12 Best Restaurants in Ottawa

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Ottawa is one of Canada’s most beautiful and extraordinary cities, and most importantly, it is the capital of Canada.

The city offers excellent reasons to visit it. You can explore this fantastic, magnificent city to travel to some perfect destinations, enjoy the nightlife of Ottawa, chill, party, and spend time with your loved ones.

Amongst all this, the great reason to visit this wonderful city is that the city delivers you with a wide variety of delicious food and drinks which you can have with your friends and family and make your brunch and dinners a perfect one!

So, explore some of the best restaurants in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to have a perfect dining experience.

12 Best Restaurants in Ottawa

There are multiple locations in Ottawa where you can enjoy meals with a signature dish with international flavors, a great variety of dishes on small plates, and perfect seating with great patios.

The restaurants also have a relaxed atmosphere, which will give you calming vibes and make you feel fresh and happy.

This will make your brunch more exciting by having a wonderful meal and fine dining experience with a cozy environment and healthy vibes.

So, here is a list of the 13 top Restaurants in Ottawa that you should certainly check out.

1. Hunter’s Public House Restaurant


Hunter’s Public House Restaurant is a classic pub that has a nice ambiance with a large and beautiful patio where you can sit comfortably. Also, there is a kid-friendly dining area that your kids can enjoy.

The restaurant has comprehensive menu options that will blow away your taste buds with delicious and crispy dishes. You can try their variety of starters, such as spinach and artichoke dip.

Also, you must try their full meal options of fresh seafood such as new Hattan seafood, salmon, shrimp, steak tartare, and buttermilk chicken burger.

Some highly recommended signature dishes include pizza, wrapped meatloaf, walnut salad, French onion soup, hamburger, fish, and chips that will give a unique taste to your taste buds.

Their drink menu is also very creative, with nice whiskey and craft beers on tap. They have over 50 beers. The beef tartare is a must-try.

This fantastic restaurant and pub organize trivia every Thursday, which is very entertaining. Also, on Fridays and Saturdays, you will experience super fun live music.

So, along with some tasty food, you can enjoy your evening with music and entertainment at this beautiful place.

So, visit this restaurant and enjoy craft beer with great food and snacks. The restaurant’s address is 4750 Bank St, Gloucester, ON K1T OA8, Canada.

2. Cumberland Pizza

Screenshot from Cumberland Pizza  
Screenshot from Cumberland Pizza  

Cumberland Pizza is a family-owned pizza restaurant right in the heart of Ottawa.

The pizza served here is fantastic, with a wide variety such as pepperoni, Canadian, vegetarian pizza, and many more with lots of toppings and many fresh local ingredients. Even lots of meat and bread are also provided, which are very tasty.

So, if you are fond of eating fresh pizzas or love Italian and Greek food, then do check out this place for having pizza at a reasonable price which is their signature dish.

The pizza is rightly cooked with a thick crust. The restaurant is clean, with fast service and friendly and accommodating staff.

You must also try the zucchini sticks, as you will love them, as well as gyro sandwiches, wings, and salad. They are superb.

Take your friends and family to this small pizzeria and enjoy great pizzas with them.

The address of this restaurant is 152 Nelson St, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7R5, Canada.

3. Amuse Kitchen and Wine

Screenshot from Amuse Kitchen & Wine 
Screenshot from Amuse Kitchen & Wine 

Amuse Kitchen & Wine is a restaurant that serves delicious food. The restaurant gives cozy vibes and is nicely decorated with brick walls and cool furniture.

The food is of great quality and nicely presented, and this place offers some wine. This restaurant’s space is small, making it an intimate venue that is a perfect destination to enjoy your dinners with your close ones. You will have a great dining experience here.

Their signature dish is seafood and meat, and they also offer great beverages, that are beer, cocktails, and wine.

The special dishes you must try are charcuterie board, smoked duck breast or duck tartare, shrimp, beef tataki, lamb, and quail, which are highly recommended.

Also, try salmon carpaccio, which is a refreshing salad that is a seasonal dish.

The menu of this restaurant is so great that you will have a hard time selecting the dishes and enjoying them with wine pairings.

The seasoning of dishes is exceptional. It has small plates on which charcuterie platters and tartare are served. Have your food and have a perfect wine accompaniment.

The address of this restaurant is 500 Eagleson Rd, Kanata, ON K2M 1H4, Canada.

4. Beckta Dining and Wine

Screenshot from Beckta Dining 
Screenshot from Beckta Dining 

Beckta Dining serves Asian-inspired seafood and Canadian and Caribbean cuisine on its menu and a separate bar area to enjoy your drinks.

The decor of this restaurant is retro style, having orange booths and armchairs, and along with this, it is styled by the blue patterned carpet, which looks fantastic and gives excellent vibes.

The specialty of this restaurant is that you can choose from their à la carte menu or an interactive chef’s tasting menu.

If you are in this restaurant, you should try some of their signature dishes, including roasted celeriac purée, string beans, and heirloom tomato demi-glace.

The ambience is great, and you can enjoy the food on special occasions. The dishes served here are of excellent quality, and the portions of meals served are great.

Also, don’t leave the restaurant without trying the desserts, which are simply awesome, and you will surely love them. So, visit this restaurant to make your night special.

The address of this restaurant is 150 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4, Canada.

Local Business Spotlight - Beckta

5. Fraser Cafe

Visit Fraser Cafe to hang out with your friends and have the best lunch in this restaurant. It offers globally inspired dishes on its menu with communal seating.

The food is phenomenal and is served in ample portions, which are nicely presented on your plates. They also have a variety of great drinks, especially craft beer.

The place is vibrant and beautiful. So, visit here with your special people and feel the great vibes of this place.

Try shrimp croquette, oysters, bigoli, tomato sofrito, bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin, beef cheek, and peach dessert for something sweet.

Try these dishes with mocktails. You will enjoy the combination. It is a classy restaurant with an awesome patio where you can enjoy dinner.

Make your weekends more special by having a perfect brunch in this restaurant. It is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy outstanding food with music in the background.

The staff of this restaurant is very friendly and accommodating and takes care of your needs. The address of this restaurant is 7 Springfield Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1C8, Canada.

6. Play Food and Wine

Screenshot from Play Food and Wine 
Screenshot from Play Food and Wine 

Play Food and Wine is a casual restaurant that serves small plates and great wines. Stephen Beckta, the owner of Beckta Dining & Wine, and Chef Michael Moffatt and Shane Brown run the restaurant.

The atmosphere of this place is great, and the food is excellent.

Try the creamy and cheesy soup, super delicious scallops, Parisian gnocchi, which has wide flavors, pork belly salad which is exceptional, perfectly cooked, and crispy salmon, and beet puree that this restaurant offers.

The ingredients used in the dishes are fresh and unique, giving a perfect taste. This place is best for having dinners with your friends and families that will make your day.

So, do not think twice and visit this place ASAP and have an amazing experience. This restaurant’s cocktails, craft beer, and wine are worth trying.

You can also arrange your private parties upstairs in this restaurant and have an incredible dining experience.

The ambiance is great, the food is perfect, the drinks are outstanding, and the menu has vast selections. This restaurant has covered everything that you need.

So, don’t miss the chance to visit this restaurant in Ottawa. The address of this restaurant is 1 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S7, Canada.

Ottawa Eats S1EP12 - Play Food and Wine

8. Chesterfield’s Gastro Diner

Chesterfield’s Gastro Diner is a perfect place to enjoy your dinner and brunch with authentic and fresh ingredients.

It serves health-conscious brunch meals in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Try some of their best brunch, such as mimosas, the fun melt guy, and Spice Girls’ brunch. The food is perfectly cooked and served.

The menu has great options for dishes. The pancake served is delicious. Also, try chicken and waffles, Israeli board. Don’t forget to try their jerky chicken, which is full of taste that you can have with some coffee.

This place is one of the best Restaurants in Ottawa to have excellent brunch with your family. They also have vegetarian options for people who prefer to eat veg food only.

It is a small yet very cool restaurant in Ottawa. So, visit this place to have a perfect meal.

The address of this restaurant is 1433 Wellington St. W #111, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2X2, Canada.

8. Heartbreakers Pizza

Screenshot from Heartbreakers Pizza 
Screenshot from Heartbreakers Pizza 

Heartbreakers Pizza serves great starters, incredible pizzas, wonderful drinks, and a wine shop where you can enjoy some amazing wine.

The pizza in this place is prepared using fresh ingredients with great sauces, which you can have on the nice patio of this place.

Everything about the pizza is great, be it dough, crust, toppings, flavors, and the dips with which you can have them.

Enjoy the tasty thin-crust pizza with a garlic dip, which is most recommended as it gives perfect taste to your taste buds, which will blow you away, and great toppings. Also, try the very nice wings.

Their menu includes a great variety of pizzas to choose from, such as heartbreaker pizza, sweetheart pizza, pineapple pie pizza, and the Broco City.

Also, try banoffee pie trifle. It also tastes very nice. It is among the popular places in Ottawa where you will find a great variety of dishes.

So, do visit this restaurant to experience top-class pizza in Ottawa with great and noteworthy drinks that can be a glass of wine, champagne, or beer.

The address of this restaurant is 465 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1H5, Canada.

9. Rangoon

Rangoon is a Burmese restaurant in Ottawa that serves authentic Burmese food on its menu. It is a must-visit place to try different Burmese dishes.

So, if you haven’t tasted Burmese food and want to experience it now, then this restaurant is for you.

The menu of this restaurant is reasonably priced and serves unique cuisine with lots of flavours. Once you taste these dishes, you will want to have them again and again.

For the main course, you can go for coconut chicken. You can try Shan-styled noodles, thick or thin noodles, and also, try green tea salad, which is phenomenal.

The dishes are available in both spicy and non-spicy options, and you can have any, depending on your preference. It is the highly recommended place to try flavouring Burmese dishes.

So, go and visit this place to have an amazing variety of Burmese food with your friends and family.

The address of this restaurant is 634 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5K4, Canada.

10. NeXT

My Dish: Michael Blackie

This restaurant in Ottawa serves cuisine that has strong Canadian roots.

The decor of this place is solid, with cream walls that are matched with dark tiled flooring.

This restaurant features an open kitchen with a diverse wine selection and unique cocktails, and the atmosphere of this place will give you lovely vibes, making it a perfect place to enjoy mouthwatering food.

Steak is the most recommended dish in this place, and it is cooked and served perfectly. Along with that, have a taste of other dishes such as fried cheese curds, which are crispy and tasty, and watermelon salad and papaya salad.

If you love trying new and different salads, all the dishes offered here are spectacular. If you are looking for a venue that has the best romantic vibes, then this restaurant is worth trying for that purpose.

This restaurant will give you the finest and perfect dining experience. The service is fast with friendly staff who are very attentive and take care of the minutest details so that you don’t have any trouble and can enjoy your meal.

The address of this restaurant is 6400 Hazeldean Rd, Ottawa, ON K2S 1S4, Canada.

11. The Whalesbone Oyster House

This is also a very interesting restaurant in Ottawa that serves some great oysters and a variety of seafood.

It is the best restaurant for a seafood lover, but the seafood menu keeps on changing, and it depends upon the local fishermen and local farmers of this area.

This is because the restaurant will only be able to provide you with authentic seafood when these fishermen catch something.

Coming to the decor, the restaurant has brick walls and dark furniture, which makes the space excellent. The overall look is wonderful, and you will enjoy having your dinner in this restaurant.

The seafood platter is amazing. You will have the best Caesar salad in this restaurant. The vibe of this restaurant is something you will enjoy the most.

You will also get to hear some nice music in the background. All this together will make your evening very special.

This restaurant is famous for serving great oysters, which are very fresh and, at the same time, so delicious.

Along with that, you will also love their salmon and soup, and the deep-fried ice cream is a must-try. You can visit this place on your special occasions and events and make them more special by trying these best dishes.

You will undoubtedly have a memorable night. So, do try the variety of appetizers and main courses of this outstanding restaurant in Ottawa.

The address of this restaurant is 430 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y8, Canada.

12. Absinthe

Screenshot from Absinthe Café 
Screenshot from Absinthe Café 

Absinthe Café is a lively bistro that serves food whose menu keeps on changing with some wonderful cocktails.

The decor of this place is something you should not miss, as it has black leather booths, dark tables, and light and soft lighting.

You can start your meals with salmon and tuna tartare and even the great options of duck dishes and some nice mousse and then go on to a large variety such as horseradish aioli and steak fries.

You can celebrate your birthdays in this place as it will be a great idea to spend your day with your people and with great food.

The variety of food is great, and you can choose from their menu and enjoy your day with the drinks offered.

The bistro atmosphere is fantastic and will give you great vibes. 

All this together makes this place a perfect spot for you to explore the new variety of local food and hang out with your friends.

Try their delicious selection of desserts, such as chocolate fondant, ice cream, and Crème brûlée, which are super delicious.

The address of this restaurant is 1208 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Z7, Canada.

The Footnote

So, what are you now waiting for? Quickly go to these 13 best restaurants in Ottawa and enjoy the mouthwatering food and drinks of distinct varieties.

Enjoy the mouthwatering classic dishes these popular restaurants offer and make your day memorable.

Take your friends and family with you so that they can also experience the best food in the Ottawa restaurants.

Why are the restaurants in Ottawa called the best? It is because they have world-class ambiance, outstanding service, wonderful patios, and high-quality food, which you won’t find anywhere else.

So, do not miss the chance to visit them and experience these Restaurants in Ottawa.


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