6 Must-Visit Fancy Restaurants in Edmonton

Fancy restaurants in Edmonton will make a real difference in your prior fine dining experience. When it comes to finding the ideal fine dining experience, Edmonton has no shortage of options.

From cozy bistros to upscale dining rooms filled with varieties of dishes, and fancy restaurants, this city has something to offer for every palate.

Among the many options, these fancy restaurants in Edmonton stand out for their exceptional menus, superior service, and elegant atmospheres.

These restaurants are perfect for special occasions, romantic evenings, or simply treating yourself to a delicious meal.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best fancy restaurants in Edmonton, highlighting what sets them apart and why they are worth a visit.

Whether you’re in the mood for French, delectable Italian cuisine, or contemporary cuisine, the fancy restaurants in Edmontonare sure to impress you.

6 Fancy Restaurants In Edmonton

Enjoy the finest of meats to the excellent vegan options that are set to light your mood up with their exceptional food and service. Fancy restaurants in Edmonton even offer a tasting menu so that you can have a taste of the best dishes prepared for that day or event.

Most of these restaurants are equipped with a full-fledged wine bar as well as display varieties in their wine menu. Globally inspired Canadian cuisine as well as many exquisite cuisines from Asia, Latin Countries, and many others.

Starting with one of the best fine dining restaurants that offer good food and have bold food integrity has a reputation of high standards.

1. The Marc

With its elegant décor and a sophisticated menu featuring a classic traditional French bistro menu, The Marc is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

The exquisite and pricey menu features classic French dishes that are professionally prepared, using high-grade ingredients, without compromising on the quality and taste of the food.

The ambiance is formal and elegant, with a classic décor that gives off an air of sophistication.

Indeed The Marc is one of the finest fine dining restaurants in Edmonton, from the elegance of its dining room to its great service.

They highly specialize in meat cuisines for the main course which makes it easily one of the best fancy restaurants in Edmonton serving meat specialties like rib eyes and steaks.

Foie gras butter is served on their signature dish called Escargot which is a delightful sight as well as exceptional duck breast.

Don’t forget to order yourself some cream-stuffed French toast and crunchy croutons as these are some little sides that are worth its price. French food is at its best in this upscale dining room.

Indeed, Marc restaurant is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Edmonton that offers you exclusive services that others fail to provide.

1.1. Price

The Marc can be considered pretty cheap for such an exquisite fine dining experience with great taste and calming ambiance.

the marc
Courtesy: The Marc

2. Corso 32

With a focus on Italian cuisine, Corso 32 offers handmade pasta and fresh, local ingredients that are beautifully prepared and presented.

Traditional pasta dishes with a contemporary twist and a daily pasta-tasting menu will awe your soul. Smooth and professional service where an extensive menu promises to offer you the best Italian food and dessert wines that you would never expect.

Undoubtedly one of the best fancy restaurants in Edmonton  that serves Italian food.

The ambiance is cozy and rustic, with warm colours and an inviting atmosphere that makes it a perfect spot for a date night or a special occasion.

This Italian restaurant is a timelessly elegant restaurant that is creating wow-worthy dishes like Fonduta Ravioli and Ricotta Gnocchi.

Corso 32 can easily be considered the best intimate and one of the best fancy restaurants in Edmonton. It has a casual atmosphere and a great dinner menu with amazing wine pairings and bar snacks.

Traditional Italian Dining and satisfying food with an excellent bar menu

2.1. Price

Corso 32 charges a decent price but never lets you down with its taste and services. It won’t hurt your wallet if you’re visiting Corso 32 with a loved one as its Italian food is a must-try.

Fancy restaurants Edmonton
Courtesy: 32 Corso Group

3. Sabor Restaurant

This eatery offers traditional fare from several Latin American nations, including Spanish and Portuguese dishes. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes that are influenced by the tastes and ingredients of these regions, including appetizers, entrees, and delightful cheese desserts.

Sabor Restaurant is renowned for its delectable and authentic Latin cuisine, which uses strong and distinctive flavours, particularly from Mexico, offering multiple vegetarian options along with a variety of wines and cocktails.

The décor is elegant and modern, creating a warm and rustic atmosphere. Additionally, there are nights with live music. Although the prices are on the higher side, the quality of the food and the service justifies the price.

Sabor is also one of the fancy restaurants in Edmonton that have sustainable seafood dishes like seafood paella and many additional Latin dishes from the seasonal menu.

3.1. Price

Honestly, a very cheap price is charged by Sabor Restaurant for such incredible food and services. Indeed, Sabor is one of the cheapest fine-dining fancy restaurants in Edmonton.

4. Harvest Room

Head towards the fancy Fairmont Hotel Macdonald where you’ll find an exceptionally pleasing vintage interior that is ideal for a romantic couple’s dinner. Offering superb service and even more elegant dining options, this classy restaurant has great food featuring fresh flavours.

Delivering upscale food with such a fancy interior, Harvest Room offers its signature dish called the Avocado toast which is made with utmost preciseness and has many great reviews.

An upscale and refined atmosphere is created by the restaurant’s interior, which is slick and sophisticated with a chic wine bar, and minimalist design.

For discerning diners seeking a truly exceptional dining experience, Harvest Room restaurant is the ideal choice whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a delicious meal in a casual and elegant setting.

Delicious food with an ever-evolving seasonal menu, which might just be one of the fancy restaurants that Edmonton offers.

4.1. Price

Standing almost close to the Corso 32 in the price range, this fine-dining restaurant offers a different interior feel compared to most on the list and can be easily considered one of the vintage fancy restaurants in Edmonton that has a great taste to it as well.

harvest room
Courtesy: Harvest Room

5. Padmanadi

Padmanadi is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton that is an award-winning restaurant serving generous proportions.

This restaurant serves a variety of vegan and exciting vegetarian dishes that are inspired by Chinese, Indonesian, and other Southeast Asian cuisines.

Fresh flavours wide range of options, including mock meat dishes, soups, curries, and stir-fries, as well as an extensive selection of tofu, vegetable, and rice dishes.

Many options are available for gluten-free consumers and they have many options for people with food allergies that they try to avoid. They pride themselves on using fresh and locally sourced ingredient and their dishes are prepared without the use of MSG.

The restaurant also has a reputation for its elegant decor, featuring traditional Asian design elements and comfortable seating, and friendly service. The prices are moderate.

Relish the perfectly cooked Chicken Kung Lao that is fully vegan and extensively surprising as how they manage to curate such an enticing menu full of vegan dishes served with supreme accuracy.

Also, this cozy restaurant can be considered one of the best fine dining restaurants and fancy restaurants in Edmonton.

5.1. Price

A very cheap Asian plus vegan option that will surely make you smile even if you are a non-vegetarian. A fine dining place where you can visit with family or even have regular meetings with colleagues without worrying about the bill.

Courtesy: Padmanadi

6. La Ronde

One of the fancy restaurants in Edmonton is a revolving rooftop restaurant that offers incredible food. A relatively small menu compared to many on this list but has a few delightful dishes that are set to amaze you.

An intimate restaurant that is ideal for a first impression on a date or an important informal meeting. The 360-degree view from the 24th floor with the AAA Prime rib is La Ronde’s specialty and has earned it a good reputation.

There are plenty of fancy restaurants in Edmonton but this restaurant can be considered one of the best restaurants in Edmonton. You’ll enjoy g00d food with live jazz music occasionally with a special chef’s tasting menu.

6.1. Price

This restaurant defines fine dining and charges a hefty price tag but will be worth it even as a one-time experience for many.

La Ronde is considered one of the best fancy restaurants in Edmonton just for its revolving 360-degree view but its food cannot be ignored as it is one of a kind.

Wrapping up

Edmonton is home to several upscale eateries that are truly exceptional and provide a variety of dining experiences. The city’s upscale eateries will wow you with everything from The Marc’s French-inspired menu to Corso 32’s modern Italian fare.

The restaurants on this list have something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a special occasion, a romantic dinner, or just a delicious meal.

These restaurants offer an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime thanks to their upscale ambiance, first-rate service, and elegant décor.

You can truly appreciate the fine dining experience by dining at one of Edmonton’s upscale restaurants, which is like embarking on a culinary tour of various cuisines and cultures.

So the next time you’re looking for a fancy dining experience, be sure to check out these establishments and treat yourself to a truly special evening at these fancy restaurants in Edmonton.

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