Things To Do At Night In Toronto

by TRphotos/Shutterstock

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and it’s the capital of the Ontario province. When heading to Canada, Toronto is naturally the destination for many, and it makes sense as there is plenty to see and do. While daytime Toronto is great, there’s even more going on at night, and we’ve picked out some things to do when the sun goes down.

Visit A Casino

You’ll often find that when people visit Canada’s neighbour, the USA, specifically Las Vegas, they do so with casinos in mind. Well, you can play at several excellent gaming venues in the Toronto area, such as Casino Rama Resort, Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara. Toronto casinos don’t do things by halves, so not only is the service great, but the venues and the games on offer are up to scratch too. And, if visiting a casino doesn’t fit with your itinerary, you can always log on and play your favourite games at your own trusted online casino site while in the area.

Have A Laugh At A Comedy Club

Canada, in many ways, is famed for its comedy, thanks to Just For Laughs Gags. And, thanks to social media and platforms such as YouTube, comedy around the world in terms of stand-up has boomed in the last decade. It’s great watching comedy at home, but nothing compares to seeing it play out live with performers on stage delivering their routines to a live audience. And luckily, in Toronto, some excellent comedy clubs host regular nights of entertainment. Second City Toronto and Yuk Yuk’s Superclub are more than worth checking out.

Enjoy Some Authentic Dim Sum

When you travel anywhere, it’s always a great idea to really embrace the local culture and the true vibe of a place. And, in Toronto, one of the things that immediately comes to the fore is that there’s a large Chinese community and, as a result, a fantastic Chinatown area. Of course, it means that grabbing some authentic Chinese food is possible at all times of the day and into the evening. But, if you’ve been on a night out in Toronto, you will find some brilliant late-night Dim Sum restaurants that stay open until the early hours of the morning, with some serving until 3 am.

Take In The Views On A Cycling Tour

Now, we’ve heard of cycling in the day and tours at night, but in Toronto, you can do both together, making for a somewhat unique experience that is also great for your health. The cycling tours around Toronto are guided, making them perfect for tourists who want to see some iconic locations as they cycle. Places such as Gibraltar Point Lighthouse and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club are on the route, and they can be explored during the adventure. The cycling tours are also a fantastic social occasion, allowing like-minded people to come together as they explore. There’s even time to stop for a drink and a bit to eat.