Brewed Perfection: A Coffee Lover’s Guide to The 10 Best Coffee Shops in New Westminster

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New Westminster, a city with a rich history, is also home to some of the finest cafes for brewing coffee.

It is heaven for all coffee lovers around the world! It provides some of the best coffees in the world, and the coffee shops also have a great ambiance that will light up your mood. 

Best Coffee Shops In New Westminster

1. Old Crow Coffee Co.

If you have been looking for breakfast sandwiches and a cup of exceptional coffee on your menu or a delightful lunch dine-in at an art-filled cafe, this one is for you.

It serves the most organic brews with pastries, grilled cheese sandwiches, and some unique desserts.

It is an excellent place with sidewalk seating and a good location in New Westminster, BC.

2. The Hide Out Cafe

Screenshot from The Hide Out Cafe
Screenshot from The Hide Out Cafe

You will find this“hidden gem” with pleasant staff serving epic food such as tea, coffee, wraps, pastries, and much more, with great taste and a lovely community in Westminster, Canada.

It’s a fine cafe with a tasty lunch, perfect cappuccinos, housemade baked goods, and fair trade coffee worth visiting restaurants in the Lower Mainland.

You can enjoy playing board games or sitting comfortably in a corner reading a book at the cafe, along with the great coffee and comfort food.

3. Craft Cafe

Craft Cafe is a lovely little coffee shop in the town selling perfectly cooked cheese sandwiches, hot coffees, and drinks with the best taste in the New West.

It is an excellent place with cute and warm gestures selling cards, chocolates, t-shirts, and other things besides fresh coffee, dessert, and Canadian cuisine.

This friendly service at the cafe makes it a perfect place in the West at a reasonable price.

4. Flavor Balance Espresso Bar

Flavor Balance Espresso Bar offers hot coffee, tea, and a variety of fresh dessert food in Canada.

This coffee shop in Canada also offers room for tasty cakes and rose lattes.

The hospitable staff and the friendly service provide a great place to catch up with friends in Westminster, BC.

5. Serious Cafe

coffee shop menu options
Image Source: Serious Cafe

Suppose you want fresh servings (bread, donuts, toast, or sandwiches) with delicious, hot, or cold beverages, head on to Carnarvon Street Downtown.

The Serious Cafe is rated the finest coffee shop in the New West. You can find many beverage options in this place, like chai, coffee, smoothies, and organic teas.

The opening hour of this place is very early, and hence is a great spot for breakfast. 

6. Hive Cafe

You can book a table, dine in, sit comfortably, and enjoy your brew at the Hive Cafe coffee shop in Downtown New Westminster.

This famous coffee shop in New Westminster connects people for meetings and hangouts with baked goods, lattes, coffee, and chai.

It is a fine restaurant that uses the finest coffee beans with milk and flavors in brewing handcrafted coffees.

The price is high, but the baked cinnamon buns, homemade cakes, and seafood servings at the store are worth trying.

7. Take Five Cafe

Screenshot from Take Five Cafe
Screenshot from Take Five Cafe

Take Five Cafe on Columbia Street, Westminster, offers take-out or dine-in options for sizzling hot sides and beverages.

Besides coffee, latte, and tea, you can also get beer and wine at this coffee shop.

If you are looking for great coffee and an excellent selection of foods (wraps, sandwiches, pastries, and much more), this is the place for New Westminster coffee lovers with a funky uptown atmosphere.

Take Five Coffee Shop is renowned for two reasons in New Westminster: First, it is located in the Brewery District, and second, it offers a blend of specialty coffee from the best coffee beans and gourmet foods. 

8. Tre Galli Gelato Caffe

Tre Galli Gelato Caffe offers varied cuisine in a café environment with tables overlooking the water.

The café on picturesque Quayside Drive offers a wide selection of gelato in mouthwatering flavors and Italian coffees.

They use a family recipe they’ve kept hidden to make homemade gelato.

The most incredible pizza in town is made here, the thin-crust variety, a local favorite.

This restaurant is easy to reach even during peak hours because of its excellent location. Most visitors have commented positively on the staff’s friendly gestures and quick services.

9. Jim’s Cafe

Jim’s Cafe offers excellent meals at affordable costs with pleasant service. The place is an amazing spot for breakfast if you are looking for a filling meal for a reasonable price.

Order arrives quickly, in large servings, and with courteous service.

You may order online or dine at Jim’s Cafe near Belmont Street.

10. Gourmet Cup

This little shop serves excellent coffee at New Westminster’s Royal Square Mall. This cafe is excellent for enjoying coffee while at the mall.

In addition to coffee, they also sell smoothies, causa, mochaccino, and other reasonably delicious soups.

Wrapping Up

New Westminster, a haven for coffee enthusiasts, offers unparalleled coffee experiences.

From hidden gems like Old Crow Coffee Co. to the delightful Craft Cafe, each coffee shop has its uniqueness, but they will surely offer a perfect cup of coffee and some delectable treats.

So, if you find yourself in this beautiful city, explore some of its finest coffee shops and discover New Westminster’s vibrant coffee culture.

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