The Future of the Gaming Industry is in the Cloud

Crypto gaming.
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The experts are unanimous; cloud gaming presents the future of video games. What about this new consumption habit and its advantages/disadvantages? Why has a gaming VPN become one of the most popular tools for gamers? Let’s take a look!

Cloud gaming in a nutshell

What is cloud gaming? Basically, it’s a type of gaming that runs video games on remote servers. In addition, cloud gaming does not require any download; the selected titles are “launched” remotely, then streamed to the player’s screen. This is reminiscent of platforms based on a similar principle but which broadcast films and series.

Why could cloud gaming prevail in the video game industry?

Like the use of a VPN or the digitization of a majority of services, cloud gaming could quickly impose itself in the video game industry. Why?

First, cloud gaming responds to a problem: The technical limitation imposed by the consoles’ hardware. Unfortunately, game developers are subject to the performance of current machines. Let’s imagine for a moment that these limitations no longer apply. The games would then be optimized in every way by approaching the maximum performance of the best PC gamers.

Moreover, the absence of physical hardware eliminates user constraints: All you need is a subscription and a Bluetooth controller to play from any TV. This asset is, unsurprisingly, as relevant to game publishers as to consumers.

Finally, the tireless success of streaming platforms confirms consumer interest in cloud/streaming. The accessibility of a lot of content in a few moments and the monthly rate are the main reasons for this success. 

Advantages… But also disadvantages!


  • The subscription system offers an attractive library;
  • No need to buy a new console to enjoy the best graphics;
  • Downloading games is not necessary (forget the sometimes overpriced SSDs);
  • No updates are required;
  • Play your favorite games without any wait.


The disadvantages:

  • You will no longer be able to play if your cloud gaming service is temporarily unavailable;
  • The games do not belong to you (sale or exchange is impossible).

When VPNs become gamers’ best allies

Whether it is a question of cybersecurity or access to geo-blocked content, the use of a VPN is a solution that is increasingly appreciated by gamers. And for a good reason: Some virtual private networks now offer indisputable performance in terms of stability and connection speed.

Logically, cloud gaming and VPN installation will go “well together” over the next few years and decades. For the rest, only time will bring us additional details.

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