Savoring Canmore: 11 Best Places to Eat in this Charming Mountain Town

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Canmore is a small town located in Southern Alberta in west Calgary. It is a fantastic Canadian Rockies town with magnificent scenery, glorious mountains, and beautiful art and culture.

This has been the visitor’s favorite vacation destination for many years. There are numerous tourist spots in Canmore and several places to eat.

You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, or stroll through the markets, galleries, boutiques, and bookshops.

With two distilleries and three breweries, Canmore also provides an eclectic food scene to its visitors. Many popular restaurants in Canmore serve authentic Canadian cuisine and offer a pleasant dining experience.

Top Places To Eat In Canmore

 1. Sauvage

Sauvage is located at 633 10 St, Canmore, Alberta.

Screenshot from Sauvage
Screenshot from Sauvage

1.1. Highlights

This restaurant is considered the most romantic restaurant in Canmore. The decor and the ambiance are romantic and elegant. It is also known for its chef’s tasting menu.

1.2. Foods And Drinks

Sauvage offers contemporary Canadian cuisine. Every course served here is a delight with its unique flavors and textures.

The restaurant serves foraged, local, and seasonal sharing plates with wines and cocktails.

You will find a variety of tasty foods that you might have never tasted before. Try their meat bacon, Panna cotta, lobster, nudi, red fox, or crispy ants.

Be ready to have their 5-course or 7-course meal. The 10-course meal “Hunter” is a delight for all foodies.

You can also opt for vegetarian and gluten-free options if you wish to.

 2. Market Bistro

One great outlet to eat in Canmore is the famous French restaurant Market Bistro, located at 75 Dyrgas Gate #102, Canmore.

Screenshot from Market Bistro
Screenshot from Market Bistro

2.1. Highlights

This Canmore restaurant is a wooden building with a liquor store and a summer patio with great outdoor seating. The locals and tourists love to visit this place for a simple but delicious meal.

With a view of the Three sisters community, this restaurant has an open kitchen, big windows, brilliant staff, beautiful views, and a cheerful atmosphere.

2.2. Foods And Drinks

The menu items deliver a combination of traditional French and Italian dishes. The duck confit, salmon, prawns, mushroom risotto, lamb meatballs, salade Nicoise, baguette, cheese board, tuna Crudo, soups, salads, and other dishes are ready to delight your taste buds.

A completely different menu for kids is also available that offers a variety of pizzas, pasta plates, and sandwiches. Don’t forget to have a taste of yummy desserts after your meals.

The restaurant is also known for presenting one of the most affordable and extensive wine lists in Canmore.

3. Iron Goat Pub And Grill

The Iron Goat Pub And Grill is one of the best restaurants at 703 Benchlands Trail, Canmore.

Iron Goat Pub and Grill  in Canmore Alberta

3.1. Highlights

The Iron Goat Pub Grill has two-story high soaring windows, a huge fireplace, and one of the most beautiful patios in downtown Canmore, blessed with magnificent mountain views. It has a lovely decor inside; its front doors are very cool and attractive.

They showcase the Iron Goat Pub Grill as a perfect place to eat peacefully and make many memories.

Not only this. The restaurant also arranges small to medium gatherings for special events. There is a beautiful timber-frame building purposely built to handle such events.

3.2. Foods And Drinks

The food here is wonderful, including salads, steaks, and burgers.

The starters like cornbread, nachos, or bruschetta, or the main menu items like fish and chips, shrimp linguine, steak sandwich, and Alberta game meatloaf are perfectly prepared and beautifully served.

Try the pickled pink Caesar, or check out the pub area with several wines and cocktails. Overall, it is a wonderful place to have a drink or refreshment after finishing your hike.

4. Where The Buffalo Roam Saloon

This restaurant is located at 626 8 St #2, Canmore.

4.1. Highlights

Where the Buffalo Roam Saloon is another gem in downtown Canmore with contagious vibes and lovely music that plays on long for the night, the staff is very attentive and loves showcasing the best of Alberta’s ingredients.

This restaurant cum bar serves global eats and weekly brunch with the best craft cocktails, beers, and wines.

4.2. Foods And Drinks

Whether you want a coffee, breakfast, or brunch, the menu has everything to satisfy your cravings.

They offer duck wings, tuna Crudo, fried chicken, rib pasta, and much more on small plates. On the other hand, the large plates have frites, meat, and cheese. Besides, the salads, vegetables, and desserts are also served innovatively.

Also, check their cocktail menu, which has a wide range of local cocktails, classics, mocktails, wines, and non-alcoholic sodas available at very reasonable prices.

Two Cowboys: A Tiny Saloon and Watering Hole in the Wall, Where the Buffalo Roam in Canmore, Alberta

5. Thai House Restaurant

Thai House restaurant is at 1306 Bow Valley Trail #7A, Canmore.

5.1. Highlights

The restaurant offers the most authentic Thai cuisine in the Bow Valley. It is a very clean and tidy restaurant, just off Main Street in a small strip plaza. The interior is bright, colorful, and spacious.

It provides impeccable service and great food at an affordable price.

5.2. Foods And Drinks

The most popular dish in the restaurant is Pad thai, which you must try. Some foods that taste extremely good are red curry from Alberta beef, chicken satay, spring rolls, green curry, chicken cashew with coconut rice, spicy beef, pork dishes, chicken wings, spicy curries, and golden shrimp.

You can also buy light snacks, including spring rolls, salad rolls, or yummy noodle soups. The restaurant also offers an excellent range of beers and cocktails.

6. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is located at 838 10 St, Canmore, Alberta.

6.1. Highlights

It is an award-winning family restaurant that specializes in pizzas. Don’t miss the chance to have a peaceful dinner here if you are passing nearby.

They also organize pizza-making nights and parties for adults and kids.

6.2. Foods and Drinks

This Canmore restaurant serves the most delicious pizza in town. Some of them have fascinating topping combinations. Also, try their homemade pasta, seafood, organic meats, desserts, and exciting lunch combos made with organic, fresh, farm-to-table ingredients.

Local craft beers, house-made cocktails, and BC VQA wines are also a part of their menu.

A special menu for kids offers creamy macaroni, veggie plates with hummus, chicken noodle soup, and much more.

7. Ramen Arashi

Ramen Arashi is a highly-ranked place to eat in Canmore. It is located at 1000 7 Ave #105, Canmore.

Screenshot from Ramen Arashi
Screenshot from Ramen Arashi

7.1. Highlights

If you are craving some authentic Japanese food, this is the restaurant you should visit. Asian food is also served here in different combinations.

Despite being small, it has a cozy, comfortable atmosphere with lovely decorations. The outdoor patio is nice, and the staff is attentive and generous.

So, this restaurant is a perfect choice for those who love ramen. Once you step in, it might become your favorite restaurant.

7.2. Foods And Drinks

The Ramen Arashi restaurant offers an extensive list of ramen to its guests. You can have huge bowls of ramen at a minimal price. Other foods are also served in great portions and at a reasonable price.

The seaweed salad, spicy miso, large chicken bowl, and several ramen dishes are popular among the visitors.

8. Crazyweed Kitchen

Next on the list is the Crazyweed Kitchen located at 1600 Railway Ave, Canmore.

Screenshot from Crazyweed Kitchen
Screenshot from Crazyweed Kitchen

8.1. Highlights

A modern Canmore restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

This restaurant has been running for over two decades and always tries to bring something new to its guests. The staff is excellent and helpful.

8.2. Foods And Drinks

The award-winning chefs at Crazyweed Kitchen never let their customers down. You would get overwhelmed by the varying menu items.

The menu includes snacks, desserts, small plates serving soup, masala ribs, fried chicken, salads, and fries, while the great dishes include Thai chicken, chef’s curry, massaman lamb chipotle crusted bavette, and much more.

Kids also love their cheesy pasta, cheeseburgers, chicken, and chips.

The bistro-style restaurant has an ever-changing wine menu that offers the best wines available in the market. So, you must try some wine or cocktails there.

9. The Summit Cafe

The Summit Cafe is an amazing breakfast spot at 1001 Cougar Creek Dr #102, Canmore.

Screenshot from Summit Cafe
Screenshot from Summit Cafe

9.1. Highlights

The Summit Cafe will be your ultimate destination if you are looking for any restaurant with the best breakfast.

The restaurant is quite simple but very clean, bright, and well-maintained from the inside. Viewing the mountains while sipping your special coffee from the restaurant is enough to make your whole day.

9.2. Foods And Drinks

A variety of breakfast foods, along with coffee and other drinks, are served here. You can have eggs in several forms: spicy mix eggs, traditional eggs, burritos, veggie omelets, special eggs, and lots more.

Apart from egg varieties, enjoy the tastes of toasted bagel, oatmeal, grilled cheese, chicken panini wrap, soups, and salads.

10. The Sensory Restaurant

The Sensory is a restaurant cum lounge located at 101-300 Old Canmore Rd, Canmore.

Screenshot from The Sensory
Screenshot from The Sensory

10.1. Highlights

The Sensory restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Canmore and a perfect relaxing spot. You will be surprised by the stunning mountain vistas with regional cuisine and wine pairings.

You can also celebrate special occasions like birthdays or private parties in its beautiful decor and lovely atmosphere.

10.2. Foods And Drinks

The menu is so unique and tempting that it can drive anyone crazy to eat here. Enjoy some delicious duck wings, Caesar salad, halibut, or charcuterie, all prepared from locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

11. Graze Food And Drink

Graze Food and Drink is at 102-717 8 St, Canmore.

Graze Kitchen & Bar

11.1. Highlights

It is an amazing, funky spot serving great dishes with beer and is known for its quality dishes in Canmore.

It is a family-owned restaurant with a welcoming staff and a pleasant atmosphere. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are also available here.

11.2. Foods And Drinks

The mouth-watering dishes and beautiful table presentation will surely make you visit here again. Try some pancakes, French toast, poutines, and beverages for breakfast.

You can choose from various soups, salads, burgers, bowls, rolls, tacos, and fries in your lunch. An extensive menu of wines and cocktails is always there for you.

Wrapping Up – Canmore’s Dining Scene

Canmore, being a primary vacation destination, never lets you down. Besides its beautiful scenery, mountains, and wildlife, you will find several amazing places to eat in Canmore.

So, try their best servings and delight your cravings for experimental and trendy food items in the above-listed restaurants.

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