Duck, Curry dish, Egg foo young, and Chop suey.

The staff of Jasmin restaurant is well qualified and familiar with clients providing the best hospitality.

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2. The Samosa House

If you are an Indian food lover, you must know about Samosa. Samosa is the most delicious and mouth-watering snack ever. This Surrey restaurant is fully family-owned.

In this restaurant, you will get eight types of samosa. The restaurant menu will attract you with these samosas –

Delicious samosa, Classy samosa, Spicy samosa, Shahi samosa, Butter chicken samosa, Garden mix samosa, Paneer samosa, BBQ chicken samosa. This is the best Indian food in the list of best Surrey restaurants.

Along with samosa, this restaurant serves many kinds of drinks. They provide vegetarian meals too. When talking about the staff, they are also well managed in hospitality.

One can find some fantastic French cuisine too. They are also available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, making it easier to get quality service and variety in samosa at your doorstep.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is so mild here locals can visit easily with their friends and family too.

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3. Old Surrey Restaurant

Old Surrey restaurant is perfect for fine dining, and it’s one of the stars in the best restaurants in Surrey. Here you can visit with your friends you loved once. Their interiors are also so great here if you visit you will get a new experience of classy and fined dinner too.

On the menu, you will get many popular dishes and ethnic cuisine too, like- Jamboo prawns, seafood platter, breast of chicken, soups, spinach salad, and appetizers.

Looking into the wine menu, there are so many options in these two with delicious food. You will have mind-blowing wines, too, like vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry, melon liqueur, and whiskey is available with beer and cider.

You can book your table for a specific date or event, which will help you celebrate your occasion more comfortably. It can be a little bit pricey in your pocket if you are looking for a reservation in advance.

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4. Prairie Café

This Surrey BC restaurant will give you a tasty morning with breakfast like pasta, hamburger, ham and cheese omelette, french toast, pancake, sandwich salad, and burger. Don’t forget to fill your plate with dessert too.

This restaurant is built in a cosy little place, but the place is charming and clean. They are not taking too much time to prepare your order. If you are hungry and in a hurry, you can go here. Orders are prepared on time and not so costly.

Dining is available here and takeaway too. Here you will get Breakfast and lunch only, not dinner. It’s perfect for brunch with your friends and family.

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5. Fresgo Inn Restaurant

Outdoor seating is available as per your choice. You can choose your table.

  • In Breakfast, you will get – Blueberry pancake, oatmeal, toast and fruit salad, poached eggs, eggs croissant, salad, salmon oshi, beef sub, sandwich, fries, hotdogs, chicken, and fish.
  • The lunch menu is filled with – meatloaf with mashed potato, chicken stew with rice, a hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potato, and a Denver sandwich with salad.
  • Dinner notable are here – lamb kabab with greek salad and sauces, chicken stew with rice, salmon with a baked potato. These meals will make your stomach super happy I will suggest you try these.

This is one of the best restaurants in Surrey that provides delivery. They are not giving delivery facilities. They provide dining and takeaway services only.

best restaurants in surrey
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6. The Cabin Restaurant

It is located near boundary bay which gives the best view to see which attract more and more people to come here we can say it is also in the list of best restaurants in Surrey.

Here you will get popular dishes of Surrey BC and new Canadian food as well if we are talking about the facility of this restaurant in the meal they are providing.

The cabin offers resto delicious Canadian seafood. You will also get vegan food, even though gluten-free options are available. Do not worry if you are a pure vegan. Dining is available takeaway and delivery too.

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7. Afgan Kitchen Surrey Restaurant

Afgan kitchen is commonly known for its great atmosphere and food, its menu featuring traditional Afgan cuisine with modern sitting, and this place is also good to stay and spend time with your loved ones and yourself.

Afgan kitchen has been open for a few years. Its quickly declared the best new business town by the Surrey board. If we are talking about service, they are dealing with the quality they proving takeaway and dining facilities too, the staff is so friendly and attentive.

In this, you will find a special diet section you will get- slow-cooked chicken, a vegan option and a gluten-free option. These dishes are available with an Afgan kitchen Surrey.

This is one of the best restaurants in Surrey. As you visit here, you will be able to see they are providing many services like parking available, wheelchairs available, along with the food they are serving alcohol, beer, and whiskey. Here you can get a special gift card for your special one.

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8. Kinghasam Restaurant

If we are talking about the best restaurants in Surrey, then we can’t skip the name of Kinghasam. This restaurant is famous for its location. Kingham is located in the heart of the Surrey hills. It looks like a housing cover with a tree from the outside, and if we are talking about inside décor, then it’s thoroughly classy and cosy with dim lighting. It’s perfect for date nights and another for a business deal.

Here you will get experience of great food in the cuisine British and healthy food you will have. The menu is filled with many types of vegan and non-vegan food. If you were craving something best to go and catch the offer.

Kinshasa is one of Surrey BC’s pricy restaurants. The most important thing about this place important is you want to have eaten without here with your plans. You have to reserve a table. Without reservation, you will never get a place here.

Let’s talk about what this resto provides – free WIFI, reservation, parking, and street parking are also available, except American Express and credit cards, and cash is also accepted there.

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9. Sushi Mori Japanese Restaurant

Sushi welcomes us with its delicious menu with the finest and freshest ingredients. It’s one of the famous places in British Columbia for Japanese food.

If we look into décor, this is fully decorated with Japanize-style blooming cherry trees, the interior too.

Many combos are available in their excellent food collection for meat and shrimp pork. It was not much pricy. You can eat whatever you want from their collection.

A vegan option is also available here. You can go with your vegan friends too. They are not providing facilities such as parking WIFI etc. they are providing reservation facilities, serve alcohol too.

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10. Caption’s Oven Pizza

Caption’s pizza offers us a wide range of artisan pizzas. They are famous for the most demanding dinners in Surrey, BC.

Caption’s oven pizza cooked all their pizza with hand-toasted Neapolitan crust, topped with fresh and high-quality fresh ingredients and green pepper. Then they bake it in a handcrafted baked oven.

Restaurants do not generally use this way for baking pizza like this. This way of cooking pizza makes “Caption’s Pizza” different from other restaurants, and this idea of a handcrafted oven might steal from mum’s recipe.

Many restaurants use urban culture to cook and serve their food, but only a few restaurants traditionally cook your meal.

Here are dine-in and takeaway facilities. They are not proving your order at your doorstep, so if you want to enjoy delicious pizza, come here.

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11. Tap Restaurant

Tap restaurants are famous for their Canadian eatery and feature locally sourced dishes and French-inspired patio seating. Their cuisines are filled with European, contemporary, and Canadian meals.

If we are talking about unique cuisines, they are available with a vegan option; gluten-free options are also available so that if you are vegan, you can visit here and enjoy the tasty food.

With their comfort food, they provide drinks too if you are kin of drinks so, come here you will get new experience form here.

Here you can make reservations from their website you can plan and birthday party or any function with customized decoration.

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12. Dominion Bar + Restaurant

Dominion bar is located in the heart of Surrey, BC, and one top of the best restaurants in Surrey. They are commonly designated for bunches, mid-day meals, dinner and cocktail bc wines, and local craft beer.

As defined by the name, it’s a perfect place for both, whether you want to go to an official night party or a friend’s party.

Dominion bar gives us special offers like-

Drinks offer Inspired cocktails, classic wine, special tea, coffee, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks are available.

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After checking all the surrey bc restaurants, our culinary journey ends with the best restaurants in Surrey. You can come here for your party and a bunch in Surrey, BC, and the bar is also available with a wide variety of wine and beer, where you can enjoy after-night parties, and also you can come with your family to any restaurants.

No need to be scared. You can easily choose your comfort food according to your mood and occasion.

So if you are a foodie or your team member are foodies, let them go here to have their favourite meal anywhere.
This restaurant will give you the best experience of these few best restaurants in Surrey you must try.

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