Why Wood is so Popular for Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design.
Contemporary interior design. Source: Shutterstock

Wood has been used for ages to build both little and large structures, everyday items, and most importantly, furniture. When humanity learned how to treat wood, it replaced other materials as the primary one utilized to furnish all kinds of interiors.

Modern furniture made from various types of wood features stunning brown hues, amazing grain patterns, and gorgeous textures. The type of wood used and the level of craftsmanship determine the quality and durability of room furniture, yet all wooden furniture looks warm and inviting.

Solid and reliable

Interior designs.

The competition between plastic and wood in interior design has been fierce over the past few decades. Plastic is now a material that is extensively used, inexpensive, and simple to maintain. Wood has continued to be the primary material utilized by designers despite all these qualities. In addition to being universal, wood adds value to any interior and is a true “eye-catcher.”

What makes wood so special that it continues to reappear in interior design trends like a boomerang and why has it endured for millennia as a material used to produce furniture? To begin with, wood is a really exquisite material that lends each area a classic elegance. It is also sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting.

Wood blends well with different materials and textures because of its universal and adaptable nature. Modern design trends and the method used by designers, who are more keen to blend wood with unusual materials like printed textiles, linoleum, or structural laminates, make this abundantly plain.

Creates great atmosphere

The places where we frequently use wood are our apartments and houses. Our private homes feel cozier and warmer thanks to furniture and other decorations made of wood. Designers are therefore more motivated to bring a sense of home into offices by including not only patterned wooden fabrics but also wooden furniture. The usage of wood in the home office design style can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, from the complete building being constructed of solid wood or veneer to individual wooden components like legs, desktops, or grips.

Designers and architects have a penchant for working with wood, as history has demonstrated. However, current fashion trends also support interest in this material, demonstrating that it may be the ideal solution and the ideal addition to a variety of locations. Because of this, one of the fundamental tenets of the biophilic design movement, which encourages people to live in harmony with nature, is to incorporate lots of plants and other natural elements into a room. Employers typically choose this interior design aesthetic nowadays because, according to research, hardwood furnishings enhance job happiness, foster creativity, and boost productivity.

It is both timeless and aesthetic

Wood is a traditional and timeless material option in modern interior design that will continue to be popular for many years to come.

As a material for contemporary interior design, wood is adaptive and flexible. Wood can have a rustic or modern appearance while yet providing coziness and warmth wherever it is used, whether in a modern home or workplace.

Wood has become so popular for current and modern design because it is such a beautiful material with such a universal and versatile quality that makes it easy to integrate with various materials and textures.

How to properly use wood in modern interior design

Wooden paneling and walls

For paneling and walls, wood works best. Wooden cladding enables you to create a private but lovely environment to gaze at, whether inside for a modern bedroom or dining room or outside for effect on a veranda. Wood is an excellent material for accentuating a room and making statement walls or structural features. It instantly provides warmth and natural light to a space because it is made of a natural material.

Wooden furniture in a contemporary design

For a variety of reasons, wooden stools are a popular option for both residential and commercial settings. They are a terrific investment since, among other things, they are strong and long-lasting. Wooden stools are also adaptable furnishings that work in a range of contexts because they can be designed to match the aesthetic of any room. For example, consider buying wooden stools from Canada, which are a fantastic way to add flair and practicality to any kitchen, bar, or restaurant, whether you’re outfitting a brand-new one or giving your current one a facelift.

Wooden stairways and doors

An internal door is normally composed of wood unless you’re utilizing glass or plastic. While installing lovely wood doors to let the timber structure show through, some builders decide to paint the inner doors. The same holds true for wooden staircases. A wooden staircase is beautiful and easy to maintain, and wood lasts for many years.