Xbox and Paidia Collaborate to Promote Gender Equality

Xbox One
Wroclaw, Poland - JAN 08, 2019: Xbox One X is most powerful generation video gaming console. Source: Depositphotos

Xbox Canada and Paidia Games to Work Together in Collaboration

In the year of 1999 after the success of Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft decided to launch its own console for online gaming. Xbox is the first gaming console owned by Microsoft, which first came on the market in 2001 to compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s GameCube. It was made with the intention of diversifying its product line as well as being at the top of the online gaming chain. It is one of the widely used home entertainment sources along with other video streaming sources.

The generations of Xbox came in various periods of time:

  1. Xbox original device (2001-2006)
  2. Xbox 360 (2005)
  3. Xbox One (2013)
  4. Xbox series X (2017)
  5. Xbox series Y (2020)

In 2005 came Xbox Live, its online gaming network. Within one year of its launch, this network gained around 40 million subscribers which increased by 25 million by 2019. Xbox Live’s premium version Gold is available in 42+ countries. According to Xbox Live statistics, Microsoft service has around 90 million users connected with it. This was just when the amazing buzz around online gambling was at its peak, with uncountable players lining up on popular sites such as gambling guy, to read casino reviews and play actively.

Gambling in Xbox

Though Xbox was made solely as a gaming console but after the PASPA 2018 online gambling has become a hot topic in the US again. Xbox Series X and S offer a huge library of online games where an extensive collection of casino games are also available. On the Xbox one can play Slot, Poker, and Roulette. Some of the most famous casino games of Xbox for online gambling are-  Four Kings and Slots, a functional casino MMO. It offers various minigames like blackjacks, slots, and pokers and also allows users to customize their own avatars and interact with other online players. Prominence Poker, it’s a single-player game. Grand Theft Auto Online, which can be played with online cash(chips) and friends. There are other casino games available like Vegas Party, Red Dead Redemption, Poker Club, etc. 

Paidia Gaming

Paidia is a Vancouver, Canada-based gaming company purely founded and led by a large number of women of diversity. The main aim of this company along with providing a seamless online gaming experience is empowering women and gamers of all genders with a sense of safety to connect, play and learn. This portal enables playing tactical games by engaging with friends, family, and leading public figures to consume content, compete in games, and win rewards all in one place. While Canada, in general, offers a host of outdoor activities ranging from Restaurants, National Parks, Mountain treks, etc., gaming platforms such as Paidia Gaming managed to grab a lot of attention, because of their unique women targeted games, offers, safety, and gender empowerment features.

The Collaboration of the Titans

After the launch of Paidia’s Beta version in 2022 they announced their partnership with Xbox Canada as co-founders. Founded and managed by a diverse group of women this platform offers safety for the users. Paidia has been backed up by various investors and now Xbox Canada has also aligned with it to initiate a better future of online games where women’s safety will be prioritized and elaborate empowerment programs would be an agenda.

Because of this collaboration, the subscribers of both platforms can get lucky. The benefits of this joint venture can be listed like:

  •  Xbox Canada and Paidia will jointly organize a gaming mixer event every month at Red Bull Studio, in Toronto. Here at every event will provide a fun gaming experience and also the opportunity to have a meeting with those who are from Canada. This initiative will be held to celebrate gender inequality, diversity, and inclusion in online gaming.
  • The ongoing tournaments will provide the opportunity for gamers to include their community, friends, and family.
  • Paidia has games for women such as the recently launched Halo Infinite 2v2 league, which offers an opportunity of winning $10,000 as prize money, mostly targeted toward women gamers.
  • As Paidia provides gaming tutorials, they are encouraging game-based video learning to educate people in a playful way.

Where women of diversity around the world face online harassment every day, Paidia jointly with Xbox Canada has taken the responsibility to provide women and all other gamers a certain degree of safety. In this virtual world women, and people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community often get harassed by men. This platform is still in the Beta version, yet, as a starting measure, they have devised mechanisms to take immediate action against any bully. 

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