Trendy NPO. Time to update your visual content

Responsive Design Internet Web Online Browsing Technology Concept.
Responsive Design Internet Web Online Browsing Technology Concept. Source: Depositphotos

Design is one of the most impressive things we all pay attention to even when talking about socially important things and projects. This is why it is always a good idea for each nonprofit to stay in tune with the fast-developing world, being oriented at the coming day even design-wise. 

2022 is slowly coming to an end so we can already point out the most efficient visual trends that were popular this year and will stay with us next year. Be fast to implement some of those visual features to your NPO website, Social Media, emails, offline materials, and so on. 

2023 is going to greet the 90’s and 70’s. But what are the exact colors, fonts, and techniques that will be top-loved by your donors, workers, volunteers, and simply supporters? 

Neon colors

Even though neon grades seem to be really retro all top non-profit web design agencies include those elements in their fresh designs for NPOs.  

Combine those neons with illustrations, textures, and photos, use them as a background and you will get very trendy visual elements that will certainly attract the attention of your audience.

’90s are back

People feel really nostalgic about those times and this tendency is generally kept visually-wise: metal, bright colors, simple shapes, and pixels.   

Add more pink, yellow, green, and blue colors to your designs and experiment with fonts.

Grain texture for photos, gradients & illustrations

The retro effect created with grain texture makes all photos and illustrations seem more realistic as if they are printed and not digital. This trend will be noticeable both in graphic design and motion design this upcoming year. 

Combine elements with grain texture with large high-contrast fonts. 

The ‘70s as they are

The ‘70s are usually associated with freedom, nature, and fun. This is why you can use bright colors and handwriting fonts together with simple pictures and curved shapes to recreate that atmosphere in your visual materials. 

Abstract and psychedelic elements

Unusual elements are also very interesting to be used when designing your non-profit Social Media profiles and website. 

Add more abstract textures like watercolors, paint, silkscreen, or paper texture. 


As you might have noticed the main visual feature mentioned in each trend is texture. It works for collage elements as well. Dynamic and static collages let people feel nostalgic, emotional, and safe. Use this trend to complete your NPO marketing objectives through visual elements. 

Brutalism with asymmetric, contrast, and antidesign elements

The blocks on your website might be not really straightened and elements might overlap each other. Add neon colors, hard fonts, and grain texture – mix all those elements together and you will get really noticeable and trendy creatives for your Targeted Ads or Fundraising campaigns, for example. 

Let your NPO be trendy – use the power of visual trends in your design elements to stand out and find more supporters.