The most popular games to play in Canada

Fortnite gaming. Source: Shutterstock

Like almost every other country in the world, Canada has been bitten by the gaming bug and more Canadians than ever are playing video games. One of the most popular formats in the country is smartphone gaming and it is interesting to note how the device that players use affects the type of game that they prefer.

For old-school gamers, the ‘rig’ was almost as important as the game as this was the only way to get a decent gaming experience. When the graphics weren’t great and the sound was tinny, you needed to add accessories to make the gameplay more immersive.

Today, however, there are hundreds of sleek, well-designed games created to cater to an increasingly demanding audience. As in Canada, the global gaming industry has become a force to be reckoned with, but the games that Canadians like best include:

Gone are the days when you had to crowd around a massive arcade game to be part of a group gaming experience – now players can enjoy the fun of creating their own worlds, inviting friends to join them, and exploring worlds created by others all in one game. The behemoth that is Minecraft, originally created by the elusive ‘Notch’, has become one of the most popular games of all time.

So it’s no surprise that Canadians have been just as spellbound by its charms as players elsewhere in the world – whether you want to fight zombies, build a replica Eiffel Tower, or learn what happens when you mix ammonia with sodium, you can do it all in Minecraft. Its versatility is the key to its popularity and Canada has a number of online gaming superstars that showcase the various different aspects of Minecraft for fans of all kinds.


As one of the most popular games in the world, traditional slot machines became part of the fabric of so many cultures that it comes as no surprise to see that online slots are just as popular. Players can choose from a wide selection of different themes, from popular culture to ancient mythology, so anyone can find the slots that most resonate with their interests on a site like Virgin Games.

The proliferation of mobile phones and other devices that are designed to be small and easily portable has changed the way people game altogether. Phones are being designed with gaming in mind, and games are being designed with phones in mind, creating games that are ideal for playing on mobile devices, so it’s no surprise that many of Canada’s favourite games are aimed at on-the-go gamers.

Slots and other casino games are ideal for those playing on their daily commute or in between meetings. The games lend themselves perfectly to mobile gaming as the controls can be simplified and the gameplay can be automated to allow players to carry on their favourite games whenever and from wherever they find the opportunity.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

In the world of Canadian eSports, CS:GO is one of the most talked-about games around and there are plenty of gaming influencers that have whole channels devoted to this first-person shooter game. The studios that are responsible for this popular franchise have their headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, just a few hundred miles from the Canadian border, but it’s not local loyalty that keeps Canadians playing.

The game has earned its international reputation by being engaging, challenging players’ tactical abilities, decision-making skills, and testing their ability to work as part of a team. In the game, a team of counter-terrorists have to stop the opposing team from completing their missions such as planting bombs and taking hostages.

There are plenty of different modes, and players can opt for a battle-royale-style game, quests of varying difficulty, and free-play modes, so there is something to suit every playing style.


Although it may be best known as a battle royale game, there is more to Fortnite than just the best-known modes and many Canadian players appreciate the collaborative potential of the game. Players can create their own islands and share them with their gaming buddies in a social space that makes for even more exciting competition between teams and individuals.

Although it is inherently a fighting game, younger Canadian players lead the field when it comes to playing, which may be the sign of things to come as the next generation of gamers set the scene for the franchises of the future.

While Canada may have a lot that makes it unique, the gamers there are just as enthusiastic about the top games as they are in the rest of the world. From multi-player, no-hold-barred fighting to intricately designed cyber-worlds, the gaming scene in Canada is as gloriously varied and diverse as the country itself.