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Provincial Park Lake Simcoe is one of the most visited provincial parks in Ontario because of its location, view, and the number of recreational and adventurous activities it provides to visitors.

Ontario has a number of provincial gardens with large green spaces and any of these gardens are protected and conserved by the government organizations of the provinces of Canada as part of the national heritage.

In addition to being used as recreational places, some of these provincial parks also function as reserves for ecological research and studies.

Due to its popularity, the lake is often crowded and filled to capacity.

Not just this, you might have a number of questions regarding the location of the park, or the various activities that take place in the park.

This article will guide you on your trip to the provincial park and help you plan your visit with the family.

Ontario Parks

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Ontario is home to a number of gardens that are protected as natural resources by the Ministry of Environment.

These parks are protected as significant sites of national heritage and also provide visitors with pretty good views along with many recreational activities and education in terms of the conservation of green spaces in the country.

Parks in Ontario cover a large portion, which is around 10 percent of the surface area of the province.

Many of the parks in Ontario follow the principles of recreation, preservation, and conservation as part of the Natural Heritage Education program while providing opportunities for visitors to wonder at some of the marvelous scenes in the city.

The parks in Ontario are looked after by the government. The Ministry of Environment and its branch, Ontario Parks, are administered by the government of these protected parks.

Ontario parks are divided into the following categories according to their areas, location, and purpose:

(a) Recreational Class Park

(b) Cultural Heritage Class Park

(c) Natural Environment Class Park

(d) Nature Reserve Class Park

(e) Waterway Class Park

(f) Wilderness Class Park

Provincial Park Lake Simcoe

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Provincial Park Lake Simcoe has an area of 225 hectares with beaches, forest trails, and other adventurous lookouts.

Lake Simcoe has a shoreline of 240 kilometers, which helps in offering a number of adventurous and fun opportunities, including fishing, boating, and swimming.

People can spend their days exploring various adventurous activities with their family and especially their children, while at night they can even camp in the park if the weather is suitable.

Like various other provincial parks in Ontario, Provincial Park Lake Simcoe is an important tourist destination.

It also helps in the protection and conservation of the natural resources of Canada through sustainable measures.

Lake Simcoe in Provincial Park Simcoe

Provincial Park Lake Simcoe
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Located in southern Ontario, Lake Simcoe is the fourth-largest lake that lies wholly in the province.

It is fed by thirty-five tributary rivers, most of which originate in the Oak Ridges Moraine and drain into the lake.

The lake was known by the name Ouentironk (meaning “Beautiful Water”) by the native people before the arrival of the Europeans.

In 1973, the lake was renamed. John Graves Simcoe gave the lake its name after his father, Captain Simcoe.

On the southern shore of the lake lie a number of smaller residential towns, including the town of Georgina.

The lake is scattered with several smaller islands, which include the following:

(a) Thorah Island

(b) Strawberry Island

(c) Snake Island

(d) Helmers Island

(e) Fox Island

Earlier, the water level of Lake Simcoe was so low that it could be crossed by walking, but on the completion of a waterway, the level increased.

Though the lake has little commercial importance, it offers a number of recreational activities and comfort stations for people to spend their day in the quiet of the area.

The lake is also called Canada’s ice fishing capital due to its abundant availability of cold-water fish.

During the winter, a number of ice fishing and skiing competitions are held due to the freezing of the lake, while during the summer, the lake hosts many boating competitions as well.

Lake Simcoe is a wonderful place to spend time during any season, all year round.

Attractions in Provincial Park Lake Simcoe

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Lake Simcoe is situated in the midst of a number of attractions and places to visit. It is also rich in geographical features as many parks and beaches are to be found on the lake’s shores.

Following are given a few attractions that one must not miss to explore when visiting the lake:

1. Parks

Provincial park Lake Simcoe has a beautiful collection of parks that is just worthy of exploration. Along with parks, the long sandy beaches beside the lake are also popular as places of recreation and relaxation.

The most famous parks in the region are:

(a) Willow Beach Park

(b) Bass Lake Provincial Park

(c) De La Salle Park

(d) Belfountain Conservation Area

(e) Sibbald Point Provincial Park

2. The Briars Golf Club

One walk along the southern shores of Lake Simcoe, one would discover the Briars Golf Club. This club has a well-manicured ground for golf players.

Here, the tree-lined fairways give players the best experience.

The club also offers programs for people of all age groups. People can also take memberships with flexible plans for payment.

3. Eildon Hall

A building
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It was a small cottage before it transformed under the supervision of the Sibbald family into a rural estate. The transformation was completed in the 1840s.

The estate was later renamed Eildon Hall after the family’s residence in Scotland. It is also known as the Sibbald Memorial Museum.

Located only a short distance from the lake, today the building serves as a museum with a large collection of objects related to the heritage of Ontario, along with several original artworks and antiquities from the Sibbald family.

4. St. George’s Anglican Church

Located near Sibbald Point, St. George’s Anglican Church was built in 1877. It was the foremost place of worship in Georgina.

Susan Sibbald‘s sons had built this church in the memory of their mother. Earlier a small wooden church already existed on the spot where this church was built.

Situated only a few minutes walk from Sibbald Point, St. George’s provides insightful experiences for visitors that include beautiful views of the lake area.

The small cemetery attached to the church contains the graves of some of the significant residents of the Lake Simcoe region, including one of Canada’s most famous authors, Stephen Leacock.

5. Sibbald Point

It is counted among the most frequented provincial parks by the public in Ontario.

With sandy beaches, picnic spots, and plenty of forested hiking trails, the place is filled with appealing places to visit and spend time with family and kids.

Since Sibbald Point Provincial Park is very popular as a recreational place and is often crowded, advance bookings have to be made in order to get entry into the park.

Recreational Activities in Provincial Park Lake Simcoe

Forested hiking trails
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Parks are meant to provide visitors with opportunities to enjoy their time with their families.

The provincial park Lake Simcoe contains a number of adventurous activities, including:

1. Fishing

It is the most popular activity in the region during both the summer and winter seasons. Since the lake is home to many fish species, it becomes an important destination for fishing. Ice fishing is quite popular here.

2. Boating and Canoeing

Boats are easily available for rent for people to enjoy their day on the lake. Various boating competitions are also held for the visitors to participate.

3. Swimming

During the summer season, swimming in the lake is a luxury that cannot be missed.

4. Skiing

It is among the most favored water sport in the lake. Skiing during the summer season provides a perfect retreat with family from the heat of the season.

Guide to Plan Your Visit to Provincial Park Lake Simcoe

A sandy beach
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Here are a few things that you should know before you visit the park:

1. Accommodations

Lake Simcoe is situated sixty miles off of Toronto from where it could easily be reached by a bus or train. The accommodations are always available as there are plenty of rentals, resorts, and cottages.

2. Online Reservations

Despite the fixed capacity, the park is often full even on weekdays. So it is best to get your entry permit in advance through reservations.  Online services have made this process easier and more efficient.

The park staff also posts updates on Twitter regarding capacity, which is helpful in planning a visit.

3. Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this park is during the fall. During the summer season, the place is usually crowded and spots have to be reserved in advance.

The boating and swimming activities of the park offer the best experience during this season.

4. Picnic and Overnight Stay in Provincial Park Lake Simcoe

Lunch is easily available on the main beach of the provincial park. Picnic shelters can also be reserved through online reservation sites.

Visitors can enjoy overnight in the park in RVs and camps with electricity.

Though the park is busy through the months of July and August, campers like it as a camping site on any given weekend.

Picnic tables and beach equipment are all you need for a day trip you can enjoy with your family. While other things can be easily bought at the park store within walking distance from the main sandy beach area.

The Footnote

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The park also hosts a number of educational programs every week for visitors from late June to Labour Day.

These programs comprise visits to the nature reserves and heritage buildings in order to impart education to visitors about the conservation work being done in the park.

To fully enjoy a day trip with your family, along with other recreational activities, you should visit this place and experience the joy of adventure.

Provincial Park Lake Simcoe has everything in the store that one would want to spend their holiday with and is a must-visit place with family to relax and have fun.

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