11oz Accent Mug


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This custom-designed accent mug is designed with Canadian conservatives in mind, featuring a distinctive design composed of small, cube-shaped elements. The unique, tactile style that adds a layer of depth and interest to the mug’s surface. Available in patriotic color schemes like blue/white and red/white, w this mug not only serves a practical purpose but also acts as a statement piece.

The mug itself is crafted from high-quality white ceramic with a colored interior and handle, enhancing the visual appeal while ensuring durability. The design includes rounded corners and a comfortable C-handle, making it ideal for daily use. This mug can withstand machine washing, ensuring that the vibrant design remains intact over time.

  • Material: High-quality white ceramic
  • Interior and handle color options: Blue/White, Red/White
  • Capacity: 11 oz (0.33 l)
  • Design features: Rounded corners, comfortable C-handle, and a tactile maple leaf design

Image by [Cagkan Sayin / Shutterstock]

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