20 Amazing Things to do in Moncton

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Are you looking for things to do in Moncton, New Brunswick? Well, let’s find out. Moncton is the most popular city in New Brunswick and is home to a thriving arts community and many highly skilled local and regional artists.

The city of Moncton serves as the epicentre of all the excitement that New Brunswick has to offer. Moncton, which combines small-town charm with extensive city facilities, provides a genuine sense of Atlantic Canada.

Moncton is a terrific option if you’re seeking the ideal location for an entire family holiday. In addition to this, it features a plethora of sites that are excellent options for day trips.

In Moncton, New Brunswick, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining things to do. Families with young children, single adults, and couples enjoy participating in these activities.

Things to Do in Moncton

1. Magnetic Hill

Adding Magnetic Hill to your itinerary is a must if you want to see some amazing things in Moncton City. The natural phenomena that give you the impression that your car is effortlessly climbing a slope will leave you in awe of this magnificent location.

Due to an optical illusion that gives the appearance that objects are rolling uphill while they are sliding downward, this strange slope is known as Magnetic Hill.

New Brunswick is a must-see attraction. The slope of the land around the Magnetic Hill area creates an optical illusion that it seems like a hill. Even though the car isn’t driving uphill, you can think it is due to your viewpoint and perception of the landscape.

The Magnetic Hill Wharf Village is a shopping and dining area for tourists that was created to resemble a historic fishing village on the sea. Magnetic Hill is hence a very entertaining optical illusion.

2. Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is a multifunctional amusement park with four distinct zones that is a favourite destination for families in Moncton.

The Tek Zone is an arcade, while the Fun Zone features carnival rides, most of which are geared toward younger kids. The Golf Zone, which featured miniature golf, underwent extensive renovations in the year 2020, resulting in the addition of four new nine-hole courses.

The largest artificial tourist destination in Canada is the entertaining Magic Mountain Water Park It is one of the top things to do in Moncton and features other interesting things to do for children.

3. Magnetic Hill Winery

The Magnetic Hill Winery should be at the top of your list of things to do in Moncton if you enjoy drinking wine.

Magnetic Hill Winery is the biggest of the 19 wineries in New Brunswick. This family-run winery is situated on a property that dates back to 1867 and is only 15 minutes from the heart of Moncton.

Magnetic Hill is nearby. A stunning two-story tasting area and a patio with views of the valley are currently available at Magnetic Hill Winery.

Wine lovers from across the globe can sample the best wine, which is produced using a wide variety of fruits.

You can choose local cheese and crackers for your evening snack, pair them with your favourite wine, and enjoy your meal while enjoying the expansive views of Moncton’s surroundings.

4. Magnetic Hill Zoo

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is home to over 500 animals from about 80 species and is the biggest zoo in Atlantic Canada which makes it one of the best things to do. The Magnetic Hill Zoo promotes public understanding of animal populations and ecosystems while working to safeguard animal species.

Photo by Antony Trivet/ Pexels Copyright 2022

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is an organization that promotes public understanding of animal populations and ecosystems while working to safeguard animal species.

You will be intrigued by the wisdom you’ll receive about a wide variety of animals, including some endangered species. The location will be a fantastic activity for a nice family day out. Bring your family to the Magnetic Hill Zoo to learn new things. The area will be an excellent activity for a nice family day out.

5.Marche Moncton Market

The Marche Moncton Market, which is located in the middle of the downtown area of Moncton, is a culinary paradise for the people who live there.

Here, you may indulge in various culinary options while taking in the ambiance, including falafel, cupcakes, and fresh juice. This market is the best-recommended location to acquire fresh meat and veggies for a fair price if you intend to host a barbeque at your homestay.

In addition, you may get locally produced, distinctive crafts that cheer up the faces of your loved ones or friends. Fresh fruit from farmers and delectable foods prepared by aspiring chefs are available at this bustling city market.

6. Mapleton Park

This Park is the newest park in Moncton and spans about 300 acres. Some locations are perfect for bird-watching and informational panels all across the park.

Photo by Mike B/ Pexels Copyright 2022

A lovely area to stroll among nature is Mapleton Park. Visitors can get some much-needed rest by sitting on the seats provided and listening to the bird’s chirp. The park contains a lot of walking routes for a pleasant stroll or cycling.

What is the specialty of this Park?

The colourful maple leaves of Mapleton Park transform into stunning hues of red, orange, and yellow during the fall season, which is one of the reasons the park is so lovely during this time of year.

7. Street Art

Moncton has some fantastic street art, so invest your time in looking at murals as you wander across Moncton. Explore Downtown Moncton’s streets, and you’ll find more than 50 murals created by regional and international artists, ranging from colourful abstract patterns to pictures of well-known locals.

A self-guided mural tour is an ideal way to view all the gorgeous street art in Moncton. You can explore the city at your speed while using a car, a bicycle, or just walking around.

8. Irishtown Nature Park

At the Irishtown Nature Park, explore the ancient Acadian woodlands and marshes. The park encompasses 2,250 acres, 2,250 of which are forested and 250 forested with water.

The Tankville School, which sits near the trail’s beginning and has undergone extensive renovations, is open to visitors.  Numerous outdoor educational programs use the schoolhouse, which is also accessible for event rentals.

This is the place for you if you enjoy walking long distances, running, trekking, or just some peace & quiet. There are many trails in this lovely natural environment, which is especially lovely in the summer.

9. Riverfront Park

Visiting Riverfront Park, the natural park is home to a forest as well as a lake and a marsh. The park offers both bike and walking trails. In the forest, there are hiking trails as well.

As a result of the park being home to a variety of stunning species, birdwatching is consistently ranked among the most popular activities available during the summer in Moncton. This park is large enough to be explored in a few hours.

Riverfront Park, a well-liked vacation spot all year round, is named after the Petitcodiac River. The Riverfront Park offers 5 km of multi-use hiking trails and a fantastic location to view the tidal bore.

A beach is a great place to unwind, or you might visit a floral show to take in the fragrance. The park is central in the city’s heart, making it easily accessible to various restaurants and retail establishments.

10. Hopewell Rock

A visit to Hopewell Rocks should be at the top of your list when seeking for fun activities to do with your children in the Moncton area. Due to the Bay of Fundy’s powerful tidal waves, the ocean has sculpted these natural rock formations.

The Hopewell Rocks are located within one hour from Moncton. The Hopewell Rocks often referred to as the Flowerpot Rocks, are tide-sculpted pillars that have survived despite the erosion of the towering cliffs nearby by the Fundy tides.

You can stroll along the beach during the day and discover the 2 kilometers of coves. The Hopewell Rocks can be kayaked around if you go when there is high tide. Some of these pillars rise to 21 meters above sea level, still bearing the crowns of the trees and vegetation that initially thrived on the cliffs.

11. Parlee Beach

This Parlee beach is considered to have the warmest salt water of any beach in Canada, and it is only a short drive from Moncton. There is a campground where you can stay, in addition to the patrolled beach, volleyball courts, and ultimate Frisbee areas.

The on-site campground provides its guests with change houses, showers, restrooms, a playground, a picnic area, a theatre, a camper store, and plenty of free parking. One of the best beaches on Canada’s Atlantic Coast is this one, which has white sand.

Photo by Sergio Peña y Lillo/ Pexels Copyright 2022

There are restrooms, picnic spaces, and camping at Parlee Beach Provincial Park.

There is a vast lobster statue close to the visitor information center in the nearby town of Shediac, which claims to be the world’s lobster capital.

12. Bay of Fundy Park at Tidal Bore

The Fundy Tidal Bore is a one-of-a-kind occurrence that may be seen in Moncton twice daily.  Visit Bore Park in Downtown Moncton to see the Bay of Fundy’s biggest tides rise and fall.

The Bay of Fundy’s surging tides is responsible for the natural occurrence known as the Tidal Bore. Because of the higher water in the wave, the water in the tranquil Petitcodiac River starts moving upstream. This causes the water to appear to be going in the opposite direction of the wave.

The murky river bed can frequently be seen at low tide. The Tidal Bore provides a breathtaking view, is a fascinating natural occurrence, and is enjoyable to see.

The enormous Riverside Park, which has picnic areas with river views and walking pathways, is located at the opposite end of the downtown area. In addition, you’ll find the bronze RCMP Monument right here, which honours law enforcement officers who lost their lives while on the job.

13. Acadian Museum

The Acadian Museum, established in 1886, houses more than 38,000 artifacts and images. One of the most ecstatic arrangements of Acadian items in the world is housed in this museum.

The Acadian Museum presents a new perspective on Acadian history. There is a portion of the museum dedicated to a particular theme, such as family life, religion, the arts, culture, or business.

What does this Museum offer?

This Acadian Moncton museum offers guided tours and has both temporary and permanent exhibits.  In addition to that, it screens documentaries and films of historical significance.

The history of aviation in Atlantic Canada is the primary emphasis of the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, situated in Dieppe. It’s also free to enter.

14. Centennial Park

During the warmer months, Centennial Park is a favourite hangout for locals and tourists. The Centennial park in the heart of Moncton combines open green spaces and wooded areas for relaxation and offers a range of year-round activities. A beach, a forest, open spaces, and recreational amenities may be found in this public park.

What does this Centennial Park offer?

This park offers a range of outdoor activities you can take part in while visiting Moncton, New Brunswick, including swimming, ice skating, hiking, cycling, picnicking, and more. Snowshoeing, tobogganing, skiing, and cross-country skiing are among the popular winter activities in the park, which is well-known around Moncton. This park is an excellent place to while away for a couple of hours.

15. Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Visiting Parlee Beach Provincial Park is one of the best places to go in Moncton if you want to take a vacation to the shore, and it’s only about a 15-minute drive from the city center.

One of the best sandy beaches on Canada’s Atlantic coast may be found in Shediac’s Parlee Beach Provincial Park, which is on the Northumberland Strait, north of Moncton.

In addition, the water in these relatively shallow parts of the lake can reach temperatures as high as 20 degrees Celsius in the summer (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Parlee Beach Provincial Park provides restrooms, picnic spots, and a campground in addition to its extensive white sands and calm surf.

16. Fundy National Park

In the Fundy National Park, you can take a breathtaking ride around the Bay of Fundy’s shoreline. There is a lot to see and do at one of Canada’s smallest national parks, which barely stretches 12 kilometers along the shore.

One of the best places to see while in Moncton is, without a doubt, Fundy National Park. There are miles of hiking trails, historical sites, beach access, and campgrounds, so there are lots of activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Due to the park’s proximity to Moncton, visitors can drive there for a day of hiking and outdoor activities while remaining in the city.

17. Cape Enrage

Visiting Cape Enrage is another best thing to do in Moncton. The light station house was established in 1839 since the cape was more prone to shipwrecks.

Even though it is still in use, it now serves as the location of an outdoor activity center with an 182-meter zipline and activities including rock climbing, rappelling, and kayaking. Rock climbing, kayaking, ziplining, rappelling, and hiking trails are among the fun activities to do at the cape in Moncton, Canada. The Cape Enrage nature preserve area can be visited in around 3 to 4 hours.

18. Moncton Mural Tour

Moncton is fortunate to have talented artists who have decorated several locations in the city with lovely mural artwork. A map of the murals is available online or at any of the city’s visitor centers. There are more than 50 murals to discover, and it will take you around an hour of tourism in Moncton to view them all.

Photo by Anderson Guerra/ Pexels Copyright 2022

Loves of street art, enter. Take a map and take a self-guided tour of Moncton’s art murals. Explore and enjoy more than 51 murals painted by local and international artists on nearby structures.

19. Fort Beausejour

Fort Beausejour is where the future of the Acadians and North America was decided. The fort is situated on the New Brunswick–Nova Scotia boundary. Southeast of Moncton, close to the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border, is the national historic site of Fort Beauséjour.

The French called this area “Beau Bassin” when they first moved here in the second part of the 17th century. The region was divided between the Scots and the English in 1713 due to the Treaty of Utrecht.

Fort Beausejour is a well-liked location for kite flying due to its ridgetop location.

20. Bouctouche

One of the best things to do in Moncton is to visit Bouctouche. This historic Acadian fishing hamlet is approximately 30 minutes from the city and is picture-perfect to visit.

You may explore the dune, which spans Bouctouche Bay and offers a crucial marine environment, via an extensive boardwalk that stretches most of its length.

The location is home to the Irving Eco Centre, where you may schedule guided tours or take a self-guided tour of their interpretive center.


Thank you for reading; We hope you enjoyed this guide to learn about the Moncton, New Brunswick activities! Moncton is a lovely little city with many exciting things to see and do.

This list of things to do in Moncton, New Brunswick, barely touches the surface of all the enjoyable activities available in Moncton. The world’s highest tides can be seen, parks can be visited, or you can spend time studying about the Acadians. Whether you’re on vacation or staying put, there is something to do for everyone in Moncton.

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