Trudeau: ‘We Stood Up for Canadians’ on Nijjar Case

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today set before the public inquiry which is looking into foreign interferences in Canada’s electoral process, indicating his government’s dedication to preserving the lives of Canadians.

In the course of the speech, Trudeau referred to an operation in which the Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar was killed, expressing a viewpoint on the part of the government about defending the rights and freedom of Canadian nationals.

Trudeau’s Criticism of Previous Government’s Relations with India:

During the investigation run by the judge of the provincial court of Quebec, Marie-Josee Hogue, Trudeau reproached the previous Conservative Government for having allegedly been “cuddling up” to the actual Indian government.

“In a public setting, I am limited in what I can say about reasons a document or other information is classified.”

However, when I say the principle that Canada has liberated anyone who has taken refuge here and is determined to offer them equal rights and freedom from the coercion of their mother country, it showcases the authority of our government to support the freedom of Canadians and the due course of justice this is symbolically been crystallized in the very huge case of the killing of Najjar which I forwarded to the parliament.

Trudeau’s Defense Against Charges of Foreign Intervention:

“If our administration undertakes all necessary to defend Canadian values and Canadians from foreign aggression and our foreign interference is even misplaced, we will forever defend religious minorities in Canada and their right to say and do what they like even if their home country is not pleased,” Echoes Trudeau in the video that has been covered by Canadian newspaper The Global and Mail.

As well as it, Trudeau refuted charges of foreign intervention in Canadian politics that arose as a result of unsubstantiated leaks and newspaper stories.

The inquiry was focused on the matter of foreign interference during the 2019 elections with Trudeau mentioning the approaches the government has been taking in the last five years since he was appointed as the Prime Minister to deal with such activities.

He raised the issue of portrayals that could produce a negative end that would affect the public’s confidence in the democratic process, reminding the complexities involved in the interpretation and release of the intelligence.


At the inquiry regarding foreign interference in Canada’s elections, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech laid out his administration’s plans to defend Canada’s values as well as the rights of its people.

He alleged that the previous government had tied wrong knots to India and replied to the accusations against the foreign intervention, establishing that it was the prime responsibility of the government to preserve democracy and to understand the roots of complexities of foreign intrigues. Conclusively, Trudeau made clear that he aimed to independently manage the Canadian state and protect the country’s identity through the democratic process.

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