11 Best Restaurants in Banff You Can’t Miss!

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Best Restaurants in Banff

Even though it is a small town in the Canadian Rockies, you will discover some of the best restaurants in Banff in Canada. Being a town of mountains, Banff doesn’t slow down when it comes to supplying the best food in Banff.

Banff attracts a lot of tourists, especially because of its diverse cuisine-filled restaurants and the most wonderful views in Alberta. After a hectic day in the mountains, you can easily come across a few of the best Banff restaurants in the area.

Whether you’re craving meat courses, vegan food, or simply delish heavy snacks, every Banff restaurant is out there to keep your tummy full and happy with their top-notch food menu. From Indian restaurants to Banff restaurants with gorgeous views, there is nothing that Banff cannot offer.

You’re assured that eating at Banff restaurants will be among the best experiences you’ll have while exploring the Canadian Rockies. Since there are too many great restaurants in Banff, it is impossible to restrict the list to a few options.

But the current list is narrowed down to some of the most fantastic Banff restaurants you can ever discover in Canada. So, sit back tight and relax, for we’ll be revealing all the best eateries in Banff where you can expect both a happy meal as well a cozy time.

1. Best Restaurants in Banff

1.1 Sky Bistro

With an ethereal skyline view and top-notch food, Sky Bistro is the topmost answer for your search of a good eatery in Banff. With the most exotic meals in Canada, Sky Bistro proves itself the best Banff restaurant with such gorgeous panoramic views.

Situated at the Banff Gondola Upper Terminal, on top of Sulphur Mountain, Sky Bistro has the perfect view from the top to satisfy both your appetite and your visual aesthetic needs. Their delicious food has the freshest ingredients that are brought by the ‘farm to summit’ system.

The food is influenced by the best farmers and top crop producers in Canada, so you can be assured that you’re tasting the best cuisine of the Canadian Rockies. Even if the food and the experience can be a bit pricy but it will be cheaper if you take a special package, called the Sky Experience Package.

sky bistro
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Here, not only you be riding your way up to the Banff Gondola but also enjoy a two-full gourmet meal course exclusively from the Sky Bistro. So, technically you enjoy both the view and the food at this great affordable price range, which may seem to vary at times.

Sky Bistro is the most unique because no other Banff restaurant can do it as they do. The delish cuisine and the mountain range line that Sky Bistro offers are something to die for.

There are also two other packages, called the Northern Lights Experience and the Banff Lunch Experience during the day, so choose which one works for you.

1.2 Banff Ave Brewing Co.

It is famous for its bar food, bear range, and upbeat atmosphere. If you’re looking for a cozy warm place with a relaxing vibe to sit back and have a drink, visit this Banff Avenue Brewing Center.

If you’re lucky on weekends, take a seat at the outdoor seating of this restaurant and you’ll find a wonderful to spend your time drinking a high-quality beer with some of the best delish bar food snacks in stock. They brew their own beers with fine flavor and quality, so no wonder this pub and restaurant is so popular in Banff.

Being one of the best Banff restaurants, this wine bar has a wide range of tasty cocktails and beer drink menus, so if you’re confused about your order, feel free to call for a beer sampler. Yes! You can try almost every flavor in this sampler, without spending too much.

It is Banff ave restaurant in Banff, where snacks are offered from late evening to 11 at night. So, if you’re returning late from your Canadian journey, stopping by this warm and friendly pub will be the best idea.

Along with the best food and amazing cocktails, Banff Ave Brewing Co certainly climbs up the list of the top-notch restaurants in Banff. If you’re traveling to Banff, visiting this beloved place is a must for everyone.

1.3 Banff Springs Hotel Restaurants

The list of the fairmont banff springs hotel restaurants is large, and yet these are one of the best. A few of the Banff Springs Hotel restaurants are the famous Waldhaus Restaurant, the 1888 Chop House, and the Vermillion Room.

If you’re visiting the Canadian Rockies, these Banff Springs Restaurants are a must to visit. Special for their exquisite afternoon tea session, these restaurants in Banff are doing a great job of pleasing their customers with incredible food and service.

Rundle Bar at Fairmont Banff Springs
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Proudly known as the Banff Castle Restaurants, these deluxe restaurants are certainly worth the price with their luxurious hotel experience, exotic mouth-watering food, and drinks. If you’re having a romantic fine dining experience amidst the Canadian Rockies, these hotels have to be your number one priority.

If you’re confused about which Springs Hotel to choose from, all four restaurants are exquisite and specialize in different cuisines. For a delish steak meal course, head straight to the 1888 Chop House. Looking for a Creamy Cheese Alpine Fondue? Waldhaus is the answer.

Finally, if you’re craving Charcuterie Boards topped with margarita, the Vermillion Room is always welcoming you. If you’re up for such a classy and grand dining experience, these hotels shall be your go-to.

1.4 Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine

The most brilliant and tastiest Indian restaurant in Banff, without a second thought. Situated on Bear Street, this classic Indian restaurant is the perfect destination if you’re looking for the best Indian cuisine in Canada.

From delicious food like Butter Chicken to the sweetest desserts like Gulab Jamun, every food here screams perfection and is filled with strong taste and flavor. They also buffet, with a limited range of food dishes, but even so, the food you are served is top-notch.

A few of the other crowd favorites are – Bison Curry, Lamb Biriyani, which is a must-try, Mango Lassi, sweet and creamy, and finally the Shrimp Pakoras with Chutney which is finger-licking good. You do not have to think twice when taking the first bite, they are just exquiste.

Whilst there are other Indian Restaurants like Indian Curry in Canada, there is something about the Indian Food in Masala, you simply cannot resist.

1.5 Farm & Fire

If you’re looking for a simple meal with great food along with meat, pay a visit to the Farm & Fire restaurant near the Banff National Park, which is certainly among the top-ranked restaurant, for a reason.

It falls under Banff Jasper Restaurants and is the new restaurant in Banff that is booming ever since its opening. With extraordinary food and delicious cocktails, along with brunch meals as well, this kitchen bar restaurant uses the best ingredients from the best farmers in Canada.

It has a lovely menu for desserts and other food, so definitely this restaurant proves to be the best that uses wooden fire to cook their roasted meat.

best restaurants in Banff
Image from Farm & Fire

There are also a few of the crowd favorites on their menu, which are – The Mountain Mobb and Down the Rabbit Hole for Brunch, Rotisserie Chicken and Scotch Egg for Dinner, Kickboxer and Hot Mess for Drinks, and finally Wildlife Amaro and Chocolate Mousse for Desserts.

With all these all-rounding aspects, it is certain that Farm & Fire is among the best Banff restaurants in Canada for a full-course meal time. So, if you’re wandering near the Banff National Park at any time during your tour, feel free to stop by this warm and cozy kitchen bar and restaurant in Banff.

1.5 The Three Ravens Restaurant

Don’t confuse this place with the Three Bears where you can find the famous Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich! This is the Three Ravens Restaurants, the ultimate popular Banff restaurant with the most breathtaking views and amazing food.

Coming second after Sky Bistro, this incredible restaurant is a crowd favorite for its top-rated artistic food, and an extensive wine list with spectacular views from the top floor of the Sally Borden Building.

If you’re craving a fine dining room with high-end food and exemplary service, Three Ravens may be your favorite. With a perfect eye for detail, Canadian cuisine is presented too gorgeously to eat. You cannot stop looking at their food presentation.

It is the epitome of a romantic date night destination, especially if you’re on a honeymoon or are celebrating an anniversary with your loved one. This outstanding restaurant in Banff is certainly one of the hidden gems in Canada that will never disappoint you.

Their food changes from time to time due to their seasonal menu with the local ingredients supply, you can experience the best views of the bow valley with fresh mountain air in Western Canada.

Three Ravens is truly a wonderful addition to the Banff restaurant line. This exquisite restaurant has even made it to the list of Open Table’s Best Banff Restaurants in Canada. So, you certainly can expect a lot from this place.

1.6 Nourish Bistro

When it comes to finding a great Vegan restaurant in Banff, not many restaurants have excelled as much as Nourish Bistro did, even though it is a Vegan restaurant.

This place is so popular and delicious with the food they serve that even non-vegan tourists cannot help but visit this Banff restaurant, quite often. If you never thought that vegetarian food can be delish and addicting, Nourish Bistro will change your mind entirely.

With a diverse range of Vegan food, this Bistro uses the freshest ingredients to serve you the healthiest meal you can find in the Canadian Rockies with a strong twist of flavor. No wonder the restaurant is named ‘Nourish’ since it actually nourishes your health with fresh nutritious food.

best restaurants in Banff
Image from Nourish Bistro

They even have brunch, dinner, gluten-free, and other dietary options for every kind of meal one can look forward to. From soda drinks to mocktails and desserts, you can find everything here for everyone.

A few of the top-rated favorites here are listed, in case you get confused staring at their extensive list of delicious food. So, here are some of the crowd favorites that you must try – The Kimchi Burger, Chicktan Waffles, Mac N’ Cheese, and Chocolate Raspberry Cup as the dessert.

The reviews of this vegan restaurant are absolutely positive and tourists love dining these plant-based items since the flavor is the most delicious. So, whether you’re a vegan or not, Nourish Bistro will draw you in effortlessly.

1.7 The Grizzly House

It is famous for its amazing food and service is the Grizzly House. Renowned for having the best steak in Banff, this restaurant certainly lives up to its reputation.

Infamous for its standard Cheese Fondue that will be served at the beginning of your meal. Later on, the session of classic roasted meat course of Canadian Meats will be served, like Beef, Ostrich, Bison, and even Crocodile.

As a Swiss tradition, they bring the meat to your table and cook it right in front of you which really luscious and mouth-watering. However, as a caution, do not wear your delicate clothes or your favorites since the grill oil will completely ruin your clothes and will make you smell like it, as well.

For the ending after the delish meat meal, the Toblerone Fondue which essential for their Swiss-inspired cuisine and the traditional vibe of the inside of the restaurant. If you’re a hardcore fan of Fondue and Steak, this delicious Grizzly House has the best food to offer in the Canadian Rockies.

The interior design of the restaurant is somewhat old-fashioned with wooden tables and old telephones settled at every table from the old Swiss times when other diners used to call on those telephones.

With all these aspects, Grizzly House is certainly one of the quirkiest, when it comes to Fondue, Steaks, and World Famous Nachos. Make sure to add this iconic restaurant to your go-to list as well, while visiting the Canadian Rockies.

1.8 Eddie Burger Bar

Situated on Banff Avenue, The Eddie Burger Bar is definitely the best burger destination in Canada, if you’re craving giant, thick, and creamy burgers. It may seem weird how a simple burger bar made up the list. Well, that is how great the place is!

Starting from a creamy diverse range of burgers to smooth milkshakes and poutine, this bar is the ideal spot for grabbing a mouth-watering heavy burger meal on your way from an exhausting day in Canada.

Since it is a Bar after all, it is the perfect spot for bringing in your friends or partner for greasy and heavy meal time. They also offer plant-based meat patties in the Burger, so if you’re a vegan, Eddie Burger Bar is there for you!

Whilst it cannot be much of a fancy place to dine, it does not compromise with the quality of food they serve. The Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger is one of the best burgers that you can eat there, so do not miss out on that!

So, for all Burger lovers, Canada has something special waiting for you. If you’re traveling to the Canadian Rockies, do not miss out on this thrilling deluxe burger zone. You’re assured that you’ll discover the best burger of your life at Eddie Burger Bar.

Even though it does not offer full-course meals or is family-friendly, the dedication to its food quality and diverse menu has got them among the most-loved restaurant in no time.

1.9 Bear Street Tavern

When it comes to creating the best and most delicious pizzas in Canada. With a perfectly cozy and warm atmosphere along with your family and friends, Bear Street Tavern is definitely a top-notch choice.

With a great range of cocktails, pizza, and other great food items, Bear Street Tavern is an award-winning restaurant for the Open Table’s Best Diners Choice. Each and every pizza of theirs has a quirky twist to its recipe with honey and oil, which fits the pizza just perfectly with flavor.

There is also a wide-ranged open patio available for eating out under the Sun with your family on a relaxing weekend with a delicious big pizza. The patio is also dog-friendly, so remember to bring your little friends too, to join the fun at Beer Street Tavern.

A few of the best pizzas here which are crowd favorites are – The Godfather ( Top-favorite ), Double-Double, and Viva La Pizza. For the Beers section, a few of them are – Three Bears Brewery, Rotating Seasonal Tap, and Grizzly Paw.

So, if you’re looking for an iconic pizza and beer with fine cocktails and dining, visit the Bear Street Tavern, without any hesitation. You’re assured that the food here is high-end with an amazing atmosphere for gatherings.

1.10 Park Distillery

Park Distillery when it comes to great food as well as amazing cocktails, especially vodka, and whiskey. The theme of their cuisine is quirky, which is a campfire-inspired menu but obviously Canadian.

With an amazing patio available during the summer months, the restaurant is the definition of beauty and coolness, if you may ask. Since it is quite a popular restaurant and bar, this place is always bustling with crowds.

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It is best to book ahead your reservations when it comes to visiting Park Distillery or you have to wait for open spaces since the restaurant is generally pretty busy. Even though they are renowned exclusively for their cocktails and drinks menu, their food is also worth mentioning.

A few of the best mouth-watering food here is – Bacon Cheddar Burger, Shrimp Tacos, Prime Rib, and Hickory Truffle Fries. For the cocktails and drinks section, there are – Park Caeser with Clamato, Glacier Punch, and Storm Mountain.

With all these delish food items and drinks, it is impossible to not fall for the charm of Park Distillery. No wonder it is an ideal place to pay a visit along with your family and friends.

1.11 The Balkan Restaurant

It serves authentic Greek food amongst all the other Banff restaurants. A fine-dining restaurant where you can discover delicious greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the same place with a twist.

The restaurant is large and spacious so it is already ideal for coming over with your family or group of friends. With a great cocktail menu as well as healthy food, this Balkan restaurant is certainly among the to-ranked restaurants in Banff.

If you’re a little too hungry, it is best to try their ‘The Ultimate Greek Feast For Two’ which is simply challenging yet delicious. Apart from that, the fried food and the delicious gyros are something you’d die for.

They also have a great cocktail list under an intimate rustic ambiance. Unlike many restaurants, Balkan has a unique quirk to its own, so definitely visit this amazing restaurant in Banff whenever you visit the Canadian Rockies.

2. Conclusion

Finally, the list of the best restaurants in Banff has come to an end. The list was pretty long and definitely enough. Banff has plenty of stunning restaurants with exquisite decor and fascinating food to deliver.

In addition, some of these restaurants are located near the Banff Rocky Mountain resort, which is again a reason why you should try these eateries at least once. However, you can also check out Maple Leaf Steak & Seafood in Tunnel Mountain Resort, which again gives you a special reason to eat at this place.

So, let us know which one of the restaurants in Banff you love the most and why? Which one would you visit if you were in Banff right now? Comment below what you think!

We would love to hear from you.

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