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Helmcken Falls
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In Canadian provinces, there are many stunning waterfalls. Helmcken Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls among them. These falls are found in Wells Gray Provincial Park in Canada. The height of Helmcken Falls is almost 141 meters. This is one of the highest waterfalls in the Canadian provinces. Over the years, it has become a popular tourist attraction.

The falls are named after John Sebastian Helmcken. He was a doctor & politician.

Among the seven waterfalls in the Wells Gray provincial park, Helmcken Falls is the most popular because of its clear water.

1. Helmcken Falls: A Breathtaking Natural Wonder

Helmcken Falls is the heart of Wells Gray Provincial Park. It is located in British Columbia, Canada.  Visitors who love nature won’t regret choosing Helmcken Falls for a trip. Since the early 20th century, Helmcken Falls has been a popular tourist destination. Thousands of visitors come each year.

The water & the area surrounding this waterfall offers a peaceful environment. The biodiversity around these falls is maintained carefully. The Helmcken Falls plunge from 463 feet into the canyon below. It is one of the most wonderful waterfalls in the Canadian provinces.

It is the highest waterfall in the province. The massive size of these falls is their most striking feature. If you compare these falls to Niagara Falls, then it is three-time taller than Niagra Falls. They are also taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If you stand at the top, you can hear the crashing sound of the water falling into the canyon.

The Helmcken Falls is also well-known for its attractive natural environment.  This waterfall is situated right in the middle of a deep canyon that has been sculpted out by the Murtle River. Many types of trees & vegetation cover the canyon walls.

helmcken falls
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For a closer and more breathtaking view, visitors can go to Helmcken Falls for boat tours. Taking a short walk from the parking lot,  they can also enjoy the scenic view of the falls and the surrounding canyon.

Cycling on Clearwater Valley Road is also an option which gives you more adventure in your tour. They also can choose hiking, are so many hiking trails that lead down to the base of the falls. From this base point of the falls, you can get a chance to view the powerful water rushing down.

Wells Grey Regional Park has also become a popular spot for photographers.  In the winter months, the falls can freeze over. So, for a better experience of this place, you must go during summer, particularly in July. That’s why most visitors also prefer this place mostly in July than in December or January.

This is the most beautiful fall in this Wells grey park. For many first nation people communities, Helmcken Falls and its surrounding area serve as an essential site for residing in, owing to its resources, flora and fauna. This waterfall is within the Secwepemc Nation Provinces area. For millions of years, these communities lived in this area.

Helmcken Falls
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2. Parking:

Those who visit Canada for the first time to see the waterfalls must know about parking rules in these areas.

You need to follow the traffic rules, especially for travellers who do not know more about the traffic in Canada. Always following your travel guide’s instructions carefully. Wells Gray Park also has plenty of rules provided by the park office for safety.

If you face a problem with parking, then you can go to the parking office & take help from them. Tourists who use their own car to go there have to book a parking place. If visitors rent a car, the rental company will do it on behalf of them, but you need to confirm that before going.

3. Things to Do in Helmcken Falls:

There are so many places in the area available for travellers to have a good time in. They can also choose from a wide number of activities.

3.1 Visit Surrounding Waterfalls: a Short Walk from Helmcken Falls

Helmcken Falls is located in the Wells Grey National Park Provinces area. Several other waterfalls are located within a short distance from this natural wonder. These beautiful falls are visible within a short walk from the parking zone.

3.1.1 Dawson Falls: 

Dawson Falls is another waterfall you can easily find only a short walk from the Wells Grey Park. A trip to Dawson Falls is worth taking for your journey. Dawson Falls drops into the Clearwater River.

Dawson Falls is the fourth-highest waterfall in this province. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Canadian region.

This spectacular waterfall can only be seen from the Wells Grey National Park Provinces area. You definitely don’t want to miss the chance to see this place. In the busy season, this fall attracts many visitors. In the winter times, however, these falls also freeze over.

helmcken falls
Photo by David Cerini on Unsplash

3.1.2 Mushbowl Falls: 

The Mushbowl Falls is also a part of Wells Grey National Park. You can also go to the nearest RV campsite from the Falls’ parking lot for a better view of this place.

3.1.3 Spahats Creek Falls: 

One of the most beautiful falls in this park is the Spahats Creek Falls. It is a hidden gem in the heart of the Wells Gray Provincial Park. It is located in a deep canyon. A short walk from Helmcken Falls, travellers can see this waterfall that plunges almost 76 meters into a pool below. It creates a clearwater lake.

Visitors can take a breathtaking view of this fall’s beauty from several places. A few steps from the parking area, visitors also see the Helmcken Falls Lodge. In the Helmcken Falls Lodge, they can easily rest & enjoy the view from the lodge’s balcony.

During the stunning spring & summer months, these Falls are surrounded by wildflowers. But in the winter months, it also freezes like other falls in this region.

sphats falls
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3.1.4 Moul Falls:

Moul Falls empty into the Murtle River. Moul Falls are considered a nearby attraction from this park.

3.2 Helmcken Falls Lodge:

Helmcken Falls Lodge offers guests the best cabins, & dinner tables beside a view of the park. The lodge is located near Helmcken Falls. It takes a few minutes to walk from the falls. Those who want to explore this breathtaking natural wonder can book this lodge and explore the surrounding area.

They offer visitors a variety of rooms for their comfort, ranging from cozy rooms to log cabins. These rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, & a small kitchenette area with a fridge, microwave, & coffee maker.

helmcken falls lodge
Photo by Helmcken Falls Lodge

3.3 RV Park:

RV park became a popular spot in the Wells Grey National Park. This park is for those who prefer more modern accommodations. The park has almost 35 sites & is equipped with many basic amenities such as electricity, water, & sewer hookups, as well as picnic tables & fire pits. This RV park can be seen in the heart of the Wells Grey National Park.

This park is famous because it provides travellers with a peaceful environment to relax for hours. This RV park is surrounded by trees & visitors even can take a breathtaking view of the side hills & glen. From this park, visitors can also venture out to explore the nearby attractions.

3.4 Clearwater Valley Road:

clearwater valley road
Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

Clearwater Valley Road offers the most beautiful scenic drive in the Canadian region. If you love long drives, you must use this opportunity to the fullest. It takes the visitors through some of the beautiful breathtaking landscapes of this park.

On this tour, you can enjoy the mountains of the Clearwater Valley, offering stunning views of pristine lakes, rushing rivers, and lush forests. After all, if you’re a nature lover, you do not miss out on this opportunity.

If guests are looking for a relaxing drive, they can visit the Clearwater Valley near Wally Grey National Park. Clearwater Valley Road is a must-see spot in this area.

3.5 Games & sports:

Wells Grey Resort
Photo by Wells Gray Resort

Those who love horseback riding can use horseback riding. Even some water games are also available in these falls’ nearby lakes. Dutch Lake & Clearwater Lake provides a lot of water sports activities. Guests can book admission tickets for these activities & games.

Wells Grey Golf is a popular sport in this area. If you are a true golf lover, then you can also take a tour of the golf court and book a ticket if you want to play golf.  Wells Grey Golf Course can usually accommodate a small number of visitors, so be sure to make your bookings in advance.

Don’t worry about your car, car parking facilities are also available in this place & it does not cost too much for tourists.


Helmcken Falls is one of the most stunning tourist destinations situated in Canada. The clearwater river in this place attracts visitors the most.  If you see the Helmcken Falls reviews, then you realize why every tourist in Canada wants to visit this place.

Be careful not to do anything damaging to the environment. Do not do anything to endanger the local wildlife or flora.

Helmcken Falls is a natural beauty that deserves to be witnessed. So, pack your luggage & head out for an enriching adventure in nature.

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