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Physical Fitness is essential for people. People often visit gyms for physical fitness purposes. There are many best gyms in Nanaimo, BC. These gyms give you a total fitness experience designed with high-quality fitness equipment.

The gyms have personal training sessions, coaching services, certified trainers, strength training programs, sound equipment, and stair climbers. These gyms have convenient access to people and give many amenities to people, such as private showers, private restrooms, massage chairs, no-pressure fitness consultations, fitness veterans, exclusive discounts, global access, and free workout sessions for first-time visitors.

1. Importance of Gyms

Doing gym is a process of doing a physical workout. Physical workouts or gym sessions are essential for a healthy livelihood. Physical workout increases stamina, strength, energy, confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.

Physical workout reduces the risk of various diseases. Some are metabolic syndrome, anxiety, stroke, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, depression, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cancer, and many more.

Physical workout burns calories and extra fat. It controls the weight. Physical workouts transport a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen in the body. It also promotes better sleep. A gym workout session makes us more focused.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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2. Best Gyms in Nanaimo, BC

There are many gyms in Nanaimo. These gyms are healthy for many people. Many gyms offer membership to their customers so that it will become their home club.

These gyms have various facilities like a steam room, free wifi, a juice bar, unlimited access to the equipment, and a judgment-free zone. There is a special discount for business owners in some of the gyms in Nanaimo.

Let’s discuss the best gyms in Nanaimo in detail.

2.01. Harbour City Fitness & Tanning

Harbour City Fitness & Tanning is one of the best gyms in Nanaimo. This gym has certified trainers who give personal training to the people. They help you to achieve success in your goals. This gym has many amenities, and if it is your home club, you can use this equipment anytime.

Welcome to Harbour City Fitness

2.02. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the outstanding and leading gyms in Nanaimo. This gym has more than 2500 branches all over the world. This gym gives Pf Black Card to its permanent customers. This card has many benefits.

Planet Fitness Gym provides a personal dietician to permanent customers who will plan their diet according to their workout patterns. They also provide personal certified trainers to their permanent members.

Planet Fitness Virtual Tour

2.03. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the leading, outstanding oldest gyms. They organize an informational meeting for their members. In that meeting, they introduced them to the gym equipment, how to use them, what should be the sequence of using them, and many more things. This gym is very airy and spacious.

They also trained many national and international athletes. The main focus of the trainers is strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Anytime Fitness Gym: Step Inside

2.04. Dolly’s Gym

Dolly’s Gym has all the necessary equipment used in the gym. Here you can get access to machine presses, dumbbells, punching bags, chest press machines, bench presses, tricep extension machines, shoulder press machines, back extension machines, leg presses, and many more.

2.05. Oasis Training

Oasis Training first builds the beginners’ confidence and introduces them to their workout plans. The personal trainers are very sympathetic and give proper assistance. They motivate people to do better than yesterday. This gym has its own energy supplement store and juice bar.

They also organize some camps to tell the importance of physical benefits to the people. The workout boosts the endurance and energy level of the body. These qualities make it one of the leading and outstanding gyms in Nanaimo.

2.06. Fitness World

Fitness World is well known and one of the best gyms in Nanaimo. This gym has elite coaches who train members. They teach them the right procedure for doing gym. They educate them about the pre-preparation and post-preparation of going gym. 

Fitness World Gym

2.07. Fitness Edge Health Club

Fitness Edge Health Club provides high-quality fitness coaching services with exclusive discounts. They also provide personal training to beginners. This gym provides various amenities to first-time visitors, which makes it one of the best gyms in Nanaimo.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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2.08. Sluggers Family Gym

Sluggers Family Gym is one of the best gyms in Nanaimo. This gym has a lot of equipment for beginners and professionals. It also has massage chairs and so many other amenities. First-time visitors feel accepted in this gym because of its happy environment.

3. Types Of Equipment In Gyms In Nanaimo

There are many of equipment in gyms in Nanaimo. All the equipment has its specific targets. The equipment is different for bodybuilders, gym professionals, and beginners.

Let’s discuss all the equipment in detail.

3.01 Stationary Bicycle

Exercising on a stationary bicycle is an easy and effective way of burning body fat and calories. It also helps in strengthening muscles, lungs, and heart. The stationary bicycle has many biological advantages. Stationery bicycles are available in all the home clubs and gyms in Nanaimo.

It helps in reducing blood pressure and maintains blood sugar levels. It also lowers and stress level and makes you energetic. It improves brain functioning and builds a strong immune system.

It is a low-impact workout that strengthens the legs, knees, ankles, and lower body muscles. The exercise of a stationary bicycle is done according to the workout plans. It has different intensity levels, which are planned according to the workout plan.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.02 Dumbbell Set

A dumbbell is complete workout equipment. It improves the complete health of the person. This is used by every person working out in the gym. There are multiple benefits of doing exercise with dumbells in the gym. Dumbbells are very common equipment in gyms you will find them in the home club and all the commercial gyms in Nanaimo.

There are abounding benefits to doing dumbbell exercises. The dumbbell exercise increases muscle activation and stabilization. It also helps in the identification and elimination of strength imbalances.

The dumbbell exercise helps in the freedom of movement of the body. It prepares the body for more workouts. The dumbbell sets can work in different planes of motion. It lowers the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.03 Treadmills

Treadmills are used for running. This is a warming-up exercise. Treadmills have more benefits than running on the surface. While running on the surface your legs get more pressure and strain which is a chance for leg, ankle, or knee pain. Treadmills are the warming-up equipment that is available in all the gyms in Nanaimo.

Treadmills are available in various designs. They have various features such as heart rate monitors, step counters, and fitness trackers. It teaches the various aspects of a workout such as control of the body, inclination time, speed up the process, energy used during the workout, and warm-up and cool-down sessions.

There are abounding benefits of exercising on a treadmill. This helps in persisting the good mental health of the person. It builds the person’s cardio stamina and helps maintain muscle strength and endurance.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.04 Training Bench

Training Bench is a multi-purpose equipment for the gym. This is used to do weight training. It is also used even in sit-ups. It is available in various designs such as fixed inclined, horizontal, folded inclined, and many more. This equipment is for beginners so you will find it in all the gyms in Nanaimo.

It also has two or more adjustable portions, making it easy for beginners. The benefits of using a training bench are it increases the strength of the upper body, it also prepares your upper body for more exercises and workouts. It also improves the muscular endurance of the person.

3.05 Barbell Set

The barbell set is the longer and stronger version of the dumbbell set. It is used for competitive sports and free weight training. Athletes and bodybuilders mostly use these.

There are many exercises which are done by using a barbell set. This equipment is found in some specific gyms in Nanaimo because bodybuilders and gym professionals only use it.

People use barbell sets to do weightlifting, bench press, squat, overhead press, bicep curls, and deadlifts. The barbell is used to do sport-specific training. This will increase the range of motion of the people.

It is used to strengthen the full body. It also plays a crucial role in fixing muscle imbalance. It helps in improving body composition and muscles. It also plays a crucial role in burning stubborn belly fat.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.06 Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are also known as ergs and ergometers. Most gyms in Nanaimo have this equipment. This machine requires the use of both the upper and lower body in every stroke. It is a full-body exercise. This exercise is highly beneficial for the heart and lungs.

Majorly it targets three muscle groups calves, quadriceps, and glutes. The upper body strengthens the arms, obliques, pecs, and abdominal muscles. It is a low-impact exercise with many advantages specifically it is used to burn calories. Beginners do this exercise. It is done to build endurance and power. Sometimes, it is used as an alternative to the elliptical and treadmill.

3.07 Chest Press Machine

The Chest Press Machine is especially for the upper body. In this exercise, you have to lift heavy weights with the help of your arms. This exercise specifically targets the shoulders, chest, biceps, and deltoids. The correct method of using this machine is to sit upright and then with the help of your arms hold the rod. Now you have to push the weight plate load to and forth from your chest.

This machine is used to increase the strength and size of the chest. Generally, sportsmen and bodybuilders use this machine to increase the size of the chest. There are specifically three designs of chest press machines.

One is simply one in which you have to sit straight. And other two are inclined and declined chest press machines. You will find all the versions of the chest press machine in all the commercial gyms in Nanaimo.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.08 Bench Press

The bench press is the first step of weight lifting. Beginners start with the bench press. It is the smaller version of the barbell set. This equipment specifically targets the triceps, back, shoulders, and pectorals. When you start this exercise, you have to take a proper posture because you will hurt your spine due to improper posture.

You can find this equipment both in commercial and home gyms. There are two different types of bench press one is the incline bench press and the other is the decline bench press.

In an incline bench press, your back will get support at an upward angle but the high inclination is strictly prohibited because it will lock your elbows and arch your back which will cause some serious injuries. You will get bench presses in some specific gyms in Nanaimo because professionals only use them.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.09 Arm Extension Machine

The Arm Extension Machine is used for developing good triceps. In this exercise resistance weights are used to build good triceps. Using this machine, the tricep gets extended. This is the perfect equipment for people who want to extend their triceps.

This equipment is found in commercial gyms in Nanaimo because it is bulky and needs a lot of space. This exercise is generally done by golfers, tennis players, gymnasts, and basketball and baseball players to increase the strength of their arms.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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3.10 Overhead Press Machine

Overhead Press Machine is also known as Shoulder Press Machine. In this exercise, you have to lift weights over your head which is known as an overhead press machine. There are straight bars in this equipment with the help of these bars you have to push the weights.

This machine is more beneficial than the free weights because it is more balanced and specifically targets the muscles and causes less or no injuries. This equipment is easily available in all the gyms in Nanaimo.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4.01. What Is Meant By PF Black Card?

Ans. Pf Black Card is for the assurance of membership. It is given by Planet Fitness worldwide. This card shows that you are a member of Planet Fitness gym and you will get many perks with this card.

4.02. What Are The Perks Of The PF Black Card?

Ans. If you have a Pf Black Card then you will get amazing benefits. You can easily access the 2,400 gyms of Planet Fitness at any time. You are free to bring guests when you come to work out. You have your massage chair and you have access to tanning and hydro massage rooms.

4.03. What Are The Best Strength Training Exercises?

Ans. The best strength training exercises are single-leg box squats, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, kettlebell swings, single-leg deadlifts, glute bridges, military presses, dumbbell floor presses, triceps extensions, and push-ups with elevated arms.

4.04. What Are The Essential Things That Must Be Included In The Gym Schedule?

Ans. The three essential things that must be included in your gym schedule are aerobic exercise, flexibility exercise, and muscle-strengthening exercise.

4.05. What Are The Finest Meal Before Going To The Gym?

Ans. The best things to eat before going to the gym are whole-grain toast, oatmeal, protein smoothies, veggies, bananas, scrambled eggs, almond butter, avocado, and milk. The gyms in Nanaimo also provide personal dieticians to the person.

Gyms In Nanaimo
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Final Note

This article will introduce you to many gyms in Nanaimo. Gyms are very important for building muscle and losing fat. In gyms, people can exercise physically apart from their busy schedules.

These gyms in Nanaimo offer free workout sessions for new joiners. They also give coaching regarding the gym equipment and amenities to the beginner. They also do a good selection of exercise for the people which will give them more benefits.

The initiation is always done with easy exercises such as jumping and aerobics then you will move forward with treadmills, weights, rowing machines, and much more equipment. Some of the well-known gyms in Nanaimo are Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and Fitness World.


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